Brand Architect
Brand Architect
Ani Alexander
At the crossroad between marketing and tech the podcast is covering topics related to tech, startups, marketing, personal branding, audience building and communities. What’s you’ll have here will help you establish and grow a human brand. And believe me human brands always win!
Storytelling, Messaging and Positioning with Mark Evans
In this episode we speak about: - Importance of the storytelling in marketing - What kind of stories could you tell - The importance of transparency - How to find your differentiator - what is a fractional CMO - The future of work
Aug 18, 2020
53 min
Social Media and Online Communities with Felix Sander
In this episode we talk about - Importance of the online communities - How Appics managed to build such a loyal community - Influencer marketing - Authenticity online - Importance of he cooperation with other partners - Future trends of the social media platforms
Aug 3, 2020
41 min
Discussing Marketing Tech Startups with Timothy Peterson
In this episode we spoke about: Personalisation in marketing Community building How to choose your niche The personality behind tech brands How to get leads from LinkedIn Being real on social media Building and showcasing expertise online
Jul 27, 2020
56 min
First Customers, Personal Brands and Marketing with Luc Bohunicky
In this episode we spoke about: - The importance of the marketing involvement from the start - The need for the tech and marketing departments to work closely together - The role of the ego of the tech founders - How do reach out to potential early adopters in a right way - Non linear career paths - The value of (real) diversity and tech recruitment - Tech startup branding and the importance of building founder personal brand
Jul 19, 2020
1 hr 2 min
Diving into Advanced LinkedIn Strategies with Andy Foote
My today's guest is Andy Foote. Andy is LinkedIn content and brand coach, founder of and creator of FOOTE-NOTES podcast. - how much has LinkedIn changed over the years - "overnight" success - what to do when you're invisible on LinkedIn - LinkedIn engagement pods - LinkedIn algorithm - how to succeed on the LinkedIn platform
Jun 17, 2020
58 min
How to Become the Story Everyone is Sharing with Dennis Moseley-Williams
In this episode we talk about: The value of experience The experience economy Brand and commodities Becoming the story everyone is sharing Experience in marketing
May 26, 2020
52 min
Creativity, stories and data driven marketing
In this episode we speak about - data driven marketing and human stories - importance of personalising content - how one chooses target audience - advertising and promotion - how to find unique angle
May 19, 2020
47 min
LinkedIn and Personal Branding
In this episode we discuss: Online content creation Personal branding and positioning The 7 Vs framework LinkedIn and its algorithms How to choose the right platform Monetizing your content
May 12, 2020
52 min
The Art of Making Things Done
Apr 14, 2020
59 min
How to Build and Clone Businesses with Jonny Andrews
In this episode we speak about: How to build audiences of buyers from scratch Virtual events How to adjust your marketing during the COVID How to create a content that builds an audience Cold emails and their impact on your brand How do you choose a the right business mentor? Predictions for post coronavirus period
Apr 6, 2020
1 hr 3 min
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