Dan Cable Presents
Dan Cable Presents
Dan Cable
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Great interviews!
Real, honest and informed conversations with interesting artists! Very wonderful interviews.
anna m diem
Top notch interviews with underrepresented talent
Love this show for the people and records Dan focuses on, it’s stuff you won’t hear anywhere else. Buttery programming for anyone interested in the life of independent musicians. Dan is also a really cool guy who will buy you a sandwich, but that has no influence on this review.
Every Friday!
Thanks for listening!
Dan Cable Presents: Great Content
Dan Cable Presents is nothing short of an amazing dive into the inner-workings of creatives minds. This podcast is a crash-course of how to conduct an interview - how to evoke a deeper conversation with artists and their world perspective and experiences… all the while still having fun and keeping everyone feeling warm and welcome.
Portland Music's Best Podcast
I really like how Dan conducts interviews. It's really warm and inviting, and you can tell the artists feel comfortable.
Dan Cable...was such a great host as he both listened and probed. As for Matt and Superet: What a great interview. You sounded smart humble informed passionate and generous I especially liked the anecdotes. The stories added color and interest to the podcast. The complimentary words to and about others was so genuine. Great work son
R Blitzer
Thoughtful and Entertaining
Dan is great at asking questions people actually want to know the answers to. As an artist, it's not only important to me how people wrote their music but also why. Definitely has helped me feel even more invested in some local Portland artists I already enjoy.
Gabe Fleck
Gabe’s a life long friend, great interview, glad you did this so people can see where he came from and what he’s about
Love Dan Cable!
This is the spot to hear about the process and inner working of bands in Portland and elsewhere! Dan knows how to bring you into the heads of the musicians he brings in, while keeping it fun and chill he asks great questions and really seems to care about the music. If your at all interested in learning more about Portland's music scene, go no further! Great podcast and super sweet host!
Green Mountain Guild
boss pod
dude is busting hard to curate a positive and engaging NW music community scene.
If you about it you could go snag one from Freddy's hahaha🤭🔥😂
Love it!
Such a fun and interesting listen! I came for the interview with Zac Clark but then I listened to several more episodes. Love what you’re doing, Dan!
Dan the Man
Dan Cable is a staple here in the Portland Music scene. He's dedicated countless hours to documenting and promoting the finest musical acts Portland has to offer from every concievable genre. He is selfless, stylish, and cool as hell. His podcasts give us listeners an inside glimpse into the work and lives of the musicians of Portland in a way no one has done before him. Myself and the band I play in, Tribe Mars, are eternally grateful. Thanks Dan, you the Man
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Bucky Walters
just... so much appreciation 💚💚💚
100 episodes and going strong!
Dan Cable is the man! Working hard to highlight all of the incredible talent in the #PDXmusic scene and the greater PacNW, every podcast is full of great conversation, solid music and a few good laughs. Much love to Dan and all the artists sharing their sounds with the world.
Vortex Music Magazine
Best podcast EVER
....and I would say this even if Dan wasn’t my secret boyfriend.
It’s a progrum!
DCP has the best interviews with local Portland bands. Love this show!
Frank Irwin
Meddling in the minds of musical magicians
This podcast is so rad! Dan Cable is an excellent and entertaining host. Each episode I either gain insight into my favorite local bands or introduced to new and awesome ones. It’s a win-win! I highly recommend lending your ear holes to this progrum.
Love this podcast!!
Dan Cable does an outstanding job playing host to many different artists as well as people in the know in the music business. Not only have I discovered countless new bands through his podcast, I’ve also found it to be extremely informational. He’s had conversations with heads of record labels and people who do sync licensing, and hearing their perspective on the music biz is priceless. CHECK OUT THIS PODCAST!!
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Dan Cable, a friend to the music.
Thank you for the work you do in connecting people with one another through music and ideas taking place in and around Portland. I don't believe you are aware of how important you are. SB.
Dan Cable has insightful interviews.
Dan Cable’s interviews are insightful and interesting. His questions about process and creating things are the ones I want to hear artists answer. Super worth your time.
moses barrett
Community Highlighter
Dan is the man, I've had the pleasure of being on a couple shows now and they've been fantastic! What I love about Dan and his podcast most is how he brings out the best in musicians in the Pacific Northwest music scene. The interviews are always intimate, warm and you can genuinely tell that he loves music and what he does, and you can tell that he and the bands are stoked to sit down and create a progrum! Keep up the fire work Dan!
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Papa Dan
Dan Cable takes the Portland music scene and turns it into a family.
Great Progrum
Dan is a really great host, who always seems to have awesome conversations with all of his guests. It’s entertaining, as well as informational, I’m always getting turned onto new bands, and genres. I’m always stoked for the new episode to come out each Friday. Have a super 100 Dan Cable!
DC Presents is Ear Opening
This podcast is an insider's ear view of the musical maturation that is happening in America's Pacific Northwest communities. Listen up. Love, AMac
AMac the Magic Wolfdog
Music Podcast of the future!
This podcast is a great way to get introduced to great bands in the Portland music scene. Judging by the talent of the bands on the podcast, it's one of the best music scenes there is! Dan is a gracious host that brings on guests that we can all connect with. He finds quality music that is up and coming, so this podcast is a great indicator of the music we'll all be listening to in the future; find it here first!
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Chris Spicer
Freshest in the 503
Dan Cable is the go to for the dopest new artists Portland has to offer. The interviews are engaging and the performances are top notch. Do yourself a favor and keep up on one of the Northwest's best music scenes with the man, DC.
SupportGoodMusic, Portland
The progrum is dope
really love this podcast. funny guys and great tunes. and a great service for the Portland music scene.
Encyclopedic knowledge of local music
Great to see a podcast with info that's hard to find elsewhere. Truly encyclopedic knowledge of the NW music scene
Great Insight
fantastic look into the local, vibrant Portland music scene
Find Great New Bands
Dan is a very charismatic host who is clearly passionate about discovering bands. As someone from the PNW, I love supporting smaller bands and this is an awesome way to find new music. The interviews are very well produced and it allows bands to get recognition they deserve. Dan also keeps you in the know of any major festivals, events, or music news which I love. Highly recommend if you're a music junkie!
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Film Roast Podcast
feast your ears on this
The musical equivlant of a fancy restaurant that keeps bringing tasty ear munchies. Like a Golden Corral made of actual gold. Listen to it in your headphones while you silently judge your parents! So many great Northwest artist on here! Most definitly going to hear something you like. Props to Dan for keeping that beard nice too.
An excellent progrum.
Dan and Mike are modest, intellectual, and sincere as they showcase and explore the world of Portland's DIY music scene from folk to hip-hop.
This progrum is legit AF!!
Fun introductions to so many talented artists!! Dan conducts a fantastic podcast. Give it a listen 👍
We love this Progrum!
This is our favorite podcast to listen to on the road.
Fox and Bones
The best!
Dan Cable is an incredible podcast host! He's professional but chilled out all at the same time - always tries to include a variety of acts on his show & always keeps a great conversation going. Thank you for supporting the local scene Dan! It exists and is getting better because of people like you!
Chronicle of NW Music
I dig listening to the Dan Cable Presents Podcast, it features a curated list of talented Pacific Northwest musicians. Looking forward to the next episode already
great show!
These guys curate some of the best and most eclectic up and coming artists!
music is it and I’m a fan
Thanks, Dan and team!
I've discovered so many great local artists through this podcast! Favorite way to dive into an artist and their thought process, plus the editing is top-notch. Love you guys!
Dan Cable is the truth
The best podcast in Portland, and I'm not just saying that beacuse my band was on there ;) Really though, he does a lot for the Portland music scene by having bands of all genres on his show and some real pro stuff going on. Congrats on Episode 50, here's to 50 more!
Ser Vincent
You need This Podcast
This podcast has single handedly got me more involved in the music scene and transformed my spotify from big time favorites only to all the little bands I didn't know I loved. It also got me to a lot of new live shows that rocked my socks off. Dan rocks. His program rocks. If you don't listen yet, you opposite of rock.
Great Portland Music
I never miss an episode of DCP! The sweet mellodies of music and hilarious, though often times brutally honest, conversations with the bands makes me appreciate the local music scene even more. Listening, I almost feel like I am in the studio watching the conversations unfold! Priceless! Dan... You rock my world.
Thanks from The Pining Hearts!
So great working with Dan Cable Presents. This podcast really has its finger on the pulse of what's happening in Portland music right now. The mix sounds amazing too. Big thanks to Mike at Mountain Air Studios for that. Y'all are awesome! See ya next time!
Dan's the Man with a plan...
For excellent podcasting.
Dan is the Man
That is all.
Lube It Up, Dan
The dopest. Real talk and real vibes on Dan Cable presents. Gives musicians to be the space to be as weird as they definitely are. Rawk.
Awesome show, great job
Really well done podcast. Great sound, cool guys, good choice in musicians. Some of my personal favorites include Mic Capes, Cambrian Explosion and Castles.
Portlands best podcast
Dan hosts a great podcast featuring local and touring bands and artists from the Northwest, with awesome in studio performances and conversations. It's a progrum!
Mary the great!
Awesome progrum
Great tunes, great interviews, I wish there was 100 episodes already!
Ben Dorky
The Dan Cable experience
Dan Cable was one of my first podcast experiences, and what I find so refreshing about his podcast, is that he does it homework. He comes prepared with great talking points, and keeps the show moving fluidly. Great guy, host, and human being. Keep up the fantastic work, and thanks for promoting NW musicians and music!
Karyn Ann Soul
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