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Cultural Comfort Food
Long time fan of the show. Listen every week. I hope this trio continues forever.
My go-to
I’ve been listening for years and I don’t know what I would do without listening to them once a week. Thank you!
Steve and Dana are great
city of pod
Stop it with the vocal fry
Great podcast but why do almost all females — except for Dana who has a mellifluous voice — talk with vocal fry?!?
Imagined Horrors
This is a shout out to the Hudson Valley Hero of the Hued who spent his time slandering healthcare workers during the endorsement segment of the most recent episode. Lesser people like I might deem it ill-advised to tar and feather doctors and nurses as vicious racists, especially during a global pandemic, but gratefully we have a brave white man like Steve who’s up to the task. Jamelle Bouie can sleep better tonight knowing this white man has his back — speaking of backs, I have one request of the show: Would the sound engineer please place a microphone closer to Steve’s? I couldn’t hear the whip tearing into his privileged, white flesh during the self-flagellation. Better yet, inform Steve that if he was remotely sincere, has any integrity, and genuinely desires to end his racist hegemony, he would step down and announce Jamelle Bouie as the new host of the Culture Gabfest. Until that day comes, I’ll continue agreeing with Steve that he’s the privileged, racist fraud he keeps telling us he is.
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Gross elitist
Got so tired of these lily white leftist living in their Brooklyn/LA bubbles. Right wing media is so much more refreshing!!
Dill BeBasio
Longtime listener, but
I’ve been listening to this podcast so long (from the beginning, I’m pretty sure—2008? 2009?) I almost feel like Steve, Dana, and Julia are my friends inside my phone. I read Slate and had massive media crushes on Steve and Dana way before the podcast. Julia is smart too. But... lately their topics are losing me, and it’s partly me and partly them. For several years Julia, as editor in chief of Slate, had disproportionate influence on their choice of topics. Either because her husband’s in TV or driven by poptimist tendencies which I don’t share, she’s steered the discussion overwhelmingly toward TV and other streaming, which I don’t watch and don’t care about (and yes, I’ve moved farther in that direction over the past decade, and yes, I may be out of touch). It hasn’t gotten any better since she switched to being managing something something for the LA Times. What I live for, and what has become vanishingly rare, are Steve’s blistering takes of old on cultural trends, sometimes veering into politics, always informed by a solid sense of history. I tune in every week hoping to recapture the magic (maybe even a discussion of a book? that’s not on HBO??) only to forward through most of it as irrelevant. I kind of wish Steve and maybe Dana could (have the time and resources to) break away and start their own podcast—not because I don’t appreciate Julia’s opinions when it’s not about TV, but only because that is so frustratingly rare. I’m not giving up on you, Culturefest, but don’t give up on me, ok?
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Inherent bias
In this day and age, how can a podcast where all 3 hosts are white upper middle class private school elitists be called a Culture podcast? Steve sounds like the ultimate self-importance masking as self-effacement guy. I think he is well-meaning but this podcast is the wrong venue for his efforts. Go help real people inside-or outside-your community.
Great, but starting to slip.
I used to love this podcast, but their discussions are increasingly brief and superficial. In the recent segment on the new Spike Lee film, for example, one of the hosts began with (something like): “There’s so much here, we could talk about this film for hours.” Five minutes later: “Okay, moving on. Let’s hear from our sponsors.”
Slate Culture Gabfest
The BLM episode was beyond tone deaf. It surfaced biases and blindness on the parts of at least two of the three hosts that are unacceptable. The narrow points of view represented here, indicate the name should promptly be changed to white culture gabfest.
wonderful podcast
I listen to a lot of podcasts, and this is one of my favorites, one of only a few that I listen to as soon as it is released pretty much every week. I've been listening for years and feel like the hosts are people I know and love (sorry if that's creepy!)
Best show
Love it
Spectacular conversations! Each of the three hosts - Steve, Julia, Dana - are ludicrously eloquent and sharp. Every guest too is worth championing too! The best part of every Wednesday.