Datt's What She Said with Dani
Datt's What She Said with Dani
Alexa Datt & Dani Wexelman
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Best sports podcast
This podcast is so funny and enjoyable! The guests open up with Alexa and Dani so you get real sports talk with humor and crass! Keep up the great work ladies!
I like the sax intro
Worth your while
Does a great job bringing in guests to interview, and handles the interviews very well. This is a good podcast to subscribe to. My only dislike is that I'd love to see more regular updates, but she has a day job and arranging guests takes time.
Hidden Gem
Alexa Datt is very knowledgable about sports and really smart. The pace of the shows and the banter about embarrasing moments will keep you entertained. It is a mistake to assume she is just a pretty face.
Great interview!
She gave a great on CBS Sports radio....
Alexa asks the hard hitting questions. Great listen from beginning to end. My one critique would be to have either steve gelbs or mike francesa on the show, ill hang up and listen thanks
Greg D 27
Great sports podcast!
Love this. Great personality and interviews. Keep it up!
Love it
Nice job waiting on the epstiens podcast mr and Mrs Rosenberg
My new favorite podcast!
This has quickly become my new must listen podcast. If you are a sports fan or a fan of good podcasts definitely check this out, it keeps me entertained throughout my commute. Newest episode is 🔥🔥🔥
Great sports insight and non repetitive. I enjoy the change of pace for sports talk.
Great Ray Lucas interview
Very detailed and learned a lot about what he went through, Alexa asked perfect questions
Must listen
Awesome stuff! The Ray Lucas interview is in-depth, provocative look at the concussion crisis effecting the NFL today. Great stories. Must listen!
Datt's What She Said
Love the podcast! Lex's show is awesome, hitting on sports and everything else. That Kyle kid is okay.
A must-listen podcast for all sports fans
Incredibly thoughtful and insightful, this podcast dives into the personal stories of sports and captures your attention from beginning to end. One of the more enticing and original sports podcasts out there, and a must-listen for any sports fan.
love this woman :) such a good listen
realer than real since 1993
Peter Rosenberg Adjace
so it must be good.
I enjoyed your first episode very much. Looking forward to more, especially the one after my Bears beat up on the redskins. Lol. Btw love the intro music.