Dead Meat Podcast
Dead Meat Podcast
Chelsea Rebecca, James A. Janisse
The Dead Meat Podcast is your horror safe haven. Reviews, film history, and all things that make your skin crawl.
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Love Dead Meat and love the Kill Count
For any horror fan, this is the perfect show. If you’ve seen the Kill Count on YouTube, you probably already love James A. Janisse, so continue the love affair here with the podcast. Great reviews and analysis of all your favorite horror movies. Chelsea and James have such awesome insight into the genre and you can tell they truly love this often overlooked genre. Dear Meat/Kill Count for life!
Pp man
Favorite Podcast
I don’t typically listen to podcasts but I’ve watched their YouTube channel for years now. I’ve seen a lot of comments about bringing up your political views but honestly, how can you not? Everything is about perception, politics have to play a roll in that. I personally prefer when people, especially entertainers, are up front about their personal beliefs. We’re in a time in which speaking up is one of the most important things we as individuals can do. I genuinely appreciate how much of yourselves you give to your listeners and viewers.
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Solid Duo.
Not only do they explain horror movies well, but they do their research before speaking on a subject. (James with kill counts and Chelsea with the podcast) I also appreciate how they find the good in “bad” movies and vice verse. They also get off tangent sometimes, but I enjoy it because it keeps the mood light. They do address political topics embedded in some movies, but I don't mind being educated on those topics.(unlike some people) They’re also very funny. Love the chemistry between this couple. They can joke together and don’t always agree with each other on movie aspects, which leads to (for the most part) unbiased reviews. ;)
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It’s ok
I came here because of dead Meat and at first I really like it and then politics were constantly being brought up I understand that it’s their political views but it’s hard to keep me entertained when all Chelsea complains about misrepresentation it’s just a horror movie I came here for kills not a date line episode
a guy in a top hat
I love listening to this podcast. Thanks so much for making it. And making the YouTube channel DeadMeat. You are my favorite YouTuber. Thanks for being there when my family was not. You might not know this but your videos always helped me cope through my day. Every Friday I would go to my computer and go onto your channel to watch newest kill count. Again James, thank you...
My Go To for Horror
I love these two; as a couple, as horror enthusiasts, as good people. I started with the Kill Count on YouTube and as I have searched for more horror movies to watch I’ve started listening to them more. Now, if I am looking for an opinion separate from mine, they are my go to.
This podcast is just fun. This couple is sweet, funny, and love horror. Exactly like the kind of folks I like to hang with. Virtually or for real.
The best!!
This is the only horror podcast I listen to and I love it!!
Love this, love the vocals, love everything!
I was introduced to this podcast from my partner and at first was ambivalent to it but I love horror so it was relatable. With time I fell in love with James and Chelsea as people and really respected their ability to put horror films into the context of their real world history and societal conflicts. I loved it even more when they outlined where they can and cannot speak on certain topics (transgender horror for Sleepaway Camp, blaxploitation in Bones) and then directed the viewer to places where they could get a more personal insight and analysis. It is refreshing and honest and interesting and makes me love this genre more with every episode. And I don’t know about the overly critical wannabe audiophiles that reviewed this podcast before, but I love Chelsea’s voice. Her poise and eloquent discussion is something that I enjoy so much. And her work in making the podcast come to life in editing/research is apparent in its execution. James and Chelsea are such an incredible couple and establish a lovely balance in these episodes. In times where I am tired from the compassion fatigue of my job, this podcast is one of my places to recover and relax. Deeply, truly, thank you both for this.
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This is a great podcast
This is a great podcast it’s really helped me get into horror which is something I was to scared to do before. Thanks for the great stuff keep up the good work
Kenny Falconer
When horror becomes political.
Listening to them for awhile, they have some pretty great moments, but their personal views are at the forefront for everything they do, which agree or disagree it just gets annoying when you come to listen about horror movies and have politics brought up again and again. They also view horror movies through their political lense first and foremost, it really just tiring when you want to find out what is a good horror movie to watch. After 50 episodes, im only listening if I have nothing else to listen to.
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Excellent Horror Podcast
I found this podcast through the dead meat YouTube channel, and I’m so glad that I did. It is an incredibly varied podcast with movie reviews, interviews, and fun horror-themed games. The guests occasionally throw off James and Chelsea’s dynamic, but most are fantastic! I may be a bit biased because if I had to guess, I’m around their age, so many of the formative horror media that they discuss was equally as formative for me. I would absolutely love for them to revisit the hundred scariest movie moments of all time special from Bravo; that episode is one of my favorites!
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Rover Sitter Therese
It’s ok
Chelsea loves to bash USA with out resources to back up her statement. Review the movie stop with the political talk.
Great Podcast
James is awesome. Love his humor and seems so chill and someone I’d buy a beer or two at the bar while chatting movies. Chelsea is cool but her voice is grating when she starts sounding like she is going to laugh at any second. She sounds like a valley girl who’s fake laughing. Its sometimes too much
Fleur de Mis
Great pod
Bisontenial Kelly
Mostly pretty good!
The quality varies wildly depending on whichever episode you’re watching. There are a lot of fun and creative ideas. Unfortunately, some of these ideas are hurt by poor execution. For example, the “Haunt” episode has an INCREDIBLY low-voiced guest who I can barely hear, so I turned the volume up. Couple that with Chelsea’s tendency to make LOUD “Yeah!” Interjections and my ears started to bleed. That problem also crops up in the Heather Langencamp episode. Both Chelsea and Heather keep loudly saying “Yeah!” And it’s just... way too loud. I love Chelsea but I wish her interjections weren’t so high-pitched!
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Excellent horror commentary
James and Chelsea are entertaining, knowledgeable, and just the sweetest people you’ll put in your ears.
Engaging, hilarious, electric!
A big thanks to these two for making my morning and evening commute the best part of my day. I love each podcast so much! The energy and effort they put into their work always puts me in a great mood. Super thankful these two exist. Thank you for all your hard work! :)
Jordan JH
This is my new favorite podcast
As someone who doesn’t have the heart to watch a lot of horror movies. I really love listening to people who have a major appreciation for the genre as a whole. You guys are very funny and so raw and real that I feel like I know you guys. This has really been the bright spot while I’m at work!!
Great podcast
Really enjoy the show. Love their movie walk throughs
purple browns
I love kill count but something about Chelsea’s voice. She sounds like she is constantly trying to stifle giggles. Which is fine in general but not for a podcast I’m listening to.
The best
Finally a person who loves horror movies as much as me!
This podcast is truly great. It makes you think, but always good to hear. To hear a conversation between James and Chelsea feels really nice, it’s fun to hear a couple talk about horror. Overall, gnarly wicked to the max
It’s all great. Subscribe and thrive!
Fantastic podcast. Want spooky stuff, they got you! While I live James and subscribed from his YouTube. Chelsea, you’ve stolen my heart! You both make my week with all the content you create💖
OMG finally a horror oriented podcast!!
I found this podcast because i started watching James on YouTube from his Channel Dead Meat (he does kill counts for horror movies and so much more). And it became my obsession because each one of his videos are hilarious and amazing and the research and detail he puts into them is so amazing. But then i also discovered the podcast which he and his fiancé Chelsea run. And this was the podcast that was missing in my life! They do reviews of horror movies, fun discussions with special guests, and fun records like a horror movie March madness bracket. The work that James and Chelsea do in this podcast from research to planning is amazing and should be appreciated by everyone
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Fantastic and funny
Chelsea, you make dead meat epic
You too James
Miguel Phelps
Love Love Love
I randomly found this podcast before knowing anything about James or Chealsea and I love it! I've listened to every episode in a short amount of time. They make a great team, and they are goals fr. My only critque would be for James to not care so much about the comments people are leaving correcting him. I understand it must get annoying with comments on YouTube, but I feel like he corrects Chealsea a little too much on minor details that don't matter. That being said, the knowledge about not only horror, but film in general that they bring to the table is truly impressive. Plus I love seeing fellow Michiganders being successful :) PS This podcast has now gotten me obsessed with The Kill Count
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always a blast
james and chelsea are knowledgeable and charming, and their love for horror shines through in everything they do — this podcast is no exception. if you consider yourself a horror fan and you don’t listen to dead meat... get well soon i guess?
Horror with two amazing hosts! Can’t get any better than that!
MAKE T2!!!!
Absolutely Addictive!!
Terrifically executed!! This podcast takes a very straightforward concept of reviewing horror films and it’s commonly found tropes. The real genius here is all the research done beforehand which provides a much deeper conversation into the societal and economic rules that goes into making these films. Much deserved credit to both hosts for their ‘easy listening’ chemistry but special shout-out to Host ‘Chelsea Rebecca’ who subverts the simplicity of Horror film analysis into a deep observational and absolutely hilarious look into our favorite films.
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Blake Heffelfinger
Best podcast ever
It was so amazing that I don’t have to explain why
Awesome Podcast
This podcast is great to listen to if you like horror. James and Chelsea are funny and help me when I am doing work. I don’t know what I would do without this Podcast. Thank y’all 😊
My Favorite Horror Podcast
I’ve been listening to the Dead Meat podcast and watching the Dead Meat YouTube channel for a couple years now and James & Chelsea are easily my favorite people to watch and listen to when it comes to all things spooky scary.
I’m obsessed!
My days a lot brighter now that I found the Dead Meat Podcast. I’m a huge horror movie fan and want everyday to feel like Halloween. Thanks to James and Chelsea, I have something to look forward to every week.
Kourt S
Great Podcast
I would highly recommend this podcast to any horror enthusiasts or even just moviegoers in general. James and Chelsea both offer great commentary and they are very fun to listen to.
Yaboi is Yaboi
They’re not bad to listen to...
These two are adorable and knowledgeable. Great chemistry and the eps are all around an hour long. A must listen for fans of the genre!
The best podcast
I love them.
These 2 talking about horror films and films in general are amazing. Great time listening to them. Definitely worth your time to tune in !!
I never thought that this would happen
nightmare dave
I love it!!!
I really enjoy this podcast I’m one of the biggest fans from YouTube. This is great for doing chores or trying to fall asleep!
Great podcast but..
I like your stuff however we listen to your podcast for horror, not for your opinions on social issues. I know you feel like you need to do something but you have nothing to prove to us. We know you support the movement, but a horror movie podcast isnt the greatest place to spread your ideas. I will give you five stars cause i love you tho
I came from YouTube
I love to listen to this podcast because it’s the perfect horror content that doesn’t make me paranoid at night. I love to listen to it while I draw and it keeps me engaged. Love to hear what they think about some of my favorite horror movies and their take on it!
It is a good
It’s fun to listen to while doin chores
So much fun
It’s always light and fun. Really enjoy the perspectives and reasoning behind their opinions. My new favorite podcast. You won’t be disappointed.
Not a good introduction to horror movies
Not a good introduction to horror movies. I thought that listening to a horror movie podcast was going to help me like horror movies. After listening to a few episodes of this podcast I like horror movies less. I do not recommend this if you are just getting into horror movies.
T h e d o g
Horror fans rejoice!
These people really care about horror movies and the minutiae involved. They know what they’re talking about and you can feel the love of the genre while they debate and discuss it. JAJ is an entertaining dude with his awesome Kill Counts on the YouTubes.
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