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Case Study Series: A deeper dive into the shapers behind the Daydream Research Center: Study #1: Marc AndreiniCase Sudy #2: Greg Liddle by Kirk Putnam
Case Study 03 Troy Elmore
In Episode Three of our Case Study series, we get to look under the hood of Elmore Surfboards and tap into the inspiration that makes this Costa Mesa legend's sleds so magical. Troy Elmore is a multifaceted craftsman and surfer. He's one of the few shapers out there that can surf all styles of surfboards in the broad spectrum that exists. He can truly ride everything with a skill level that's unmatched in terms of style, grace, and flow. From fishes, thrusters, and bonzers to eggs, vee bottoms, and logs, Elmore is able to consistently surf his vast array of boards allowing him to create this incredibly valuable feedback loop to iterate his designs until they're absolutely perfect. Craftsmanship is the underlying theme for Elmore's hobbies. When he's not surfing or mowing foam you can find him skating or biking. The motorcycles that Elmore builds are nothing short of show stopping. Not only are they beautiful and clean looking but they allow for consistent creative evolutionary path for functional design. Make your way over to our website to check out Troy Elmore's Case Study video that accompanies this podcast. There you'll be able to see Elmore's creations from surfboards to motorcycles. You'll also be able to check out our current stash of Elmore sleds available for demo or to call your own:
Mar 29, 2020
20 min
Case Study 02 Liddle Surfboards
In episode two of our Case Study series, we take a deeper dive into the mysterious world of displacement hulls by learning more about hull lord, Greg Liddle and what is now Liddle Designs. Greg Liddle is a very private person and recently retired from shaping. Luckily his friend and business partner, Kirk Putnam is keeping Liddle surfboards moving by recreating replicas of Greg Liddle's boards with Scott Anderson of Anderson Surfboards and Aquatech Glassing based out of Hermosa Beach, California. Greg's hull designs have been slowly refined over the course of 50 years and most people in the surfing community would agree that he shapes some of the best displacement hulls around. There isn't necessarily a strict definition of what a displacement hull is but they generally have a deeply rolled, convex bottom contour, wide point forward, pulled in tail, very knifey rails, and a s-deck. Displacement Hulls are just one style that exists in the vast universe of surfboard designs; that being said, it is cool to see a design make it through 50 years as there are not many designs that hold the surfing community's interest for that length of time while holding true to it's design characteristics. Granted displacement hulls surfers make up a small yet die hard sub set of surf culture. The generally promote fast, down the line surfing with ease, style, and grace. We look forward to seeing this design continuing to spread beautiful surfing throughout surfing's future. 
Feb 26, 2019
33 min
Case Study 01 Marc Andreini
Just another day with legendary surfboard builder Marc Andreini dropping tons of knowledge on surf history and design theory....Marc Andreini is one of the highest regarded surfboard builders living today. His shaping career has spanned across many generations as surfboard design has evolved from 60's D-Fins to modern day shortboards. Andreini has watched how surfboard concepts and designs have changed over the lifespan of his career and he ties in plenty of great stories to help breakdown the complexities of hydrodynamic theories and their relation to shaping. Marc is an incredible business person, surfer, and mentor, he knows that it is imperative to pass down information to generations to come. We hope that you enjoy Andreini's conversations and take away many surf history and design lessons. Below is a brief outline of the podcast:0:00 Intro1:00 Going Surfing with Marc: The McVee, Edge Bottoms, Rolled Bottom Contours, and Power Blade Fins7:30 Back at Marc's House: Fins and Surfboard Design Through the Transition Era 15:15 Surfing in the 70's19:20 Surfboard Design: Hydrodynamics + Trial and Error25:25 Whats in Andreini's Shaping Bay: Dave Rastavitch's Edge Gun, Greenough's Templates, Greg Liddle's Planer35:50 Marc's New Book: The Gift 40:05 Fin Progression from Tom Blake and George Greenough to Modern Day Thrusters53:40 Final Thoughts on Board Building
Dec 8, 2018
58 min