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Dateline where did you go?
Three stars because it’s Dateline. However, Dateline has seen better days. Dateline where did you go??
Bigfoot Pepper Farm
Love this podcast/show. Gets me through my work week. So well done.
Only getting worse
Only entertaining if you’ve never listened to any other true crime podcast. Embarrassingly pro law enforcement- how many times will these journalists write pieces that suggest that obtaining legal aid (a basic right) is indicative of guilt? It’s irresponsible & a super outdated way to make cases overtly suspenseful.
Bring Keith Morrison Back !
Please give me Keith ! The new format is terrible where is Keith?? Or any of the narrators, but most importantly Keith!! I listen to dateline everyday it’s part of my morning routine ! I honestly just wish Keith would narrate everything!
The Widower Part 3
Just have to say to that annoying prosecutor . . . It is “the jig is up” not the “gig is up.” Wow.
Great story but too scattered
The actual story is wonderful and well written. The background noise and the hokey music is distracting from the reporting. The actual report could have been better told in less episodes if you removed all the repeated material. I’m sure there are listeners who love the additional drama of the soundtrack but it’s too much for me.
Please bring back original Dateline!!
***the three part show called The Widower was good but the music is so loud and the same chords and strumming repeat excessively. It has been awful to endure.
Bring back old format
I agree that I did not like The Widower because it was so different from the Dateline I loved with the narration. Also the music was not appreciated and took away from the show in my opinion.
Taichi girl
New Format is Terrible
Please go back to the old format. This is painful to listen to now.
Please bring back the old format...I couldn’t get through the Widower. Slow and boring and the music is downright annoying. I miss having the disappointing!
Great story, terrible production
The awful music and choppy format totally detracts from what would have been a fascinating story.
Fifi Jones
Great story. Bad music
Usually I love anything from Dateline. But This 3 parter could have easily been better presented by 1. Skipping the horrid music. 2. Eliminating the repeated dialog. It wasn’t hard to follow but it was like someone gave an order to draw it out. Too long. Too noisy. Too repetitive!
Not bad...
...just different. While I enjoy listening to the narrators I will take what I can get, in this format or another. I’ve listen to everything dateline has out on podcast and I’m hungry for more! I can envision The Widower being made into a movie just like The Thing About Pam is going to be.
3 pt series is awesome (and awful) but great production and storytelling.
Sandy ATX
Too much music
Please please PLEASE tone it down on the "background " music. It is overpowering, annoying, and distracts from the story.
Beau Wilke
What happened to my Dateline correspondents?
I love this podcast and have been a loyal Dateline fan for years. Why are the new episodes so odd with the over the top music and no dateline correspondents? I want more Keith Morrison, not less!
New Format
Too much music ....not enough host. Please go back to the original format.
New format not good
Feb 2021 Somebody doesn’t understand that the narrators and the music we were used to has been the over-riding pleasure of the Dateline franchise. I couldn’t watch Or listen to “The Widower” because it really isn’t “Dateline.” It could be any show. And he was particularly stomach-churning.
Bring the old format back
Awful editing and music with an unnatural flow. We want Keith back.
New format is horrible
The 3 episodes of The Widower are horrible. I keep having to rewind and listen again bc it’s so hard to follow. PLEASE bring back the old format with a host voice!
The Widower series
I’d give this podcast 5 stars for overall content, but would only give one or two stars for format and editing. It is such a crazy and interesting story, however, the repetitive “sound bites” narrative and twangy guitar clips are overkill. These episodes could be shortened considerably without losing any content.
nick of name - no nickname
(Almost) Always Compelling
Have been listening for years and it’s usually very compelling. The three part series titled “The Widower” was a rare exception. Episodes 1 and 2 were good; but who edited Episode 3 (“The Trial”)? It is so badly put together it’s almost unlistenable. The soundbites are all over the place and there’s no logic or flow to any of it. Wow. a very schizophrenic episode which was a huge disappointment.
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Sky Clad Guru
I’ve enjoyed these podcasts for years. I don’t like the new format with no host. That may work well with video but it doesn’t work in an audio only format. I’m sure others will like it. Not for me. I’m disappointed to say that after hearing the last few episodes, I’m going to unsubscribe.
No host
Weird without hosts. Plus enough with this music. Way too much.
Steppin up your game DL!!!
This 3 part Thomas Randolph series is amazing!! Sound quality, music, storytelling, inside the interrogation and attorneys office.. this is what I want to hear! Great job DL 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🏆🏆
Cory from Kansas
Sound Effects Ruin Episodes
PLEASE stop using brash, distracting noises in your stories. People listen to podcasts to relax. Your sound effects are horrible and make it hard to enjoy listening to them. This is a long-term problem with your podcasts. Take a cue from Crime Junkies. Their sound effects are subtle and enhance their podcasts. Yours just ruin them. I expect more from NBC, and I don’t understand why your editors don’t get it. Your sound effects have gone from bad to unbearable.
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What happen to the presenters? I hope you guys go back. I been listening for two years NO need to change it.
Not impressed
How is this a dateline episode, there is nothing Dateline about it, no music, no host, just random people talking, not a good episode!
Don’t like the new Datelines
Don’t like the newer Datelines without the usual the hosts and don’t like the new ones without them
What Happened?
The last two episodes do not have narration. It sounds like a bunch of jumbled sound bites that at times are hard to follow. If this is the new format I will not be listening any longer.
Love the show and podcast! Lester is legendary!
new version
This new version of the show is a bummer. The music and format leaves much to be desired. I love the old episodes but the two recent shows...yikes.
smartmouth becky
Changed format
I miss the reporters narrating the stories. You have to focus much more on these without the reporters and I like to multitask while listening to dateline. I keep getting lost. Please say this is not a forever change.
Good show.
Been listening to this one for a bit. It’s good true crime. But what the heck is up with the music on the latest episodes about Tom Randolf..terrible goodness...
Tom Randolph
I don’t believe in the death penalty, but Tom Randolph should be tortured to death!
Pamela JBH
Soooo good!
This is my second favorite podcast! I love it so much. Please keep going!
Feb 2021
Loved the podcast for the past year but seems there is a new format now. Narration by those great Dateline voices are GONE! Disappointing change.
Background music
Background music isn’t in the background and it interferes with the story. Too loud, too much...just tell the story please.
7-11 Ranch and update
Dateline copied lines from the Small Town Murder Podcast. I miss the old episodes... I don’t like these new ones. Not the normal dateline
All time favorite
Dateline is my all time favorite podcast! I’m sorry to say I’m caught up and I keep refreshing to get the next available episode. LOL It’s the content/topics, but it’s also THE HOSTS!! To hear their voices, and differentiating between them, and knowing their names. Keith, Josh, Dennis, Andrea, and Lester. I love them all!!
So amazing
I love this show. It never gets old
my gym23
Why did it change???
As of 2/22 the editing/format of this podcast changed. Before it was almost an exact transcript of the show with extra narration from the usual Dateline hosts (Keith, Andrea, Josh, etc). Now they’re gone! Bring back the original format!
My wife’s been shot/6 wives, 4 dead
The subject is Dateline - worthy. I cannot get over the format though! It is very hard to follow and concentrate on the story when all the narration is done by characters involved. They are not professional storytellers. The intro and background music is strange for Dateline. Compare this to any Keith Morrison episode... or any other as a matter of fact. This is NOT Dateline.
I honestly don’t like at all this new edition from Tuesday, Feb 24th.
The research is so good but the cliches are so bad. I would like to see this show elevate, grow...currently panders to an older audience.
high sprung
I love this podcast !
And I love the fact that it irritates these right wing animals even more !
No host
I found it odd listening to Dateline today without a host.😔
New format??
The latest episode “My Wife’s Been Shot” has only case witnesses, family, perpetrator, etc. with overly dramatic music and no presenter. I hope this is a one time thing and not a new format. It isn’t a winner in my book.
#NewReview +4stars
⭐️⭐️⭐️MY WIFES BEEN SHOT⭐️⭐️⭐️ Y’all the Dateline Pod Team- THANK YOU! The sound engineering & delivery makes it. Thx 1⭐️ Poisoned Don’t ever have a interviewee like Mary’s daughter that was talking through the most annoying tears. Usually it’s understandable but that woman and the woman host.... Ugh.
More, More,More
Older episodes would be welcomed by me and I’m sure others. It bums me out to read that “ I’m caught up “.
# imretired
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