Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: Addendum
Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: Addendum
Dan Carlin
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The Best
Simply transcends any other podcast in any genre.
Dan rocks.
Keep em coming!
The Cliff Notes of geopolitics
If you have trouble getting into Dan’s depth in terms of context, check out this addendum series, he often interviews working experts on the material he is talking about directly. Ben if you see this, try and get us an interview with Jim Mattis, I would like to hear him and Dan catch up since their meeting.
The King
This is my most beloved piece of media. Thank you Dan.
Love the podcast
Love the podcast
Literally the BEST podcaster/ historian.
Amazing content period
The best I listen to
High quality and in depth. I can’t wait for more great content.
Adhesive woman
Great show
I made this offering to appease the great algorithm.
time killler
Awesome podcast!!!
Awesome podcast!!!
Great addition to the main show
Like everyone, I like getting more great content. Keep it up.
Relevant and Relatable
I just listened to the interview from 2017 about Rome. It is now 1/26/21. WOW! I would love to hear a follow up with current events taken into account. Foreshadowing is the word that I would use to describe this episode.
The very best!
I cannot say enough about this podcast. I would recommend to everyone!
Michael Pena
The best
Of all time
A Disappointed Yakker
I love this show! Dan gets into details that I’ve never heard. Supernova in the East is awesome! I’ve also back tracked to many of the older episodes. It’s always a treat when I notice that a new one has loaded!
This show is amazing I’m ten years old and I love this podcast! this podcast is so good for history buffs of all ages!
Tate Lawson
What a disappointment, political hack Dan turned out to be
Well done
Your content is fantastic and consistent. You should be very proud of yourself for churning out content so consistent.
Great content
Well researched and enjoyable to listen to.
just a great in depth history podcast with an excellent host
just a great in depth history podcast with an excellent host
Love Dan but Hanks is boring?
I'm writing to you Dan.I love your show Dan, Neen listening in LA for at least 17 years. I get that you would not pass up the chance to nterview an american icon like Hanks, but he was not interesting to listen to and actually just seems to like tha sound of hos own voice. You are the athourity in this realm and it's kind of ridiculous to hear Hanks ramble on like he has better things to say about the subjects than you do. I really think he's just so used to people having to listen to his opinion that he just assumes that everyone actually wants to. He's been boring on every talk show I've seen or heard him on for the past decade. Love the rest of your shows Dan. Keep it up!
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Happy to have found this podcast!
Enjoyed the Tom Hanks interview. Will delve into the book behind the movie. Please pass on to Mr Hanks that his work was of a quality capable of holding the attention of my 10 year old son, for the duration. The movie even prompted a conversation afterwards!! Well done Tom!!
Could be better if...
...Dan came over to my house every evening and did a full episode! I really enjoy several other history podcasts. Some are quite in depth, but each episode is short. Dan rolls up his sleeves and really gets down into the weeds like nobody else. My cabin is 3 1/2 hours away; a single episode will last for the whole drive and then some! My kids accuse me of being a history nut, but Dan is a HISTORY NUT of the finest order. Dan, thank you!
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Masterfully told history
The thoroughness and perspective provided makes these shows precious. Bravo!
Tom Hanks
Nice guy but sooo boring.
So Wrong
practice interviewing b4 going pro. that was an awful interview with an American treasure.
Love everything Dan does
... but who else found Tom Hanks extremely boring.
Loved the connection
I’m getting caught up on podcasts and glad to see this change...great chemistry between the two and always a pleasure hearing from Tom Hanks, will def watch the movie.
Hanks and Carlin
What a great listen. Tom Hanks...What a guy! Dan, you are great!
Tom Hanks?!?
Dan Carlin has an interesting take on things, although he comes across as quite arrogant at times. He seriously damaged his podcast having Tom Hanks on. You’ve had some really good historically smart guests on, but Tom Hanks? Good grief...
Tom Hanks Episode
Absolutely enjoyed the Tom Hanks episode. I could listen to the two of you talk history for hours. Please bring him on again!
greg b buckeye 26
The Best!
The best Historical Podcast to date! A MUST listen! Dan just keeps getting better. Nice to hear a podcast portray an accurate depiction of history!!
Diamond in the rough
I was sad that I had already finished the main Hardcore History page, and I was delighted to find this page for extra content. I particularly loved the Hart interview, wish it was longer, que sera, sera Looking back on WWI is so powerfully surreal to me. Most of those people had no idea what they were getting into. It would be sad if we had remembered our lesson, if we ever learned it in the first place. But we didn’t, making it terrifying and doubly tragic. It’s like tomorrow is already happening and there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s not just that so many people died. It’s that so many people were impelled to kill. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I grieve for our descendants.
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Wiz Kids for 3!
The best.
Nicolas Cage as Alexander the Great?!?!? Can’t see that specifically.... lol but thank you so much for the hours of educational entertainment that is 2nd to none. This along with the original is the best!
Mr Carlin the master story teller,
Mahalo Mr Carlin, the way you add so much to your podcast, the insight and the drama is so appreciated. Have you ever thought of doing pre western contact Hawaii? Appreciate you work. Aloha ke Akua (go with God)
Always thought provoking
Whether or not I agree with what is being said, I find myself thinking about why. Knowledge is not simply for regurgitation. Dan’s opinions make me question my own. I thoroughly enjoy his speaking style, and many of the topics.
Adah raks
15 year old on Toronto Redux
That show was extremely interesting to me, especially the part about how the youth will adapt. I love this show but you were right that during this time I have began to question myself and reality even more. Can’t wait to hear more stay safe everyone.
How do we win
We win by coming through with our Constitution still totally intact. With all ours rights and all our freedoms still there. We act like this is the only time in our history bad things have happened. And we question if we have done the right things Or do we divide even more and each side blames the other. This has already started with the left wing media blaming the President for not acting fast enough. And the right accusing the Democratic Governors trying to subvert the constitution and banning our 1st and 2nd amendment rights. But I truly think we will be back to normal. Americans have short memory’s
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Great show
I disagree with the “too biased” comment. Believing and articulating the view that the west had the better moral case is not inappropriate to my mind. I’d give 5 start but I thought the end was rushed and one more episode needed to properly cover the unraveling of the Warsaw Pact countries
Michael in Placer Co., CA
Too biased
Switched to Victor Davis Hanson.
Freddie bag of donuts
Second only to Rogan
Brilliant. Dan Carlin is absolutely terrific.
This podcast is great. I am pretty sure he is a conservative not liberal. He has said that. Also trump is one of the most unqualified people to be in the presidency. He has made a mockery of our country. Do you not notice all the stupid things that man has said? Anyway dan is very good at keeping you interested in the subject. Don’t let the few bad reviews deter you from listening to the podcast. He means what he says and says what he means. A lot of research seems to be done by him in each subject. I listen to his other podcasts and they are just as good. I really get mad about the false negative reviews. They are unjust and unfounded. I assume by people with nothing better to do. Dan keep it up! I stand behind you brother.
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Immersive Story Telling At It’s Best
This man and his gift for bringing history to life is nothing short of God sent. There is nothing I look forward to more than Dan Carlin’s next release.
So informative and unbiased
Love Carlin! He informs but without an agenda or point/theory to prove, the guy just loves history and can spin a great podcast of historical tales that most the time I would never have researched on my own. So thank you Dan for making me like periods of history I did not know I was interested in at all.
Love love love
This is the BEST podcast! I love it! Dan Carlin even makes ancient history seem alive and interesting. The only thing I DON’T like is how quickly I blast through every new episode🙂 I wish Mr. Carlin could make new episodes as fast as I can listen to them!
Liberal crap
It would be a good podcast if he could keep his liberal crap out of it.
Good for a short story
Investing perspective.
Great history podcast as usual for this host. I try to stay as neutral as I can when it comes to politics, but his perspective on it is interesting. If you don’t know history you may be doomed to repeat it.
Smart historical perspective
In typical fashion Trump bootlickers are brigading Dan's brilliant podcast with low ratings. Dan is non-partisan, however if you are seeking republican propaganda, this may not be the podcast for you.
Crafty Dodger
Weak arguments abound
Your guest is a nervous nelly. Trump is not a violent man. Exactly when has the President been casual about the use of force. He sounds like Chairman Schiff, something ought to be done because he might break the law. Nonsense.
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