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One of the best
Amazing podcast on crime that goes far beyond true crime. The host does excellent research and narrates it well.
Fantastic show!
Highly recommend. My favorite episodes are the ones involving a bit of investigation. I binged the first 50 episodes in a week. The entire show features compelling stories, super interesting topics, great narration, pacing is spot on, great show length for each topic, and the interviews are high quality
What a shame
The left ruined this too. Unsubscribed
I never miss an episode!
I love this podcast! Production and narration is top notch! A voice I could go to sleep to, except I don’t want to miss anything!
Used to be interesting..
PJ’s overly dramatic “crime” voice doesn’t fit the stories she’s telling anymore. It’s gotten boring/very uninteresting.
Love each episode
Enjoy each and every episode. Highly recommend this podcast !!! 😊
I can’t live without this show
Phoebe’s voice is calming and mesmerizing. I binged this entire show in about a week. Can’t get enough. It is what I look forward to every Friday ! Thank you so much for being a part of my life criminal !!
baker bee 52
Best podcast
I listen to over 40 different podcast and this is the BEST!
Was good but is now political
lovely just lovely! I could listen to phoebe’s voice all day; it’s so calming <3
my cat's name is toots
The left doesn’t like right wing politics
Just as right wingers don’t care for liberals. All these reviews slamming the quality for “politics” is just sad. We’ve always disagreed with one another - we don’t need to be so angered all the time as if it’s better to pretend the other doesn’t exist. Facebook much?
jmdawson la
My favorite podcast
How do I know it’s my favorite podcast? Because I continue working through the episodes from present to past. Kind of like how I know that I love a particular book: When I force myself to put it down for a while, to ration it. And I’m not a big fan of crime stories. Go figure.
Was Good But Now Is Political
I listened when the podcast started and it was interesting. Since then the host has gotten much to political. I listened one last time hoping that wouldn’t be the case, but sadly it was still. I think Trump broke her.
Still looking for non CNN wannabes. Ugh. We the people just want to be entertained not scolded. I should just start my own crime podcast and state “entertainment only” and be a truly all inclusive podcast.
Always interesting and entertaining.
I’ve been enjoying this podcast for over a year. Interesting stories that are entertaining and different than any other podcasts. The host is WONDERFUL.
My favorite podcast
Fabulous storytelling. I’ve listened to every episode.
NEVER disappoints
Always interesting, surprising, and informed. This show never misses!!
Nella G
This is the best crime podcast around!
I have looked everywhere for a podcast like this an nothing compares! No conspiracies, just real people telling what really happened. I absolutely love Criminal and I highly recommend! I’ve been listening to this podcast for so many years and it never fails to spark interest.
This is Criminal
I'm such a fan and highly recommend subscribing. The stories are unexpected, touching, surprising, always interesting.
Best Ever!
Hands down, this is my most favorite podcast ever. And what a diverse choice of topics under the umbrella of “Criminal.” Always interesting! Phoebe, I was so sad that you had to cancel your Criminal Podcast show in Austin, TX this year (2022). Please reschedule!
Excellent reporting
Love your show!!
I’m a longtime fan of this podcast and appreciate not only the storytelling, but also the depth and sensitivity given to each case. The title “The Sailor’s Teeth” had me a bit concerned, because I had had become aware of the inconsistencies and skepticism regarding bite mark evidence. After listening, I was relieved. Great episode. Top podcast.
So moving
Just listened to The Doctors episode and I’m playing it again. I’ve been listening to Criminal for years. The episodes are short but their importance is immeasurable.
Samantha Wynn
I look forward to each new episode. You forget just how good Phoebe is at hosting and keeping you engaged until you switch to a different podcast and feel like you’re dying a slow death because they are so bad at it. Each episode is amazing and unexpected.
It never disappoints
Phoebe’s voice and stories are great!
Phoebe Judge is everyone’s cool aunt
I would listen to her read a Waffle House menu. Love the strong research and creativity of Criminal. Keep up the great work!!
Quality over quantity
Phoebe and team do such a wonderful job making the show. The topics are wide ranging - from murder to flipping the bird - and always interesting. Phoebe is also a fantastic interviewer; her subjects clearly like and respect her, and they open up. This is indeed one of the best podcasts around, and one of the few I recommend to others without reservation. Thanks to the team for all the great episodes!
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Not only do I LOVE Phoebe and her voice, these stories are amazing. I’m always sad when I have caught back up
Love you work
Love you work
Top shelf podcast
This podcast is grade A stuff. They never miss.
Great Podcast!
Fantastic podcast. Phoebe Judge is so soothing and brings many criminal issues to light. Leaves you with your jaw dropped.
Favorite podcast of all time
Phoebe and crew do an amazing job at researching obscure crime stories and putting them into concise, captivating podcasts. Each one is a new package, a gift. The icing on the cake Is Phoebe’s magical, hypnotic voice. Please keep going!!
another DVM
Used to be good. Not anymore. Too political with an agenda. I want my true crime without politics thankyouverymuch.
Bella to my boys
Beautiful I think this is a splendid podcast
mudblood and not ashamed
Exceptional story telling and journalistic integrity.
Interesting stories, honest journalism and a good narrator. This is a one in a hundred podcast. Criminal demonstrates exactly what i am looking for in a daily listen.
The. Best.
Started out as a fan
I loved this podcast at first, all of the interest of true crime but without the blood and gore. Unfortunately, the topics have shifted to a political tone. Everything has a very liberal agenda and feels pointed in their story choice. Sad to say I will be unsubscribing due to the obvious shift.
So thoughtful and thought provoking …
Episode 190 is particularly meaningful to me - an inside view to critical issues in the Justice system. And of course Phoebe’s voice is poetic.
Great ideas for stories, but Judge’s voice is too difficult to listen to. Everything sounds sensationalized to the point of ridiculousness. She sounds like a satire of herself.
Not enough stars
This podcast is one of the best I have ever listen to! I love learning about these things, and I think it is fascinating. One request: I know that this case has been very popular lately but PLEASE do the Pam Hupp case. I would love to see Phoebe’s spin on it!
Hermiome's shadow
I am dying to hear that John Reilly has started going to see Trooper!!!!!
A fine podcast until politics
I enjoyed this podcast because they took a different look at criminals. It wasn’t all about murders and blood and gore. It was different. I enjoyed it until they started getting into politics specifically the Doctors episode and getting into gun shot victims. The host interviews a woman that obviously knows nothing about firearms and chooses to use an AR15 as the weapons that cause most harm because that’s the only one she knows off hand thanks to other media. I also find it disappointing they drop this episode barely a week after the Uvalde shooting. It sounds like they have an agenda with political leaders instead of entertainment.
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It’s a bunch of commercials
There are SO MANY adverts in between snippets of show (the adverts last longer than the snippets) it will drive you absolutely batty. The way she pronounces “.com” drives me into fits. Many stories have nothing to do with anything criminal (?). Her diction is improved with listening at 2x but I gave up.
Criminal is one of my favorite podcasts
I can't rave enough about the Criminal podcast and Phoebe Judge. The topics are always riveting, well-researched, enlightening and I love Phoebe Judge's voice. Life would not be a bright without her podcast.
Lezlie G
i feel like this is why you should not trust anyone
The best
Phoebe Judge has an amazing talent for asking the right questions. Her stories are so interesting!! Her voice is mesmerizing!!!
Sick — hoping for recovery
For years Phoebe has made beautiful, thoughtful episodes about interesting people, diverse crazy ideas, schemes, failings, and triumphs — free of judgement. She was a true reporter. I am deeply saddened that her recent episodes show clear symptoms of a liberal infection and naïveté that has swept through and destroyed all of NPR. Maybe out of laziness, maybe propaganda, maybe prolonged oxygen deficit from too much mask wearing, or maybe she hangs out with dummies. Whatever the reason, best wishes that she and the show recovers. Listening to the episode on ‘doctors’ (which was recycled and repackaged from 2018 for political reasons because of the recent Uvalde shooting) was an excellent case in point. The doctors at Temple Hospital are serving the community of Philadelphia — not a little town in Texas. And this matters because the repetitive day to day gun deaths witnessed by city doctors are a fact of life in Philadelphia, Chicago, New York and other democratic blights. Gun deaths are not a fact of life for the rest of the medical community nationwide despite how much it is conflated in the episode. When racist liberal government undermine families (and in particular fathers and now even gender itself) this is the disorder we get — and that is the condition that needs treating — not the guns. When the doctors in the episode say that if the public were to see what a gun death looks like, then it would change public policy… perhaps because that is an emotional and not a thoughtful reaction. The cut up bodies and sucked out brains of the millions of abortions every year would similarly bring about a negative reaction and perhaps change policy for the better. But the pretend ‘right to choose’ is not the same as the constitutional ‘right to bear arms’. We have simply forgotten (despite clear evidence throughout Biden’s term) that unchecked government is doomed to tyranny. Conversely killing unborn children is a deeply self and socially destructive act. When we don’t value life and the freedom of life and when we lose values, families, fathers and replace them with Tik tok narcissism and pride — people are going to do bad things regardless of what method they use. Guns are not the issue. Our mental condition is the issue. On the upside, the show destroying itself would leave a nice opportunity for The Daily Wire to fill. They don’t have a show like this. But I am sure they could create a podcast that respects the intelligence of its audience.
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Thoughtful and reflective
Thank you Phoebe for the interview with three trauma surgeons. Your professionalism allowed their insights and empathy to connect with the listener.
Wally 2537694432
All cop horses are okay I guess. I don't love the humanizing stories about police.
Well done
Mostly interesting stories presented well.
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