Bomb Shelter Boys
Bomb Shelter Boys
Alex Krienitz
the #1 podcast in elburn. We are the bomb shelter boys.
The boys start Carnivore (featuring Jay Thrun)
Danny Alex and Jay discuss the carnivore diet along with a detailed interview asking jay about his job as a police officer!
Oct 21, 2021
52 min
The Boys go Vegan
Alex and Danny are vegan
Sep 25, 2021
53 min
one of Dannys Best Friends Matty Ice joins the show!
Aug 7, 2021
1 hr 21 min
Danny is gone ( Micheal and Alex)
Micheal fills in for danny!
Aug 7, 2021
1 hr 7 min
PART 2 car hop boys
Jul 11, 2021
16 min
car hop boys
the boys go off on early memories and then go into nutrition
Jul 11, 2021
29 min
lean mean non tracking calorie machine
the boys discuss how to get lean without tracking macros
Jun 12, 2021
14 min
mucinex pt 2
mucinex boys
Jun 7, 2021
35 min
Hydration Station
the boys go off about water
Jun 7, 2021
32 min
Lawyers Guns and Money Pt 2
The boyos finish the converastaion
May 23, 2021
24 min
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