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Dad Tired
Jerrad Lopes
Dad Tired is a community of men who are taking their faith, family, and marriage very seriously. We are equipping Christian husbands and dads to lead their family well. Past guests include; Lecrae, David Platt, Gary Chapman, Bob Goff, Tony Dungy, Jon Acuff, Jefferson Bethke, Paul David Tripp, John Mark Comer, Shane Claiborne, Tim Chester, Andy Crouch, Jeff Vanderstelt, and many more!
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Such a blessing.
Jerrad does an incredible job of talking about real issues and teaching men to know, follow and love Jesus everyday, especially in the ministry of leading our families. God led me to this podcast months ago to better prepare me to be a dad while my wife was pregnant with our first child. Today, I’m sitting in the hospital awaiting the birth of my son later this evening. God is so good and I have been so blessed by this podcast and the Dad Tired book. Couldn’t recommend this enough to any tired dad or dad to be.
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Angent Cooper
I learned about your book ‘Dad Tired And Loving It’ during a weekend at DadCamp in Indiana. I enjoyed the book and upon searching for more content from you, found this podcast. Great Job man. Thanks for doing what you are doing and encouraging us tired dads. Just want you to know...I have joined you in ditching the leftover birdseed on the ground and am now focused on sitting at the table with the King!
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Thank You
Just signed up for his coaching and love this weekly podcast. This has been so impactful for me as a father and husband that my wife actually purchased the coaching for me as a gift. DadTired is a huge blessing to us, thank you Jerrad!
Momtired ;)
I recommended this to my husband after hearing about it and then he recommended it to me! I may be a mom not a dad, but as a Christian looking to know and understand God and how to be in this world, this podcast is a helpful tool in sanctification.
Encouraging and uplifting
Jerrad and his guests have action-provoking discussions that bring me closer to God. I make sure to listen to this podcast each week. It is encouraging and always reminds me who I am to God and how He is working in our lives. I pray the Holy Spirit keeps working through this ministry.
Raising a Father
Having raised three sons, one who is a father, Kaben’s authentic approach to conversations with our children (even adult children) sounds so much like Jesus to me. Maybe it was just me, but I felt his encouragement to address our own deep “church” wounds, in order to understand the wounds of others, is spot on.
I love that Brandon said
on that day she WAS healed: she was healed forever.
Great podcast
I enjoy listening to this podcast even as a tired mom, not dad. Jared is great with bringing relevant topics on and I feel like whenever I am listening and think “ok but what about....” Jared always mentions to the guest “my listener at home is thinking....” and he is right on the money! Great job connecting great info with your people and knowing your audience Jared!
Appreciate this podcast and Jarad in general! Love every topic on here!
GB McColly
Loved it
I love joe martin Holy Spirit driven
From a tired Dad
Dad tired podcast is the highlight of my Monday morning listening and then applying what I have learned to my life. Jerod has allot of good wisdom that he shares with his listeners and is very encouraging. I recommend this podcast to men who want to lead their family well.
B Koke
Encouraging Podcast For Dads
This podcast reminds fathers to be intentional in their faith, their marriage, their prayer life, and the time with their children. This is a weekly podcast that encourages me to be a Christian dad who cares about his children.
Exactly what I needed
Within the past three years, I had a job promotion that added a big increase in stress and responsibility to my life. My wife and I also welcomed two more children into the world to give us a total of three under six years old. For the first time in my life, I was experiencing anxiety. I felt unable to do anything well and was just trying to keep my head above water to survive. Then I came across a Dad Tired post on Instagram. I found the message relevant and researched further. I read Jerrad’s book and now listen to this podcast every week. The comfort and truth in these episodes has made such a positive impact on my life. I’m a better husband and father because of Dad Tired. Thank you Jerrad for this ministry!
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Inspired from Dad Tired
I started listening to dad tired couple months ago thanks to my aunt who told me her son in law listens to him when he is patrolling at night time. He is excellent speaker and is very powerful!!!! Been very helpful on being a father and husband!
A great resource for dads
This has been an incredible resource for me as a new dad. A must listen for men who are dedicated to being the best possible leader of their family.
Perfect mix of theology and practicality
I never thought of myself as a podcast guy, but here I am. Started listening the first week of 2020, now I am going back and listening to all of them. I can not get enough of this perfect balance of theology and practicality. I am only 4 weeks in, and already applying these truths have taken my marriage to another level. If you want to be encouraged and challenged as a husband or father who wants to lead your family into becoming more like Christ, you owe it to yourself and your family to listen.
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Inspiring and Honest
I have never listened to podcasts until recently. I searched for Christian Dad and Dad Tired was one of the first results. I started listening to one episode and was hooked. Jerrad is so real and honest. I always thought I was the only Dad and husband who struggled with being a good leader in the home. I felt I had to be perfect. I really connected with the episode where Jerrad discussed being angry when his daughter threw this phone in the river. I’ve over reacted many times and had to go back and examine why. This podcast is part of my daily devotional time. I’ve been in church my whole life and recently realized I have to set aside time to grow spiritually or else my family will never grow through me. Thank you Jerrad.
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Jerry D. B.
Thank you!
I’ve been married for almost 4 years this year and I can say not a single year has been truly bliss. Due to many struggles of my own and most of them coming from lack of being spiritual grounded and lack of leadership. I have an amazing and gracious wife that has stuck by my side and a 2 1/2 yr old son who is a blessing as well. I often feel as if I’m not doing enough for them and don’t know exactly how most of the times either. So I listened and subscribed earlier in the year, got busy and fell away from listening on a regular basis. To be honest I always loved the content but didn’t love Jerrad, as I kept on listening, he started to grow on me. I used to listen to a different podcast but it came off a little over the top and it always sounded like a little preachy and that he didn’t struggle at all. After continuing to listen to Dad Tired I have really grown to lobe not only the content but Jerrad and his guests. He is very straight forward and honest but is also very real. I enjoy listening to someone that comes across human and that they struggle too cause we all know everyone does. Even not knowing, or ever speaking to him I can say that I truly respect him and enjoy what he shares. I’m definitely a long way from perfect and struggle each and every day, Jerrad has helped me see my lack of leadership and shown me practical ways to get back in a good place with Christ as well as with my life. Hoping to get the book soon! Thank you for all you do, it is appreciated greatly! Keep up the good work! I don’t do the social media thing but am looking forward to connecting on some level with Jerrad in the future even if it’s just through the podcast or through his book, he speaks truth right to the Heart and I know God is going to bless what he is doing!
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LOVE this Podcast!
Wonderful Podcast I look forward to each week! Keep up the AWESOME work!
The ROCKY BALBOA of podcasts
All jokes aside, this podcast changed how I view fatherhood and taught me the importance of being present with my wife and children. Stumbling after Christ and leading my family in the process is hard work, this podcast keeps me going. Cue the eye of the tiger.
Great Podcast and Better Community
Love this podcast and even more than that I love the community Jerrad has created for Dads who just want more Jesus.
The Joel Olstien of Podcasts
There is more advertising on this podcast than any podcast secular/not. The content is surface level and only bombarded with plugs for sales. Who are you really trying to help? -Christian Father/Salesmen
Christian Father & Salesman
Real Truth, honest, and just plain good!!!
Love this podcast, deeply encouraged by the daily life of a father, who’s going through all they things I’m going through now. Jerrad is an honest host who deeply relates to me and my family. I would give this to all my brothers in Christ if I could, God is clearly using this podcast and family of Jerrad’s. Appreciate you brother and keep on keeping on for the Lord.
Premium service prayer app?
Very disappointed. I couldn’t get through the first 5 minutes of the podcast because of an ad for a premium service prayer app. Pay for prayers? This might be narrow minded but I couldn’t get past that.
Godly Inspiration for every day men and woman
I love how real Jarrad is and also how he lets God direct his words. I can tell that the Holy Spirit is alive and working in this podcast by how Jarrad’s words are able to jerk on my heart strings. Thank you for living a life that is righteous so that God can use you to reach so many families for the kingdom.
So real!
Appreciate the honesty and vulnerability
Awesome Podcast
Some real life advice for those husbands and dads who are trying to better themselves by getting closer to God and their family.
T.Y. Very Much
These podcasts encourage to be the best Christ Follower, husband, and father you can be! Tons of great stuff!
Content is severely lacking
Waiting on multiple episodes half way through to even start the content. Way too many fillers! No script or direction to a majority of podcasts. Seems like he’s just talking whatever is on his mind. UNSUBSCRIBE
You thought life matters
Great episode. Something I have been trying to work on for a while. If you don’t put yourself in tempting situations you won’t be tempted. Protect your soul. Could you dive in more? Maybe give us good practices to exercise to cleanse our heat, mind, and soul. Some of us that came into this walk of life have pre-existing damaged souls. From years of Satans corruption. Thank you Jared. Keep up the great work. Spreading The word and having an impact on many peoples lives. Love you bro!
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Being a father of a 2 yr old boy and a newborn little girl, I am very dad tired. Your podcasts bring joy and seeing posts on the dad tired FB page makes my day. Thank you for what you do!
Jared Ballenger
Practical worth listening to!
Such great content and so relatable and practical ideas to put into practice. I love how open and real they are. Thank you and may God continue blessing this ministry.
So good!
As a dad this podcast has been so refreshing! Can’t recommend it enough!
Great encouragement for men to lead their families well
I’ve been listening for about 6-8 months, and I love Jerrad’s heart behind this ministry and his passion to encourage men to lead their families well!
I love that your daughter is in the background I am a father of 6 and I imagine if I had a podcast it would sound like a zoo behind me I’m glad to see that there are fathers out there that will step up no matter the project to take care of their children
Great Podcast
Dad Tired is a great podcast with down-to-earth practical advice about being a Dad and how to bring God and Christ into our daily personal and family lives.
Shared with many guys
I have shared the episode from May 12th “Do you have a Biblical family model?” To so many people. I’ve been listening to Dad Tired for about 8 months and I would love to host a conference someday at my church. He is solid and I live that he is on the journey too.
What are you waiting for?
If you are a Christian man looking to get some sound biblical advice from someone who doesn’t know it all but will always turn you to the truth (Bible) then check out this podcast. It took me about 6 months to before I wrote this review and I must admit this is worth the listen. Even if you are just looking into faith and or what it’s all about definitely give this a shot.
your my boy blue 18
In a day and age void of good advice for men, much less fatherhood, a biblical perspective on what it means to be a man and a father is more than welcome, it saved my marriage and saved my family. Thanks y’all.
For Every Man, dad or not
Incredibly uplifting and Christ centered. Great encouragement for my heart as a busy dad. I recommend this podcast to all of my friends. If only every man could catch this message we would be a country and world different for good!
Love this
I love this podcast, he talks about all the things men and dads feel and deal with. he explains the Bible in such a way we all can understand and links it to our daily struggle. It is so uplifting and inspiring!!
man trying to get healthy
Finding Joy
I just finished listening to the episode finding joy when life is a joyous. Jared I have to say that as a someone who isn’t a dad, rather a wife with no children, your words are so uplifting. The message that you were able to give was so encouraging and I wanted to give you back this encouragement, never stop doing what you’re doing. There are human beings that need to hear these words every single day and I think you for your podcast.
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Great Podcast!
I love Jerrad’s no frills, to the point messages. A must listen, if your tired of the mundane and ready to take control of your life and lead by example, walking in faith according to scripture. This podcast has started an awakening in my life and hopefully will do the same for you. I truly believe, Jerrad is ordained by God to speak to and connect with my generation of dads trying to navigate the rough waters of becoming a Godly man.
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Great Podcast
I have been listening to Dad Tired for the past couple of months. Enjoy the content and love listening to Jerrad and his wife talk about different topics. Keep up the great work and God bless!!
One of my go-to’s for Christ centered information
As a struggling dad, I love this show. Make sure you take a look at the back log of past episodes too! There are so many nuggets of wisdom and opportunities for edification in each and every one!
Dad tired - but not alone
Jarred has great advice and an even better style of delivery. You can tell he is passionate about leading people to Jesus and it comes through his podcasts’ so clearly. Topics range from spouse, children, prayer life, career, patience, and so much more. Super glad I found this one!
Healthy mama 4 Life
Solid stuff
Couldn’t be more helpful
Great Podcast
Great podcast, great topics and great guy. This has helped me so much. It’s given me a community to be welcome in and know that I’m not alone and things I struggle with aren’t weird. Love this group and podcast!
I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♂️.
Listened to one thought it was just okay. Decent podcaster just needs a different topic. I really dunno about this podcast.
skert skerrrrrrrt
For all Dads
Great Stuff for Dads with all kids of all ages. My man Jerrad(J-Lo) brings so many topics and guests to the table that the show never gets dull or boring. If you're a father or husband who wants to take his role as the family leader to new heights, you gonna check out Dad Tired. It's real and relatable. You won't regret it.
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