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It’s not the best but worth the listen
I started this because of the reference to Stephen King like stories and while that’s true the voice/character Mr. Gussy almost makes this unbearable to be quite honest. It’s a chore to listen to the parts surrounding him but I am trying to push through to get the complete story. Not really a fan of season 3 being on Stitcher Premium but I got a free month trial so I can binge listen to catch up. Overall the series could be a lot better but it’s not the most terrible podcast I’ve ever listened to.
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It’s not good
I have heard a few episodes and, out of desperation for anything new, will try more. The acting is elementary school levels of talent, the characters are obnoxious and the stories are decent but nothing memorable. Cassie is an obnoxious and terrible character. Every time she says something stupid, I mocking say her catch phrase to my speaker: “I hate men.” I never knew characters could be one dimensional, so there is that.
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Millenial Philosopher
It’s Okay I guess
I wouldn’t call the writing or acting, storylines and characters are fairly 2d IMO. The voice acting is alright but the dialogue is choppy and seems forced. I’m sorry but no five stars when I’ve heard far better.
I liked the series
(Idk when new stuffs coming but I’m excited) Tho idk why the 3rd season has the same episodes, is it an upload error?, Well what ever, i fall asleep after the first hearing but not coz it’s boring, (i have it sped it).
Wizerdess Witch👉🏻✨🇺🇸
Show time
I love this so much I really wish y’all could make this a show
Love This Show
One of the best podcast!! Definitely need episodes!! Soon!!
Lost all credibility
Go back to fiction
I wanted to like it....
I couldn’t get past the second episode. Felt like a rip off of a horror story I read in the mid nineties.....hard to follow, difficult to understand. The premise was good, the execution.....not so much.
Fake reviews from your lackeys!
What a inconsistent soap, years just to come up with a lame ending. Now like the rest of these, terrible loyalty to its listeners, now wants pay to play, not worth it with this crew, even so called 40+ plus lame voice actors is not going to want me to pay, or move over to that lame Stitcher, which will be shutting down. You strung out your listeners, abandoned us, now want us to pay, nope not worth it, never been!
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Neat stories, great acting
As a New Englander, I am wicked impressed with how the actors NAILED Maine accents and sensibilities. It adds such a sense of place which keeps the anthology-style story line from feeling disjointed. Good work, and huge props for making sure your team gets paid.
Annoying accents
This podcast seems like a great idea and is well made but I just cannot get over the atrocious fake accent of the old man. The actor is clearly Australian and is awful at doing an American accent, it’s so off putting. It’s just so annoying I can’t listen.
Great stories, crazy twists, and hilarious vocal acting creates an irresistibly addictive experience. 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿
Fasten Your Seatbelt for a WILD RIDE!
Be sure to fasten Your Seatbelt, this one is a WILD RIDE! A cohesive Adventure through many doorways is the best way that I can describe this PodCast/Story. You won’t just be traipsing along with a set of characters and heading off to an end goal. This one is more like getting on a Rollercoaster with some people, and hanging on to the bars strapping You in, while all sorts of stimuli and stories come at you from every direction, until You finally pull back into the main terminal with the same people sitting next to You, while You all try to assess what just happened. Then laughing, and and all walking out together through a tunnel exit. Only this time, when You hit the sunlight and come back to the real world, You leave Behind those who You were originally riding the coaster with and walking beside. PROS: •Great Acting, •Great Narration •Great Foley/Sound •Cohesively Woven Individual Tales, so even the most Far Out of Left Field Tale, still winds it’s way back into the main Plot Concept. •The main plot Characters are interesting, and realistic enough in word and action that You won’t be banging Your head against a wall at the main heroin’s idiocy. •Each Mini-Adventure/tale is stand alone enough interesting in their own right (mostly), and •Overall, the main story is very adventurous and attention holding. •A Pro & Con, I wasn’t very keen on the ending of the main tale; however, as I understand it, (and as with many good books), the main tale may not be truly “over.” CONS: •Not one single story, but many individual tales woven together under a common theme story. •Multiple Authors, in a Round Robin style of writing, except the individual tales, rarely incorporate the main characters in their individual adventures, which I found disappointing and in my eyes was an opportunity lost. •Pro & Con, I wasn’t very keen on the ending of the main tale; however, as I understand it, (and as with many good books), the main tale may not be truly “over.”
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The Best Storytelling Podcast
I have cried more at this podcast than any other. It's a must download, and now that season 2 is out, there's even more to love!!! It's the only podcast that I have permanently downloaded to my ipod.
Carriage Return
Top Podcast
I love this podcast. The story within a story while driving the plot line is done so seamlessly. Highly recommend for those who like fiction and magic and mystery.
If you’re gonna have it on premium only that’s fine whatever but don’t give us adcasts
Amazing Show
I don’t mind waiting and when i have it i will pay for sure. This show is beyond Amazing!! Worth any wait. Thank you for producing such an amazing adventure!
The reviews here are ridiculous
You guys who are giving bad reviews because the podcast went behind a paywall are really hypocrites. You want an amazing podcast with perfect voice actors but expect to get it for free. That’s hilarious.
Just a preview, a commercial, do NOT waste your time
This is podcast which is essentially a commercial to pay for the podcast elsewhere.
Only sample episodes
Posting only samples is useless. This podcast should be removed.
Bad recommendation apple
Wth why was this recommended if i cant listen to it. Boooooooo
Podcast yes, paywall no
Was a fan of this podcast from the start. I’m not a fan of how it was basically moved behind a paywall after last summer’s hiatus. I’m also not a fan of how a number of the episodes that are available through Apple Podcasts were basically turned into previews. I like the premise of this podcast, but not enough to subscribe to a service that I would only use to listen to a few things; there are several other shows I listen to via Apple Podcasts that are also available on Stitcher, but they at least continue to post episodes here, even if there’s a delay between episodes airing on Stitcher and here. If you don’t mind only being able to listen to the first season, then I’d recommend this podcast. But if you’re hoping for an update on Apple Podcasts anytime this century, I wouldn’t hold my breath.
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Just an ad
Only the first bits of the episodes
Impossible to follow
It is completely incoherent. I have no idea who is talking or why.
Epic disappointment!
I’d have given 5 stars but the huge crushing let down when you realize this is a cynical cash grab on par with loot boxes is so crappy I personally have zero interest in getting to the other side of the Stitcher pay wall
Fairness doctrine
Waste of time
Basically an ad for the real show don’t waste your time.
Well then
Listened to the first season and enjoyed it but now I can’t listen because I don’t have stitcher premium and don’t really have a reason to add yet another paid subscription service.
Chaz Devine
Would’ve been great...
Would’ve been a 4, but can’t listen to full episodes without Stitcher premium anymore. Thank you, next!
Perpetual Dreamer
How can you advertise a show on here and not even play the real podcast , get out of here with that scam s*it
Basically a teaser on ITunes
To be fair I was enjoying the story. However you have to be a stitcher member to get the full episodes. Really having it on iTunes is just an advertisement. Not worth my time.
They should call it “The Sample Podcast” considering every other episode is just a sample.
I tried mightily to listen to this podcast, but the acting and direction are too poor. If a performer cannot do an accent, why have them proceed with a poor attempt? It is better to have them speak naturally than to have them put on a poor semblance of dialect. It is jarring and ruins the production.
No longer a follower
I no longer subscribe.
Very disappointed in the decision to go to Stitcher Premium.
I liked this podcast at first. But then they stopped putting out episodes. And when they finally came back, it was only samples because they are now exclusive to stitcher. What’s the point in even having it on apple podcast then? Very disappointed.
Well I tried...
Didn’t want to agree with all the bad reviews for this show and here I am confirming them. I wish they would reproduce some of these podcasts with better voice actors or perhaps a better director.
Went thru the first episode and was interested only to find the rest of the podcast is only samples. Must subscribe to their sponsor in order to hear the rest 😒
Y’all really.
I love this podcast, but I so mad that I have to wait again for season two to come out because I don’t have stitcher premium. I have waited so long to see what happens to everyone. I get y’all need funds to keep your project running, but seriously help a girl out.
Season one was great. Why would you put all the teaser season two but yet never release it on Apple iTunes.As a consumer I only the iTunes app for my podcast needs. Good luck with stitch who?
Stitcher Premium is fine by me
I'm finding many of the recent reviews on this platform to be disheartening and frankly a little childish. The Dark Tome was, I'm assuming, removed from Wondery along with The Cleansed and Radio Drama Revival and quite a few other shows (Tumble, Heather McDonald) now that they appear to be going all true crime and according to the show's FB Page Patreon wasn't bringing in the $$ needed to continue the series and most importantly pay themselves, the talent, and the writers for use of the material, and this was the best option. And yes, actors need to be PAID for their work. I'm an actor myself. I don't get paid I walk. None of this free crap. I say kudos to Dagaz on this choice, and more importantly kudos to Stitcher for taking on more audio drama like this and Wolverine. If this is what needs to be done to pay for the second season then so be it! They deserve to be paid for the hard work they put into this show. I agree with Harlan Ellison, "put silver in my palm". No, I'm not going to pay for Premium myself, but if that means I wait for The Dark Tome S2 to be released later for free then so be it. Better 50% of something than 100% of nothing! And to all of you people dumping on Dagaz for making the best decision for their show because of the Stitcher paywall... get over yourselves. This I want everything for nothing attitude just makes you look foolish.
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Too bad they took away the content.
I really liked this podcast. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a fun idea, and when I came back for the next episode, it was all gone to a premium content site. It’s good, but it’s not worth paying extra for. Have fun on your new platform, but you’re leaving a lot of your fan base behind. You should have just kept your commercials and stayed here with us.
Only available on some app I don’t want
Now that it’s only a available on an app I don’t have I’ve unsubscribed and changed my rating. After all, no podcast isn’t worth anything.
北 Matt
I’m not going to buy stitcher premium
I enjoyed it but now it’s only available on stitcher premium so... bye, Felicia!
Good Bye Dark Tome
Honestly I am really disappointed in the newest development. The Dark Tome is going to be exclusive to Stitcher Premium members? I have no interest in joining a premium podcast sight. I would have happily contributed on Patreon or some platform like that, but I'll be damned if I'm going to get a paid membership to Stitcher. There are just to many other quality options. Good bye Dark Tome, it's really a shame.
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Djam Karet
Season 2 is now only available via a pay wall, quite disappointing. Guess I’ll pick this back up sometime in late 2019 and catch up on all the other awesome podcasts in my queue.
Ha. I’m cool with donating and stuff. Whenever I can afford it I will. But to force people to buy a service to get it what sounds as if it will be at least a half year in advance...sadly it will cause me to stop listening. Loved the podcast but never heard of something like this. Hope it’s not the new normal in the podcast world.
I’m in awe!
This is so amazing! I’ve never read nor heard a book so entrancing as yours. Keep up the amazing work!
Anymore from Wireless Theater Company
Hi I enjoyed listening to Springheel Saga and would like to know if there are any other similar audio plays available by the same creators.
It is so awesome to pass my day at work listening to the dark tome
Good concept, needs better writing and editing
The podcast as a whole has a really cool concept. I like the idea of the dark tome transporting readers into sinister stories to complete. I like that they take other stories from other writers and give them a spotlight and voice work. However, this podcast feels like it needed more time in the oven. Every episode feels like a first draft. He editing is very poor, and I feel as if the story between the tome stories could really benefit from longer workshopping, some honest beta readers, and a good editor. There’s tons of weird logic plot holes with character motivations, and the plot itself skews into some very deep cliches. The main voice actor ( gussy) needs some work. I cannot figure out what accent he’s supposed to have. Southern? Chicago? Random nonexistent accent? Who knows. He does sound like he has a mouth full of pudding pretty consistently. The character work is not great. The big reveal of gussy’s was intended to make us have some sympathy and really see gussy as a tragic hero, it really just made him seem like a terrible man. He knowingly endangered multiple Children and obfuscated really dire facts, even used manipulation and guilt to get Cassie to work on this dangerous book with him. He’s kind of a monster, and that wasn’t the intended effect of that scene I’m sure. This podcast has great potential but it needs a lot of work. Also, please, I am begging you, stop using long stretches of ‘struggling noises’ to illustrate a scene without words. It does not illustrate anything. It’s just a lot of noise.
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