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Excellent podcast
Always good even if you didn’t know you had an interest in that topic
I recently started listening to this podcast because I am a amateur historian and I am always looking for new material to listen to and study. Although the material is good, the host, Dan Snow has a problem with swearing in everyone of his podcast. He may be smart in telling a story but hemhas no morals or decency when it comes to the English language. He is constantly sayin God D--me. Why, whu why does Dan Snow have to express his toughness by insulting God? I gues it makes him feel like a man. Don't worry Dan, you can insult God all you want but He still loves you even if you don't respect Him. I will be cancelling my podcast subscribtion. I know I'm only one person but I'll pray for you. I instead listen to the clean and awesome podcast "History Unplugged" with Scott Rank. He has class and is respectable.
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When the world’s armies came to Salisbury Plain
What a deep honor it was to be guided by Margaret McKenzie (RIP) and Dan in this episode. Her manner of speaking, depth of historical and emotional knowledge, and loving respect for all who served there before was enthralling. Thank you, Dan, for these extraordinary podcasts. I am learning so much, and I always stay awake until the end!
Brooklyn Sugar Rae
Never disappoints.
Time well spent
I learn a great deal from this podcast and I appreciate the broadcast of these historical accounts without the contemporary, ubiquitous, nonsensical attempt to evaluate past events exclusively utilizing present day values, attitudes and beliefs.
Dr. Sciolist PhDs
Dan Snow knows his history
Dan is an amazing historian who can endure color and commentary to any historical topic. He’s a delight to listen to and his interview are very informative and entertaining.
Laird NYC
Dan Snow ratings
Dan Snow is THE BEST! He is knowledgeable, well-spoken, and enthusiastic about history. What makes it so special is the breadth of his historical interests! I started listening because I love military topics, but he has broadened my mind to embrace so many fascinating subjects.DO YOURSELF A FAVOR...Start listening! 5 stars rating!!!! I just listened to “Barbarossa” and I remain a devoted fan. This episode showcases the humanity and empathy for the suffering people,so often forgotten in military history, that Dan places front and center. Excellent work!
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Thank you Dan for letting us know that Sharpe is back!!!!
I had heard that Mr Cornwell was going to be writing another Sharpe but I’d lost track of it. When I woke up this morning and saw the announcement it made my day! Richard Sharpe, Patrick Harper, and all the green jackets have kept me company for many many years. I even carried the box set of videos to Iraq and various remote locations to keep me company. My favorite is when Harper crafts a new sword for Sharpe. Brings tears to my eyes just writing about it. Nice to know that Sharpe and Harper were created due to a love story! The last time I was in the UK I went to visit the 95th Rifles museum but unfortunately it was closed! Perhaps History Hit could do a piece on it in celebration of the new book? Or maybe get with John Tams (Dan) to discuss the incredible music (Over the hills and far away)! I would love to see new movies, but like Mr Cornwell, I can’t imagine anyone but Sean Bean and Daragh O’Malley as Sharpe and Harper! I just bought the book on Audible and am listening now. Thanks again for a delightful podcast!
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History Novice -- MJ
Love this Pod
Dan’s pod is great! Perfect length for my commute to/from work. While I haven’t subscribed to History Hit TV, I have purchased several books after listening. Just fantastic.
I love the podcast and am leaving a review to support it
One of the small, great, pick-me-ups that I get to enjoy regularly.
Like a cup of coffee.
The more you know about History!
Great podcast! Dan’s knowledge and the expert guest he has on is amazingly interesting. I can’t wait for the next one.
Great history
Great podcast for those of us who are curious about history. He gets brilliant authors and researchers. He had excellent eyewitness stuff on Margaret Thatcher. This can really bring historical characters to life and the best episodes are the biographical ones. Just listened to an episode about Pertinax, excellent.
Thanks, Dan, for the excellent explainer on the Battle of Hastings. Haven’t missed an episode in years and this is one of my favorites. My kids loved it to. Great story-telling. Rivers, folks, rivers….
Beth Coates Cresolus
KeeperX2! I’m adding to my previous recommendation. Best history show which covers a wide breadth of history This is a combination of great interviews with real history! Well done.
I have this podcast playing day and night. Episodes are the perfect length. Never boring always interesting. You can see they care deeply about the work they put out. Well done to the team I appreciate your knowledge and hard work my favorite podcast
The Gold Standard
I crave listening to this podcast. No matter the topic. Dan Carlin is great but these bites of history and it’s presentation are truly how the medium should be used.
southside indian
Love it!
Dan and his guests cover a wide variety of topics and do it well. Hats off to them!
Infectious enthusiasm
Dan Snow’s enthusiasm for anything related to history is infectious. I won’t say that every episode is enthralling, but the great episodes are great, and even when I’m not 100% into the material, he shows so much excitement that it’s hard to not be engaged. And among all the history podcasts I’ve tried, History Hit does the best job tying history in to current events when it’s appropriate, without plastering unnecessary historical context all over every current headline (maybe 1 in 8 episodes really addresses a current topic). Significant bent toward WWII history, which happens to be of particular interest to me. But basically he’s one of those people who could make you excited about anything. I’m giving a 0.001 point deduction for the intro music/montage change from 2017 to 2018; the old intro got me totally fired up, and the new intro sounds like it could be the introduction to a middle-school textbook. But it still rounds up to five stars.
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Always great content
Wide range of topics and interesting guests.
Always an accountant
Love Dan Snow
Great!!!! Show
Incredibly well done. Interesting topics and some of the most amazing interviews I've ever heard, often with people who there making the actual history.
Extremely well done!
A great podcast for history lovers, I always learn something new. Dan Snow is a very good interviewer, he has the ability to draw out the best information from his guests.
Well done, insightful topics
Well done, insightful topics by leading historians. I’m so glad I discovered this wonderful podcast, which makes my commute fly by!
If you love history you will love this show!! Always some interesting people and topics. Mary Beard and Dan Snow, amazing!!
I listen daily
I look forward to this podcast everyday. What I like most is that it gives me a short sample of a topic I may not have known much about and makes me want to research and read more about it. The subjects of the podcasts are always interesting and the context is presented professionally.
Awesome podcast
Each podcast is substantial and this is my favorite history podcast. Thank you!! Awesome job, keep up the great work. A++ Great interview with HR McMaster, really enjoyed it. I just listened to your monologue on Ww2 and loved it. You have a true gift for sharing narratives. I’m a fan from across the pond. Will stay tuned. Fantastic episode with Susan, about Henry VIII break with Rome.
This one’s a banger!
Great pod! I listen all the time. Enthralling content.
Call to action
Sick of the political opinions of a man so far removed from what is happening in America. Sounds like someone regurgitating what’s been spoon feeding to him through CNN…
Too many to list.
I’ve listened & been enthralled by all of the the 16 various episodes on various topics. As I have a Master’s from Harvard I’m extremely selective regarding my podcasts & or reading. Yours is excellent, well worth my time.
Kristopher X.
Wonderful Podcast!
I've been listening to this for a few years now. Very inciteful and really enjoy the history combined with an injection of modern day events! Keep it up Dan!
Entry level history
22 minutes on the Norman Invasion? Laughable. And terrible production.
Excellent Podcast
A wonderfully enjoyable podcast that covers a wide range of historical topics. Highly recommended.
A Must Listen for History Fans
I have been listening to this podcast for over a year and anxiously await each new episode. Never fails to disappoint. Great job Dan and team.
Never a dull moment!
These podcasts move along quickly, covering lots of information in a short time. Dan always seems to ask the question I am hoping he will ask next! The podcasts have also introduced me to some great reads, e.g. Tunnel 29 and The Traitor and the Spy. I also watched Sink the Bismarck after listening to a podcast on that subject, but that’s another story.
South Carolina Bobcat
If you are not listening in, you are not learning.
This podcast has become my top listen. I have learned more about how the world is shaped today from a dive into the past with dan and his guests, multiple times a weeks. Thank you Dan, your pod is something we should all listen to.
Great show!
Always entertaining and informative
Netflix for History Lovers
Watch or listen…great stuff no matter your interest!!
Extremely worthwhile
I just found this podcast and have been working through the back catalog. There are plenty of interesting interviews and stories on nice concise packages.
For History lovers
Great podcast, learn something new each time I listen. Makes history enjoyable.
Outstanding Topics Across Diverse Topics
As a historian and veteran I thoroughly enjoy the topics, discussions and insights from this podcast. Regardless of my historical studies - I always learn something new from Dan and his podcast. Dan Snow would have become a great US Army Ranger if born on the West side of the Atlantic.
Akutan Zero
An absolute must!!
For anyone even remotely interested in history, this is a fascinating podcast. For serious students, it’s a must! Just fabulous!!
My new favorite podcast!!
So interesting
Berlin and Dawn of Cold War
I have searched for podcasts or documentaries on the post war period in Germany and found Dans podcast and now I’m hooked on this podcast!! Dan brings so much exuberance to these topics that it was a no-brained giving a 5 star rating 😃
Great perspective and educated speakers
As much as I have studied, read, visited historical sites, these podcasts can always find some new information, usually from an academic close to the history. eg. An Indian professor on 16th century Akbar. Please keep them coming, I’m going to break out the Apple Pay and join.
Like getting a college level (with a special guest) lecture in European history every day.
History Commuter
History buff big Marc …
I don’t usually do reviews but I’m making an exception because it’s great it’s like an adventure through time it’s great informative and super fun the show uses great well informed guest the host speaks clear and is factional not biased this show will get to be one of the greatest done in history I really appreciate you guys and I will support you and spread the word as much as I can thank you for doing such a good job!!!!
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marc martines history buff
Great history podcast
Modern Madman
The right-sized snack of history every day
If you enjoy history and don’t mind a heavier focus on European and specifically British characters and events, you will love this podcast. It’s just the right time length - nearly always about 30 mins - and there seems to be a new episode every day. I downloaded dozens of them to my iPhone for a long drive across the country (U.S.) and even playing at 1.5x speed, I had plenty to listen to through a few states where about the only thing on the radio was jesus and country music. ugh. :)
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