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I agree with Jillian about Carly
Just listened to you guys latest podcast and I agreed with a lot of people you picked for most hated soap character but I agree 100% with Jillian and her pick of Carly on GH being the worst. As she said it doesn’t matter which actress plays her I will never like this character. Every time she’s on screen I just remember all the awful things she done when she first came on the show and the absolute destruction of the Tony Jones character is right up there, along with all her misdeeds with Bobbie, AJ, Robin and Monica. This character will never be redeemable in my eyes. Hey guys if you ever decide to do a part 2 I will definitely be listening and most likely agreeing with every character you named.
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My opinion
I so want to give 5 stars, but I can't bring myself to do it. I love the podcast, I really do. But home girl needs to chill. She never lets anyone finish a sentence. She constantly spits curse words out of her mouth. She acts like her opinion is the only one that matters. She is so loud, and it's a lot to take in when you want to enjoy the information about the shows, and all she does is talk over everyone and cuss constantly. She could definitely benefit from some etiquette classes. I'm just sayin'...
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Jillian is Rude
If you want to create an attraction to your podcast and soaps in general get Jillian and her foul mouth off the podcast. She is insufferable, rude, racist and unlikable.
Oh how I love you kids! If only there were more soaps! You’re the only podcast where I get upset if it’s not there on time! I’m a soap fan of 40 years who still mourns Bert Bauer so you know I appreciate and love all that you do!
Bring Back Jaime
I wish you guys could have Jaime sit back into the Podcast again 🤞🏾Specially now that Another World Icon is on Days of our lives. Love to hear his thoughts 💭
Too Infrequent
Love the show but it is not broadcast consistently. A regular schedule would be beneficial to followers. Jillian should show more respect to her co-hosts and let them speak without interruption. I appreciate her comments but I like to hear the comments from others too. It’s like Jamey has been reincarnated as Jillian because he always did the same thing.
Jillian is the best part of the show... very informed. She really knows these soaps, great job!
Too infrequent
Meh. They need new hosts, fresh opinions.
Take my horse to the old town
I Love it some much. Love: Kaylie
Take my horse to the old town
Can never get enough.
I watch General Hospital, Y&R, and I kinda keep up with DAYS — with that being said this is the only Soap Podcast I listen to. I love it.
.the Inbetween
Podcast dearest
I once gave this 5 stars but I'm reducing it to 3. There is one person I would cut from my will for reasons well known to her. Manners woman, manners. I know your mama raised you better than that.
Jillian Bowe doesn’t let anyone else speak
This would be a great podcast if ALL the participants got a chance to express their views. Unfortunately Jillian Bowe hogs up practically all the airtime and even worse, repeats herself a lot. On the most recent podcast she’s reached total dominance to the point that I don’t know why the other participants bother to stay on. I’m interested in hearing multiple points of view on the soaps. Jillian Bowe could use some podcast etiquette, or common sense etiquette in general on how to share, learn from listening to others’ point of view, and TAKING TURNS like most people were taught as kids!
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Favorite Soap podcast!
Love listening to this podcast. I’ve watched soaps for over 30 years & it’s great hearing about my soaps during my commute. I miss Jamey but I’m glad he is doing what he loves & can’t wait to watch his new projects. Jillian, Mike, Luke, & Josh are great! Very funny, up to date with industry, & yes Luke does cut off Jillian but I get it they are not in the same room & Luke gets excited. Jillian is very patient & she makes me lol every episode. I think I learn the most from Mike because of his history with all the P&G soaps. Dr. Josh is a great addition. That being said I don’t know how difficult this would be but it might be time to add another co host. It would be nice to hear another female co host since this is suppose to be a woman’s genre and Mel, Regan, & Sarah left. Also the sound quality is amazing too! Thanks for delivering a terrific podcast!
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Jillian is insufferable. Always over talking the co hosts, interjecting her thoughts even when it’s not her turn.
Favorite Podcast
Every week I look forward to this podcast. The hosts are absolutely hilarious but also extremely knowledgeable and insightful and I regularly wish that their story suggestions and wishful castings would come to fruition. It’s my favorite podcast and I never miss an episode. If you are a soap opera lover, this is the podcast for you.
Good and Could Be Great, With One Change
There is just too much Jamey. He is very funny but also extremely overbearing. In every single show, there is a turning point where his exuberance morphs into something exhausting, and he starts sucking the oxygen out of the program. He has a good point of view, but if he can't calm down and let the others talk, he should just get his own solo podcast and be done with it. In every episode, he talks 80% of the time and then interrupts the rest of the time. He talks over every one of the other hosts, especially Jillian, who is hilarious in her own right and should be allowed to shine without Jamey stomping all over her voice. There is a lot to love about this podcast and a lot to love about Jamey himself -- if he could just rein it in, and let the others have their say as much as he has his, this would literally be the best soap podcast ever. If he doesn't, it is merely a good podcast that inevitably becomes unbearable about two-thirds in, where he takes over the whole thing with his shtick and the others disappear.
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Good info, loud hosts
Ok I'm taking my review down a star. Two out of the four hosts don't give a crap about their podcast listeners. If they did they would STOP SCREAMING! If you're listening to this with headphones consider yourself warned. I like the content and behind the scenes insights. But the constant interrupting and screaming makes it tough to get through each episode.
My absolute favorite podcast. Covers Y&R, DAYS, GH, & B&B. True insiders, with actual facts and fun info to share. No psycho shippers here. I've tried listening to other soap pods that are like 4 hours of crazy. DC has a panel of differing views, from all walks of life without being those crazy soap people that scared me away from twitter. I've been listening to the pod from the beginning and I have seen it really grow and get better and better. My only constructive complaints are the frequency and the length. Sometimes there are sound issues, but I know it must be hard to do with people in different states and differing equipment. I wish you guys could do a mini pod for each show...once a week 😂 I know lol. But for a wrap up show with a real cliff notes version of what happened each week, but with all your usual banter. I would also love to hear a pod on our fave nighttime shows...empire, housewives, etc. love you guys and have followed since day one. You have voices and opinions that I love to listen to. Thank you!!! Erica Kane forever😍
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Daytime Soap Lovers Will Love This Podcast!
A group of soap bloggers gather almost every Sunday night to talk about the latest headlines and their thoughts on what happened the previous week in the world of daytime drama. These critics give an unvarnished look at the four daytime soaps current on bradcast television. They are snarky, funny yet still insightful on what they hope to see in the world of soaps. Luke Kerr is your host and any podcast with website co-founder Jamey Giddens is a must listen! They are all quick witted and hilarious!
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One of the best!
One of the best podcasts around. The hosts' banter and discussion is absolutely brilliant. Truly hilarious. Hosts pull-no punches and share honest and on-point analysis on the goings-on in Daytime soaps. Hosts also provide valuable insight and behind-the-scene knowledge on the production of the soaps. Highly recommended for anyone who wants a full in-depth look at American soaps!
Will Sturnick
Funny and better than the shows they critique
I love this podcast. It is many more times entertaining than the shows they review. Can we have a podcast dedicated to Luke and Jamey fan fiction? I would love to hear more stories about your lives and how your circumstances fueled your soap addiction. They are in the know and cover a sometimes frivolous subject like journalists (journalists who can get very emotional).
Garnet McGee
Pearl clutching fun!
I discovered Daytime Confidential several years ago and have been hooked ever since. This podcast keeps it 100 when it comes to daytime television. The chemistry between the hosts is wonderful, especially when there are disagreements. If you love soaps, you need to subscribe to this podcast!
Doctor Mo W.
Could be better
I love all the hosts opinions & generally like listening to the show, but I really can't stand everyone making fun of Luke. It's very childish and makes me what to tune out. Also, Jillian's mic or sound needs to be fixed.
Perfect companion to soap-viewing
Insightful, informative with the perfect blend of humor and wit.
Giving Back the Glory
Great listen
I enjoy this podcast, but the actual web site is not that great compared to some other soap sites.
I can't with the screaching
Generally speaking, I enjoy this podcast. However, between Jamie's creaching and Jillian shooting everything Luke says down, I takes effort to listen to this. I say to give us more Sarah, Melody and Mike.
Best Soap Opera Podcast!
This is by far the best soap opera podcast available. There’s always lively & knowledgable discussion about the week’s soaps. Definitely check it out!
Like the Podcast but getting tired of the Language
I first starting listening to the podcast with Lisa and Luke. I like the new crew also but getting ready to stop listening because of all the cussing.
Love this podcast
I would give it 5 stars but Jillian is just the worst. She is rude and interrupts Luke all the time. Poor Melodie can barely talk with her interrupting. Jamee also interrupts but he's funny. More Regan pls.
Bottom Line...
This podcast is good from the perspective of getting insider soap information...but why is Jillian so GHETTO ANGRY BLACK GIRL every episode? As an African American who grew up with with the arch-types I really REALLY wish we could present another side. She sounds like a wanna be Real Housewife but with less class.
Aaron Amos
Enjoy, but it is getting harder too
I really enjoy the podcast for the most part. However it is becoming harder to listen to. It seems like every five seconds Jillian is screaming about something. She always is interrupting others yet angry when she feels someone is interrupting her. It is making it harder or me to listen.
Good substance, BUT...
Way, way too campy from the guys....
Good podcast overall
Love the DC Crew and their discussions can be highly entertaining. Overall, they have good chemistry and know their soaps. Just a few concerns...The yelling and talking over one another results in us not being able to understand anything being said. Regan, Mel, and Luke often get talked over or dismissed. And Jillian's screeching can be downright painful to my ears. However, love Jamey's impressions and look forward to new podcasts.
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Daytime Confidential
This is the only podcast that discusses the soaps and I'm sad to say, I've subscribed and unsubscribed three times hoping you will read the comments and change the format. The host is ok but get rid of the rest of the panel. The screeching and the constant cackling is annoying. Check out Afterbuzz TV and get your act together. - 02/10/13
Uneven but interesting
I used to listen regularly in 2008, but since then the podcast has become a little loud … some great insight though. I miss the performers of the week episodes. The actual DC web site is hit or miss. The people who post on those message boards are a little overboard.
Excellent, but turn down the screeching! Eek!
I love to see a new podcast from this crew! They are terrific, so much fun to listen to. The podcasts are informative & on point, but---sometimes there's so much screeching, it loses the point! Otherwise, keep up the excellent work!
Daytime Confidential
So glad I found this Pod cast I've really been missing out They're so funny and usually feel the same way I do about my soap Great for all soap fans
The love is guys
I love listen to guys on my I-phone and I laugh to much listen off on Maria area bell and brad bell to watch pretty little lairs dude
Great podcast!
The DC team does a FANTASTIC job on their podcasts and with breaking soap news. Their information is always on point. And really, they are hilarious!! My one complaint is that the interaction between Jillian and Luke is uncomfortable. It seems Jillian bullies Luke and jumps down his throat for no reason at all. Perhaps they have history or some issues behind the scenes that lead up to these interactions. But, because we as the audience don't know what they are, Jillian comes off poorly when she attacks Luke for seemingly every thing he says. It's like she's waiting to pounce and some of us in the audience are holding our breath waiting for Luke to get berated again. It is uncomfortable and feels like that dysfunctional family gathering where you're waiting for that unpredictable family member to go off. Whatever the issues are between them, I would love to hear less Luke-bashing no matter how impatient Jillian might be with him. While he might play his role in the drama that goes on, because we don't see/ hear it, it just makes Jillian's attacks appear unwarranted. Other than that, I LOVE THE DC CREW!! They do fabulous work and are my go-to source for the soap world. Thanks for all you guys do!
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Love the insight and humor, just turn the 'tude down a notch
I simply adore the spirited conversation about my favorite pastime, soaps. You all truly make me chuckle and always give me something to consider. However, I do not like it when some get a bit overboard with disagreements or attitude towards fellow castmates. Don't drown out an unpopular opinion before it's even verbalized. And don't get so mad if someone cuts you off mid-thought (Jillian, love ya but - yeah). All of you cut each other off (some more than others, and you know who you are - lol); it just happens in conversation. Just restate, keep it classy and keep it moving. And try to make sure the less vocal don't get lost in the shuffle. You all give great perspective and are equally just as passionate as I am about soaps. Overall, I love these podcasts and cannot wait for the next one after I finish listening. I love you guys, my criticism is meant to be constructive.
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A Soap Fan's Dream
The DC team is fantastic. Every week I look forward to a new podcast. Whether you watch 1 soap or even all of them, you'll love this podcast, as try find a way to make every moment hilarious, no matter how serious.
A Soap Fan Must-Have
All soap fans should listen to Daytime Confidential, they keep it relevant, and keep it real! I love all of the Daytime Confidential gang, especially Giddens.
Great podcast!!
I really love this podcast about the soaps that I love. The crew on this podcast are just so hilarious and very informative. This podcast always put me in a better mood. I only wish they would do this podcast more often. Really enjoy this podcast and hope it is around for a long time to come. myndee
Can't beat this!
Always at the top of my 'Must listen" list. Luke, Jamey, Jillian, Mel, and Regan are FIYA!
Great Show
Love the show! Wish you'd lose Larry Flick. He is really crass and cruel about the soap stars and it's really unnecessary. Makes it seem like you all approve of him when carry his show as a DC podcast. Love your website & podcast! Keep up the excellent work!
A Must For All Soap Fans
If you are a fan of soap opera, you will get endless enjoyment from Daytime Confidential. The hosts are funny and extremely knowlegable about the history of daytime and prime-time serialized drama. Unfortunately we are living in a time when the mainstream press will only pay attention to soaps when the news is bad. It is incredibly refreshing to hear from people who are true fans and more interested in the genre's survival than it's death.
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Jillian is to ghetto for me.
Luke u r my favorite! The voice of reason. Suggestion, sometimes Jamie and Jillian voices r so loud it hurts.... Other then that keep up the awesome work!!!!! : )
I cannot begin to explain how much I LOVE this podcast. Funny and Random. It's like talking to your friends about soaps. Keep podcasting, your show is awesome.
InSanE ScOrPio
My favorite podcast!
I love this podcast! Jamie, Luke, and Reagan are hilarious and informative. I have to agree with other reviews though, Jillian is loud,rude, and obnoxious. The podcasts without her are more enjoyable.
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