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d20 Dames
Misadventure Awaits
d20 Dames is a tabletop storytelling podcast powered by Dungeons & Dragons. Every other week a group of five daring ladies comes together to explore a fantastic realm, befriend (or behead) monsters, and punch creeps.
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So great bud for Iife
Just started listening a little while ago it’s fantastic
Great podcast
One of the best D&D podcasts ever!
sally sky
One of my new favorite D&D podcasts
I love listening to the Dames play D&D! The storytelling is wonderful and the characters are entertaining. I highly recommend listening in on the fun!
I just love the podcast
This podcast is amazing I have been caching up for a wile now and I just can’t stop I will be so sad wen I catch up because the I will have to wait for the next episode also I am vary picky about my D&D podcasts and yours is great
Distracted Naturalist
So Fun!
So much fun to listen to on the road! You guys make driving for a living sooooo much easier. Thanks so much for all the effort you put in, it’s very much noticed and appreciated ❤️
Family Friendly and Good Narrative
This is one of those rare podcasts that the whole family can listen to AND the narrative is compelling. As a DM I have run several of Kat’s stories and like them, this is a series of well thought out narratives based around complex characters who are portrayed endearingly by a very talented cast, and all brought together by a producer go goes above and beyond. This is the story you are looking for.
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This podcast is amazing!
You must listen to this podcast! The season 2 finale is absolutely amazing!!!!
I adore this podcast
This podcast is so many things I love about DnD. All of the players have great energy together, and play their characters very well. They manage to create interesting conflict without depicting a horrible world, and the overall vibe is very kind and hopeful. Also they’re hilarious! I highly recommend giving it a listen.
Clever, funny, and family friendly!
This campaign is so well designed and run, and it feels like a real world. I've never played D&D or any other RPG, and I was instantly hooked and able to understand what was happening.
D20 Dames ROCK!
Discovered the Dames through Venture Maidens and just love these gals and their creativity
Vivid and engaging
I’m loving this adventure! The group is really good at engaging with the setting and NPCs as more than just obstacles, and the DM is clearly thinking about what it would be like to live in a world where “adventurer” is a common job. They make the world feel real and give new depth to familiar parts of the Forgotten Realms.
Love it!
I’m only on episode 2 and I love the story! The characters are well thought out and the action in this podcast happens with purpose. There isn’t a lot of extra chatter like some podcasts I’ve listened too. I will definitely be looking forward to listening to this on my road trips!
Misadventure Does Await
I LOVE this podcast. I'm not really one for podcasts but kept hearing about this group and I finally invested some time and I was hooked and ended up binging both the first and second season. This show is an absolute delight. I cannot wait for the third season to start.
The Podcast I'd Been Looking For
Need a D&D live play podcast full of adventure & fun? The d20 Dames bring it! These five energetic ladies give listeners a delightful story, emphasizing role play and collaboration over combat and mayhem. They fight when necessary, but the Dames talk through many confrontations with wit and charm...and the occasional hilarious stumble. They even manage sometimes to make friends with NPCs who might have been enemies, with unexpected results. While not heavy on combat, there's plenty to keep your interest--in fact, I find their downtime episodes to be as riveting as the rest. Learning about the PC's backstories and personal quests helps make the characters come more fully to life. I had the honor to meet DM Kat Kruger (one of my favorite DMs!) and Jen Vaughn (who plays the charmingly awkward Riot) recently, and can attest to them being as kind and engaging in person as they are on the podcast. Give the d20 Dames a listen--you'll be glad you did!
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Wholesome & Endearing
I love how kind and caring the Dames are. It's a great approach to D&D. All the characters are interesting and vibrant, even the NPC's. Kat builds a beauitful world with the Dames and the guest stars are a delight as well.
Wonderfully spun story and interactions!
I love d20 Dames! They’re one of the first dnd podcasts I listened to. I love the stories and adventures they go on and honestly they have affected greatly how this murder hobo tries to approach gaming. I’m playing my first character that tries to ask questions first and attack later and it’s a lot harder than the dames make it look! I’m so excited to see (hear?) the adventures that the Dames have yet to experience!
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A can’t miss!
I love this group and this podcast.
Amanda D Allen
So good!
One of my favs!!
Witty yet gentle
One of my favorite liveplay podcasts. Full of great characters and fully-realized characters. The players excel at unorthodox reactions to the encounters and "monsters" they meet. My favorite character is the curde but quick-witted ranger Riot.
I love their podcasts and interesting fun and not one video have I have heard a pun in every downtime 😂 It is so interesting it got me into d&d it is the only clean podcast I could find and this podcast is the best.
good game! it is awesome
Girl Gamers for the Win
I found the ladies when they were mentioned in a D&D video I was watching and I was intrigued. I quickly googled them, read up on them and watched a vid on YouTube and I was hooked. I quickly went and subscribed to the podcast. I love their humor and how easy they make the game look. Gamer girl goals!!!
Just because I’m terrible at actually writing reviews doesn’t mean I don’t love this show.
I like to listen to podcasts pretty much all the time and I love a good story from funny people with soothing voices so this one is pretty perfect for a bad day or a good day or even a day that’s just a day. In one of the early episodes they discuss favorite snacks and when I heard one of the Dames likes Haw Flakes (my sister says they don’t taste as good as they used to but I think she’s just mistaken) I knew I was in good hands. This isn’t a review for Haw Flakes but if you want to try those while you listen to the show I support you. Just be careful you don’t eat on a laugh line.
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Wholesome fun!
This is an incredible example of women excelling at role playing games! The cast is hilarious, the stories are great, and it’s really just wholesome fun. When I listen, I always feel like I’m curled up in an armchair with a cup of tea, but also fighting baddies!
These Dames are a Critical Hit
I came across this podcast through the Uncaged Anthology NTG Gaming Live Play and I just adore them! Their approach to storytelling and gaming is something I try now to bring to my own home games, and their adventures always help make the work day a bit more exciting!
A favorite
In top 3 of my favorite rpg podcasts! Great work ladies!!!
love y’all
reminds me of the public radio women from SNL I mean that in the best possible way
D20 Dames is a barrel full of well-produced and thoughtful fun. Also family friendly, so can and should be shared with everyone! Thank you dames for the passion and energy you bring to the TTRPG community :)
Great D&D podcast on so many levels
I’ve become hooked on the D20 Dames. I play D&D as a kid, really in it just for the dungeon crawl aspect. As an adult I have come to appreciate the story telling aspect of D&D but didn’t have a group to explore and hone that aspect of the game. The D20 Dames storytelling is engaging and very enjoyable. After each episode I can’t wait for the next installment to find out what happens next. As a player and as a DM, there is much that I have learned and really enjoy. I can’t recommend listening to the D20 Dames enough.
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The Dames are great
I've been listening to D20 Dames for the last year and it's one of my favorite D&D/storytelling podcasts. The players bring their characters to life and Kat is such a great DM. It's a great podcast to introduce to new D&D players, especially the little ones. Props to a year, and here's to many more.
Found another live play show that I love
I started listening to live play game because of all the amazing fan art I was seeing for Critical Roll. Now I still watch / listen to it but o gave found gaming groups who’s style and storytelling clicks better wit my tastes. The women behind the d20 Dames tell a great story and so obviously love what they are doing. It’s one of the few streams that is truly all ages friendly. Their show brings my so much joy. They are one of the reasons I’m, after decades away from TTRPG’s, getting back into the hobby. Thanks for the lovely, fun, show
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Great Family Friendly Podcast
Such a wonderful podcast!! Jen is an amazing DM, and all the characters are so funny and love-able. It’s super great listening to a DnD podcast that focuses on friendships, characters interests, and community instead of dungeon battles all the time. The arc with Sildar had me laughing out loud, Riots budding romance had me blushing, and Rose is just so cute! Plus all the other NPCs are just great.
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Great Podcast but could do without the cursing 😬
The structure is Awesome and the Dungeon Master is So accurate, But in the beginning they said that it was supposed to be a kid friendly podcast but towards the 2nd season, there was some cursing
Now my favorite...
This is the only dnd podcast I listen to now!
Stormy Riot
Great Adventures
D20 Dames has been my go to podcast on regular long car rides as of late. All the episodes, both adventures and interludes are engaging and funny. I look forward to see where things keep going with the Dames!
Bigtime Livermore
D20 Dames to Die For
What a phenomenal actual-play D&D podcast. Every episode is fun, whether adventuring or “down time.” Give it a listen and catch up today! And my title might be a little bit of hyperbole. But I’d certainly fail one of my death savings throws for them.
Can’t help but join in the giggle fits
The story telling and creative character development in this D&D podcast are amazing but what really sets it apart for me is the cast. I love that when I listen I feel like I’m part of the party, joining in on inside jokes and getting caught up in the type of giggle fits that you have to catch your breath after. The world building is beautiful, the characters are glorious creations and I can’t wait to see what shenanigans happen next. I rolled to fall in love and definitely did.
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Season 2 is amazing!
I got hooked on actual play podcasts thru TAZ & have been listening to a few different ones. d20 Dames is shaping up to be one of the best. The characters' interactions are fantastic (more Riot/Lyta please!) and now that they're playing original adventures, the way they solve problems and find their way through situations is such fun.
fan of the Dames
Best D&D Actual Play Podcast
I stumbled across d20 Dames after hearing the DM, Kat Kruger, playing The Countess in Adventure They Wrote. I was soon hooked by the fun adventures of the dames. With each episode, the characters get more flushed out and DM has some amazing NPC/PCs with varied voices and personalities. Not only do the characters play well together (i.e. their skills complement each other), but the cast members also have friendly banter. I find myself consistening laughing out loud at the shenanigans they get into. I highly encourage folks to start listening to d20 Dames - it won't take long for you to catch up.
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Chaotic Good Class Act
I've been sifting through this awesome new genre of RPG real plays with a focus on women and have been finding a lot of good stuff but this podcast has been my favorite sofar! The players seem to have a decent idea who their characters are right off the bat, the adventures aren't your boilerplate affair(after the intro), downtime is a focus AND the DM is writing her own content for other people to use! I can't wait to see where it goes from here.
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Great podcast
Great podcast with a hilarious cast. Also great that so many of the adventures they play come out as modules you can get!
A great family friendly pod
A D&D podcast with heart
This podcast manages to be one of the most humane podcasts I listen to, while still being really funny. The characters have made the world they live in a better place, and are genuinely happy about it! Which is not to say there's no combat, conflict, or magic -- there's plenty of all of that, both within the party and without. I always am excited when I see a new episode in my podcatcher! On another note, Sildar is one of the great NPCs of all time.
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One of the best I’ve heard
I’m both happy and sad to have finally caught up, happy because I’ve heard all the amazing content thus far but sad that I can’t binge listen at work! I have loved every minute of this and can’t wait for the next adventure. If you’re looking for a dnd podcast with the right combination of funny jokes and intriguing plot line this is the podcast for you!
I am so charmed by these amazing women and their project! I am completely hooked. It is clear they all have a great chemistry with one another and the banter that results often makes me laugh out loud. The story is exceptional and well-delivered by the DM, and I never have to wonder which character is speaking because of good vocal delivery and character development. Yeah, the beginning episodes are a little bumpy, but these ladies have definitely hit their stride and I look forward to each new episode.
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Owl cello
An excellent listen
I stumbled across this by accident, and so glad I did! It’s a wonderful listen, love the stories and the characters and the puns and laughs add a whole extra layer. Love it!
This show is Great
I love the ladies in this show, and how much fun they are having.
how is then name taken
Distinct and Meaningful
The Dames celebrate the unconventional. And that’s one of the best things about this show. The podcast begins with vignettes of sorts through different prewritten adventures, including one by DM Kat Kruger. But though you may have seen (or even played) one of these adventures before, you’ve never heard it like this. Each of the Dames bring distinctive voices to the table, making their characters real and meaningful, if unconventional in their approach to adventure. Chet is a great example of this, and I get such joy as a listener from those moments. They don’t always solve the puzzle in the most straightforward way, but they always solve it in the most worthwhile way. The whole podcast is worthwhile with great emotional payoff towards the end of season 1. I’m excited to get further in to season 2 to know what happens next!
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Great, wholesome Role Playing!
I love these ladies. They’re totally delightful and every moment is funny and heartwarming.
Great fun and positive role models for getting girls interested in Gaming
I love the premise of the show and the great role models. The story lines are creative and engaging. The cast chemistry is top notch. Definitely worth the listen!
Postive, and punfilled
I simply adore this show. The characters are engaging, the stories compelling, and best of all the DM and players feed off of each other in a really innovative fashion. They also are downright hilarious. I adore how they use humor to help the story line along without being heavy handed or forced. This is one of those podcasts you'll find yourself anxiously awaitng new episodes to be released. Perfect for those who are famliir with DnD and even better for those who are trying to learn how the game should be played.
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An amazing actual play full of charm and wonderful surprises!
The D20 Dames is such an amazing podcast full of a lot of heart. Kat, the DM, mixes homebrew content with official content to create a beautiful world full of wonder and adventure! The player characters, themselves, are quite fun, too! From a Winged Tiefling Ranger to a Half-elf Warlock to a Human Monk, the Dames know how to have a good time. This especially shows when they talk their way out of a lot of encounters instead of simply smashing everything in sight! The story is going into some amazing places, and I'm really excited to see where Kat will lead us next! Much love to the entire cast, here, as they are all wonderful people, well engaged on Twitter, and bring a great creative energy to the podcast and community as a whole. Definitely listen to this one if you enjoy APs. You will not regret it!
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