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Lots of interviews
Please learn to use a mic
I had to unfollow this. I can’t stand listening to the host maybe move around the room while he is interviewing. Just stay consistently in front of the microphone!
I have been following for a few months now. If you’re looking for a wide perspective on big data and AI, this is the place. Kyle has a wide knowledge base, he’s not focused on a simple thing, rather, he explores multiple models, to help with research. His guests are amazing. I can’t wait to be invited to appear on the show to discuss standard operations for an average guy doing signs and lighting.
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Steveo CO
Always learning about data w/ Kyle
Similar to one of my other favorite analysts - Avinash Kaushik - Kyle constantly pushes & challenges assumptions to arrive at opportunities or actions clearly supported by data. I always learn something tuning into the show.
Mike K, MKG Marketing
Best Data Science Podcast!
This is my favorite data science podcast! Kyle interviews such interesting guests and covers the coolest papers. This podcast has covered multiple methods that I have applied to problems as a practicing data scientist. I’m always excited when a new episode comes out!
The Happy Barista
Kyle is an AI rock star! 🌟
It’s obvious Kyle puts extraordinary effort into every single episode of Data Skeptic. But what makes this show a true standout is the quality of the guests, stories, and tactics. Kyle finds speakers that truly care about being a positive force in the AI and machine learning space. Don't miss it!
Professional and informative
The thing I like most about this podcast is the professionalism - the host, Kyle, always keep the content professional and impartial, allowing the listener to focus on the science rather than lecturing the listener. The content is also Dell big technically to serve as an introduction to many methods in ML
Great podcast
I also want to leave a five star review to counterbalance the fool who left a one star review because the host has not made a comment about BLM! This is a podcast about machine learning and AI. I’m grateful for this excellent resource and the huge amount of work that obviously goes into it.
Uncomfortable dynamic
Agree with the comments on the co-hosts dynamic; he lectures, she plays dumb, podcast grates.
Excellent resource!
Just listened to Kyle speaking with Adrian Martin about CNN and cutting edge advancements in neural nets. Love getting this insiders perspective.
Giving 5 stars to counterbalance the clown who gave this show 1 star for not vocally supporting BLM 🙄 I enjoy the show, please keep content coming!
High quality and informative
I wanted to understand the current landscape for Machine Learning and AI and stumbled upon this podcast. kyle and team do a very good job of packaging good quality content with interesting guests and very relevant discussion. I highly recommend this podcast if you want to stay current with ML.
Learning Statistics for fun!!!!!
Omg. Where have you been all my life! 🥳
Host is silent re: BLM
Every other podcast I listen to has made some comment in support of the BLM movement. If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. Honestly, this is evil.
VPN Veteran
Really Enjoy
This podcast isn’t just for numbers people, people like myself that hope to someday become better numbers people find the topics, discussions and Kyle’s take on data in this podcast to be informative. Give it a listen - must mention that way back in the day I was a guest on the show.
Very Informative Enjoyable To Listen To
I enjoy the topic and discussion Kyle generates. Very interesting material and interviews. Look forward to each episode.
great podcast
great podcast for introducing recent important works in machine learning
All things Microsoft
The recent episodes suspiciously feature only people from Microsoft who tout Azure.
Could be better
Would rate higher, but the “banter” drives me up a wall.
Could be better if the other host has more science background/intuition
The selected topics and contents are great. However did not enjoy when the cohost was present. Noticed quite a few times when she was not even listening, insisted she was on the right track but clearly not, or gave very irrelevant suggestions. I frankly got carried away and cannot focus on the true meaningful contents of the podcast after the interaction with the cohost started.
DL is not magic
If you spend one episode interviewing the author of certain DL algorithm, doesn’t explain it well, then just declare it as magic, please might as well save all of our time and not do the episode at all!
The “banter” is truly awful
The main podcast is good. But, I have to skip the episodes where he talks to the female co-host as if she’s an idiot while she asks ridiculous questions and makes insipid comments. Honestly, she’s frequently repeating back something simple that he said as if it’s a deep mystery of the universe. i.e. Female co-host: “computer?” (Sounding utterly puzzled) Male host: “Yes, a computer” (launches into 10 minute explanation as if to a child). Then, often she will laugh or sigh or giggle for no apparent reason. I’ve wondered if she’s actually high when she talk so slow and giggles at random. If she’s not and this is scripted, pretty demeaning.
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Good. Could be great.
This show is very good, but would be great if the co-host was more science-minded. As it stands, the mini episodes consist of Kyle explaining technical concepts to Linh Da, who is intended to be the layperson and prevent Kyle from getting too jargon-y. She is effective in that capacity. However, quite a bit of time gets wasted with arguments that would mostly not occur if Kyle were speaking to, say, a trained biologist, or even an attorney. Because it gets pretty annoying, I have to keep my listening of the show fairly sparse. Great show overall, and the deeper dives with guests are killer.
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Peaceful bird
The wife ruins this podcast
This podcast has a lot of potential and good content, but the wife communication style (dumbing herself down, acting ditzy, almost seems drunk?) is distracting and uncomfortable. This is my first podcast review I just felt so compelled to write this. I understand the need to have a “non expert” dynamic, but dear god Linda stop. Bring a friend (female or male doesn’t matter) who’s at least a little interested / curious.
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Bad Co-host
Dear god please stop having your wife on this podcast. It would be better to be alone on those episodes.
Why does he treat Linda like she’s dumb? It seems pretty clear that’s she’s artificially dumbing her questions down so he can string together terrible analogies, without a clear line of thought, and does not drive to a thesis. 25 minutes of classic mansplaining.
Just can’t listen to anything with Linh Da anymore
Episodes without her are good. I’ve tried to push through episodes with her but she just becomes so pedantic about the simplest of things the show just gets derailed and instead I’ve learned nothing about the topic. I realize what he is trying to do, but even people new to this field aren’t as ignorant as she pretends (hopefully) to be.
Very helpful and interesting
I am very new and was looking for data science podcast. But I am surprise to listen the variety of topics every week you have discussed. Still listening from 2014 podcast items. Can not wait myself to listen all. Great work. Thank you very much for all your hard work to make podcast for every week.
As an engineer looking to reinforce my knowledge of data science, I was very interested in the content of this podcast, but unfortunately the tone comes off as condescending and patronizing. It sounds like the husband is forcing his uninterested wife to listen to him drone on about work. Offputting and misogynistic. Also, I think the content is too simplistic sometimes because the woman is not interested in the material and therefore doesn't follow the explanations as well as the (presumably interested) audience, causing backtracking and over-explanation and over-simplification.
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Deserves a 5 of 5 if...
Deserves a 5 out of 5 if it weren’t for Linduh. I’ve skipped so many episodes that could have been of great relevance to me, because of her. Kyle if possible, please recreate those episodes where Lindha was “co-hosting” so I can absorb your vast knowledge.
Great mix of basic stats and advanced ML conversations
Kyle makes the interviews very interesting. He asks great questions, mainly because he is very intelligent. I like the Mini episodes where Kyle and Linda (Kyle’s wife) cover fundamental statistic concepts. In the longer episodes Kyle interviews an expert in a certain field, which provides great tips on data science and machine learning models. Totally recommend if you have interest in improve your data science skill set.
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New co-host is needed
The guy is good, the girl is absolutely dreadful. I spent two episodes trying to figure out if she has a gun to her head, forcing her to be a part of the podcast or not. Assuming she’s not a hostage, do yourselves a favor and find a better interlocutor.
Preston Rattle
Better guests
I love the host if the show. But listening to the Louvain method episode, the guest wasn’t there for an intellectual conversation and she didn’t enhance the conversation. Get someone to match your energy and align better on the intent.
Weird dynamic between cohosts
My (male) coworker recommended this podcast to me. I really enjoy Kyle’s well thought our explanations of algorithms, but why is the format his mansplaining them to his wife? Couldn’t get past one episode due to this.
stop the ditz female stereotype PLEASE
Would love to love this podcast. Would love to be able to actually finish listening to any of the episodes with Linh-Da, but it's intolerable listening to how ditzy she makes herself sound (I say make because I'm assuming this is intentional). As a woman in data science, it's hard enough to be taken seriously without having the stereotype that women are too dumb to work with numbers & computers perpetuated in a podcast that is meant to challenge conventional thought. Ugh, please please please let Linh-Da's character on the show be smart or just ommit her entirely. I want to like this podcast so badly.
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Fantastic topics and information, horrendous co-host
I love the topics in this podcast and the simple, informative ways that Kyle explains the concepts. I would love this podcast and listen to it as much as possible if Linhda was not constantly being rude, negative and downright ignorant after every thoughtful thing he says. It’s sad. I was recommended the class by my Python probabilities professor and really wanted to like it. Have to unsubscribe. I can’t listen to it without wanting to scream at Linhda. Don’t bother unless you can handle an ignorant child constantly interjecting and giving incorrect information in between a fantastic lecture.
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Awesome Podcast
As a wannabe data scientist, this is among the best data podcasts around. I particularly love the husband and wife banter.
Interesting and educational podcast
I love listening during my commute!
Perfect chemistry
What a treat to listen to Kyle Polich, his wife (Linh Da), and their guests. Kyle is a gifted teacher and communicator. Linh Da is a delightful foil for Kyle's explanations, declaring "Nnnope!" each time he asks if she's familiar with this or that idea. Kyle uses cornbread recipes to demonstrate experimental design and Yelp reviews to illustrate noisy data. He even uses bird poop as an example of k-means clustering. His explanations are completely unpretentious, and he's a great interviewer, to boot.
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Melissa Jayne Kinsey
great topics, great explanations, but co-host is grating
I love the topics of this podcast, and the host is great. Unfortunately, I deleted it yesterday. The tone of the co-host makes for a bit too much uncomfortable negative tension in the show. I don't know if they pre-script what she (Linhda) as going to say, but the way she responds to Kyle's questions (by counterarguing in really dumb ways) is really distracting from the underlying messages he's trying to get through. I think if they could find a different co-host or find some way for her to support the show as opposed to detract from it, this would be just stellar. Kyle is awesome in his explanations, and they have great guests.
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Data Skeptic.
You are brilliant in making hard to understand concepts accessible. A great diversity of topics on the show. Discussions are advanced, informative and host is very knowledgeable. The only constructive feedback.....please get a cohost who has some interest in the topic.
I really like both of the hosts in the mini episodes, they are really helpful introductions to data science!
I hated the first one - now like most
Kyle I think is his name is good. Good questions and insight. The Socratic style with the lady is really bad.. I'm sorry but as a techie she is just a bit annoying and I can't stand it. 5stars for episodes without her.. I hope that isn't too harsh
Best data science podcast out there
I’ve been listening for about 2 years now and this is the best data science podcast out there. I’m cycling through all the content that came out years ago because it’s so good.
Todd Morrill
Real Insight and Understanding
Best place to understand developments in data science!
Clear explanations of modern data science topics!
I'm a beginner who is just dipping my toes in data science, and this show is absolutely perfect for me. Kyle and his wife Linda do a nice job combining real-world examples with complex data science concepts in an understandable way. The interviews with his guests are always thoughtful, sometimes quite advanced (but the topic is usually advanced), and even if I feel over-my-head, I always come away from each episode having learned something new. The show is heavy on the "data" and light on the "skeptic", at least for the episodes I've listened to, but I think it's a good mix most of the time. Keep up the great work Kyle and Linda! Looking forward to the upcoming AI episodes.
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fascinating topics I didn't know I wanted to know about
I started from the beginning a couple weeks ago, so I'm still listening to the ones from 2014, but it's still applicable and it's awesome! I agree with a lot of the positive reviews here. in the podcast, Kyle and Linda asked for podcast reviews for support, and I wanted to show my support, so here it is! thank you!!! I learned about this podcast from lectures of coursera's first class of the "Applied Data Science with Python" specialization, "Introduction to Data Science in Python". yay!
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Nice work
Maan! I love this podcast. The best on about a lot of good things in data analytics.
Really great
The mini episodes and interviews are a good combination.
Very insightful and entertaining
A coworker told me about this podcast and now Kyle, Lynda and their guests are my companion through my morning commute. The information is very interesting. I don't consider myself to be a data scientist, and I find the topics/conversations very easy to follow. Working in data analytics This podcast has helped me learn more about predictive analytics and machine learning techniques. I love the mini episodes, very smart way to explain complex data science concepts in layman terms. The recordings are very clean especially the latest episodes. in my opinion the editing sometimes makes the conversations flow a bit faster and makes it sound a bit robotic!, still that doesn't take much from the value of the podcast. He also includes different initiatives and projects that are worth checking out for those interested in data analysis and machine learning. Keep up the good work!
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