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All Time Best
Love the narration and suspenseful technique of telling the story by Dateline. Keith Morrison is the best!
Love Dateline
This is my favorite podcast. I listen while taking my daily walk. I think it makes me walk faster to avoid getting kidnapped.
Wish it was more that just the show’s audio
I wish they would do more stories designed as podcasts as well as releasing the sound of each episode. I think the mini-series done by Keith and Josh were written and produced as podcasts and they were very good even though both were prior dateline stories. Would love to hear more actual podcasts along with the recycled audio.
Nice... but
This is great. The same as the television show. That said, it doesn’t always translate well from a television show into an audio podcast. Still great though, it’s Dateline.
Nobody does it better than Dateline
Dateline is the best. They know how to keep it interesting. Crime Junkie is also good as a number 2, and the rest of the podcasts sound like they’re reading off a script. Dateline has the best production values with sound bites from the case by detectives, witnesses, and others.
Absolutely love
I love this podcast.. I listen while I’m at work and I’m just in love
Frenetic Verbal Storytelling
There’s probably so much more information imparted visually that’s impossible to convey on a podcast. It’s frustrating.
I love listening to this every night or day I use to watch it with my father
Nite time routine listening
Fish face!
Great Murder Porn Storytelling
I love this Podcast. Andrea Canning episodes are great. I love Keith Morrison’s voice and Josh Mankiwitz episodes remind me of talking to an old friend... Thanks for the many hours of enjoyment, entertainment, and enlightenment.
Bobbie in Rosenberg
Refreshing reminder of the victims
Dateline does exceptionally well in portraying the victims respectfully in their narrative.
The original true crime show. Love every episode.
Great podcast
Great podcast!!!!!!!
Love Dateline NBC
I've rewatched all the Dateline shows that I could on OnDemand some more than twice. I like listening to it in my commute but it doesn't beat watching the show. I'm obsessed.
I love this podcast it is amazing but y’all should watch the show on tv it is on firsts and sometimes Monday
Good one
Brought tears to my eyes
Good one
Always a good one to listen to.
I love it
I love dateline nbc my dad And me would watch it together my dad is passed now but I enjoy listening to this I love guessing who was the killer <3 and I enjoy this I’ll Listen to it every night or day can’t wait for more
Dateline has always been a fascinating show and I love that they have made the episodes into a podcast! ❤️
Keith Morrison! (Only reason for 5 ⭐️)
Would love to see many many more episodes by him!! (Can’t stand the political commercials though. So one sided aka liberal)
I Enjoy the stories and the suspense
Dateline is a good criminal suspense show and the cool thing about it is is it’s all true. These are actual stories of crime and murder which makes it more fun. Can’t wait to listen to more.
The Page Master
Thank you
Love the new cases and detailed shows
The best one so far is the Bronx
I love Dateline podcasts. I listen to Crime Junkies, women and murder, and going west. Dateline is at the top. I’ve never watched an episode so these podcasts are all new to me and I truly enjoy the way the cases are portrayed. Lester holts voice is perfection! After listening to every story so far, The Bronx one is the only one I’ve truly teared up listening to. Bravo and congratulations for covering g the release of the innocent people!!
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Because I do not like your liberal left wing comments
And the lies you try to spread about our great President Trump,...stop the political comments and your ok
Death of a Golden Girl
First, she was a woman, not a girl. Second; I’m not sure you could have spent more time telling us how hot the victim was and less time talking about her as a human.
Good show - please different ad voice
The peppy, fake voiced person who does the ad voiceovers is offensive and condescending and way too loud. Makes want to turn off the show which I enjoy.
These episodes are pretty predictable, often trashy crime stories, occasionally with twists and turns that make them interesting. I got into them bc they’re a good length for a dog walk. But I am constantly enraged by the demeaning portrayals of women—both victims and perps. One described a potential female suspect as angry for having been “traded in for a newer model” when her boyfriend left her. Another insinuated a murdered mother was “asking for trouble” because she liked to stay out late and party in her 20s. Even the episode about the murdered female Army Captain managed to find ways to belittle her leadership approach and sympathizes with her cheating husband when he steps out while she’s deployed. It’s victim blaming at its worst. I am done with this one.
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Keith Morrison... the BEST! This podcast should be dedicated to both Keith and Stephen. More frequent stories please.
Whoever decided to record these episodes into a podcast... is a genius
I love
Keith Morrison
Awesome for those who quit TV
I miss Dateline. They don’t seem to be on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, etc. This has been a GREAT find for me... Dateline, which I miss so much, on a podcast, with little to no commercials or “coming up” delays. I will listen to each and every ep.
Too many sound effects.
They are distracting. Bells and whistles are for TV. Podcasts are for spoken stories.
Good listen
Good crime podcast
openmimded 2
I love it!
Amazing! I love a good Podcast! This one is so detailed so it makes it really easy to image it!
Big fan
New episodes available quite frequently, a good mix between new and classic episodes.
Highly recommend
I love crime podcast, I have listened to all of different and similar podcasts. This is my favorite one!!!
Great but.....
I get a bit weary of hearing the hosts putting the words in the interviewees mouths to be repeated. Not as noticeable during the TV show as it is solely audible.
Great podcast!
Amazing! Look forward to it each week!
Good podcast but
I love this show!! It takes my away from my day & get down to ‘who done it’ mysterious. Thank you for putting this on podcast.
Love the stories
But the host can be pretty creepy with the women he interviews. Gives them a lot harder time then he does the men for the same reason. I would feel very uncomfortable if I were them.
Great if you aren’t a regular show watcher
I occasionally watch Dateline on TV but not regularly so I am glad to be able to hear episodes that I haven’t seen. It is just the audio from the shows; which is fine except for the times when the narrator refers to an image that would be on the screen but does not exist in podcast form. It is a rather irksome occurrence once or twice in each show.
This podcast is amazing, i love the words and clips from the victims and victims family. Love it so much want to watch the show 😘😘😘
Hands Down the Best
My favorite show turned podcast. Every Dateline hosted spinoff podcast equally as stellar. Award worthy and I’m subscribed to all. Thank you- huge fan- I recommend Dateline as I first try to new podcasters.
More Keith Morrison
Dateline is my FAVORITE!!
I love all these Dateline true crime docs.. please keep the content coming.
Dateline #1
Obsessed please keep making more!
Recently have been getting through my work day with true crime in the background and was so sad when I finished all of the Dateline podcasts along with The Thing About Murder and Motive for Murder. No other true crime podcasts compare please keep the content coming!!
dateline 🔅❤️
I have listened to a lot of murder podcasts, this one caught my attention. It has great potential for anyone who is watching. If u are new to this please listen to more beach’s it is great. Love listening to it. I hope that others do to. ❤️🔅
What happened!?!?
I LOVED this so much but everything is sped up like on fast forward mode. I simply can’t keep up. Everything was normal until a few weeks ago and now I can’t possibly keep up with any of the dialogue because of the speed of talking. It’s coming at you in a speed that is almost impossible to take in. What happened!?!?!?!
hejdng eoalfn
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