Dance Machine 5000 Podcast
Dance Machine 5000 Podcast
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Looooovee this podcast!
This podcast gets me through my work days and my commute to work! I freakin’ love it! Thanks LD for the awesome mixes!! Can you do a throwback mix from the 2005-ish iBar days? ✌️😁
Hello Oni
Solid THroughout
It takes a real DJ to make real good mixes like this. You can HEAR the years of experience in each mix.
Excellent podcast
These mixes are great! I've been introduced to an array of excellent new songs and artists which I follow now!
Without a doubt, the best electronic/industrial podcast on iTunes.
Always find something amazing in these. Often where ever I am becomes a dancefloor, which has had some interesting consequences.
Polished, beautiful mixes. Thanks DJ LD.
I love these podcasts because I always find new songs to love from bands I know and don't know. It's like he really takes the time to research and wade through all the new stuff out there, and put the best on his mixes. The songs are 'mixed' in a really cool way so they flow one to the other even though they have different beats and styles. AWESOME for the car, for exercise, I love every podcast.