Dear Hank & John
Dear Hank & John
Hosts John and Hank Green (authors and YouTubers) offer both humorous and heartfelt advice about life’s big and small questions. They bring their personal passions to each episode by sharing the week’s news from Mars (the planet) and AFC Wimbledon (the third-tier English football club).
305: No Manholes Allowed
How fast to you have to be to follow the sunset? Should a three-headed dog have three names? Why do car speedometers go so high?
Sep 27
46 min
304: Snotty Little Crapburger
How do I bail on a high school I never attended? Should I attend my high school's do-over prom? How does gravity affect lemon men?
Sep 20
49 min
303: Come Back With A Warrant
How much does a rainbow weigh? Where is Voyager headed? What does "not unkindly" mean?
Sep 6
49 min
302: Please, Your Reimbursement Here
What's less scared of us than we are of it? Why do spammers call me Cameron? How do I reply to a friend with a tenuous grasp Can my glasses burn my eyes like a magnifying glass?
Aug 30
40 min
301: Super Humble Spy Brothers
Why do people say good things humble them? How do I work at a sandwich shop? What is a homeroom?
Aug 23
54 min
300: Robocalling Ryans
What's the easiest way to look like you're working? What is storm oil? When do I have to start answering calls from numbers I don't know?
Aug 16
48 min
299: A Very Dark Place Inside My Bones
How do I figure out when a wedding is being held? How do bees work? Does sunlight hit my bones?
Aug 9
53 min
298: The Whens and Wheres of Thens and Theres (w/Jess Zafarris!)
Why can you answer what, when, and where with that, then, and there?
Aug 2
23 min
297: The Mariko Aoki Brothers
Why do some books tell you what font they use? What's up with temporary moons? Why do book stores smell like book stores?
Jul 12
43 min
296: The Y'all Call
How do I avoid grieving the living? Can a box be round or oval? How do you keep one perfect book from ruining all others for you?
Jul 5
59 min
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