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Keep on keeping on. One of the best podcasts around. My only criticism is the episodes are too short. I feel like a lot of them could be 2 parts
(48 hours) OMG I CANT WAIT
WOW, from the first 5 minutes I was in captivated from the first 5 minutes, this is the first pod cast I have ever tried and enjoyed and it just ended part 1 of too and I’m going NUTS, WHEN I FINAL POSCAST? U definitely earned a new pod cast listener,
So great!!
Love it!
Too Many Ads
Having ten minutes of ads in a 30 minute program is too much. Yes I can skip them but that’s not always possible.
Buzz McNabb
Well done Podcast
Phoebe covers many stories you probably won’t hear elsewhere. She does a really good job as a host and the research is also good. Podcasts seem a little short to me.
Stories are not interesting. Pretty sure there have been enough compelling crime stories to engage an audience.
Good podcast!
I really like Phoebe Judge’s voice. The earlier ones, in my opinion are the better ones.
detective poiriot
Great stories that I would have never know about!
listener 10
Stories becoming too political and moralistic
I’m pretty liberal but I don’t need true crime podcasts preaching at me about political and moral issues. I don’t care what Radiotopia thinks about politics, I want true crime stories! Everything is so politicized now and I’m not interested in letting it leak into my entertainment choices. I’m just going to unsubscribe after several years of listening.
Rose Hyin
Top Notch
Phoebe never misses. Great topics, great research, and fantastic delivery. I love Fridays.💚💚💚
Like many of the other comments, I will sadly be unsubscribing due to one sided political propaganda.
Great perspective and storytelling
And of course, love Phoebe
Ace Granderson
Used to be cool, now just meh
I’ve been listening to this podcast since 2014. It used to be really intriguing and now it feels less and less about interesting crimes and more of just a social commentary— which is fine if that’s what you’re looking for. Most of the episodes now have a social history vibe to them, and that is also great… if that’s what you’re looking for. I have a degree in social history, so obviously that would be my wheelhouse, right? Yet I find myself deleting more and more episodes lately after 5 minutes of listening. I stay subscribed though in the hopes that something will catch my interest again.
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I love this podcast so much! If you like stories about crimes that you don’t normally hear about I suggest you listen. Also I love Phoebe’s voice it’s so soothing!!❤️❤️
Just another show that slips in liberal agendas and propaganda. Too bad. It might have been okay otherwise.
Thirsty Duck
Great podcast with interesting stories
This is one of my top 5 podcast, I love the different types of stories they produce. Not gory or sensational stories but interesting and informative takes on what is considered criminal.
Episode 165: Unfit
In the past I have been a huge fan of Phoebe’s Criminal podcast, but have noticed the ever-increasing presence of far-left propaganda in the show’s content. The last episode, Unfit, rather neatly managed to present the topic of sterilization and racist eugenics while noticeably omitting any mention of the origins of Planned Parenthood, which was created by Margaret Sanger, largely to eliminate the births of black babies. Sanger, of course, was a vocal advocate of racist eugenics. Isn’t it interesting that the left continues to ardently support and impressively fund Planned Parenthood (while obfuscating its true origin and intent) through federal (i.e., taxpayer) monies, donations by Democratic donors, and even by applying for, and receiving PPP loans as part of COVID-19 stimulus? Phoebe, if you are going to discuss racist eugenics, you ought to present more comprehensive and transparent information, even if it is entirely unflattering to the Democratic Party. If the far-left (and conveniently censored) political propaganda continues to be prominently featured in the show’s content, I will happily unsubscribe. I don’t listen to the show for a political remonstration of far-left talking points, but if as a society we are going to tolerate the politicization of every story, then it should be a fair and full representation, replete with facts, and not just a carefully scripted version of reality.
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The vocal fry of the lady being interviewed in the latest episode is intolerable. Add in the pushing of political agenda is evolution to unsubscribe.
Unfit #165
This is outrageous & unconstitutional. It is also the beginning of the criminal organization known as Planned Parenthood that profit by selling fetuses. PP was started by Margret Sanger on October16, 1916 in poor black neighborhoods. This is also EUGENICS. When we offer the unborn up to Satan. Fetuses shall be protected from the moment of conception. Article 67 The unborn shall be considered as born for all rights accorded within the limits established by law.
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Always been a favorite
This is one of my all time favorite podcasts. The way that Phoebe tells everyone’s story so compassionately is truly one of a kind. Always fascinating subject matter.
Criminal Review
If you are a fan of true crime and dislike the over exaggerated acting in the media and other shows, you will love this podcast, Criminal. I came upon this podcast after an interest in criminology shows, and a quick search of “Crime podcasts”. Criminal was on the first ones suggested and seemed to have good ratings. The range of topics are great, as the word ‘criminal’ truly could relate to anything, from murders to theft. You never know what you'll get! The aspects of this podcast as less gruesome and gory then your typical crime podcast. I love the diversity of the topics. Pheobe truly asks all the right questions in her interviews, she truly is a great host. Her voice is soothing yet captivating, never failing to lose my attention. Overall, this podcast is captivating, well narrated, and overall a favorite!
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Episode made me sick, go trump. Americans are being punished
Another one bites the dust
Another political agenda pushing podcast gets deleted. Too bad because this one used to be interesting.
!pod $hopper
Interesting guests and topics
New to the pod and really love the multicultural perspective. One thing that drives me bonkers is when hosts interrupt guests and each other. Unfortunately these hosts are guilty of both! It’s very hard to understand what’s happening when multiple voices overlap and makes me cringe when the guest is cut off. Hopefully the hosts can improve on this! I’ll keep listening for improvements:)
Refreshing and sad
Just think how great this world would be if everyone cared about other humans this way? If more churches took care of their flock? I love seeing this kind of action outside of the Bay Area. Thank goodness for people that are willing to uphold good values and, maybe even, Christian value.
This is a difficult story and I hurt for Jose and his family - but shame on phoebe for going political
Not a fan anymore
I used to love listening to this podcast but now it’s all political stories… one sided at that!
Cali blue eyes
Incredible Podcast
This is one of my favorite podcasts. Incredibly researched, full of compassion and information. The most recent episode, Sanctuary is one of the best.
Should be titled “Criminal?” because the stories often come with moral quandaries. I listen to a lot of true crime, but this is bar far the most original and intelligent.
Politically bold bc it needs to be said
Maybe some find the Criminal crimes lately to be too Liberal in their framing but unless you enjoy a government boot on your neck, you best listen and learn; no one is a criminal just because the authorities say so. Laws are MAN made and they often make criminals of us who are simply trying to survive in a nasty world.
Here we go again
“Orange man bad”. I guess this is what you want our America to be. A bunch of illegals flooding into our country unchecked. It’s called personal responsibility. Come here the right way and while you’re at it maybe learn the language! I’ve listened to this podcast for many many years but I’m unsubscribing now.
Cant get enough
I found this podcast last month, and really enjoyed the episode, then frantically searched for the podcast again because ai could not remember the name. I listened to a few similar podcast and none equal the quality of Criminal. I am very happy and will continue to listen. I am hooked.
A great podcast until it turned into political propaganda
I’ve listened to this podcast for years up until the “Sanctuary” episode where apparently I was supposed to feel empathy for the perpetrator. Spoiler alert but a guy sneaks into the country in the 80’s, skips his immigration hearing at the terrible advice of his lawyer, somehow gets a work permit anyway to work here for 30 years until Trump gets elected and finds his previous criminal record gets him to lose his legal status. He ends up living in a church for 3 years, but all ends well when Biden gets elected and gives him a pass. Instead of pointing out the obvious flaws in our immigration system we get a heartwarming story about how crime prevailed over law and order.
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I used to love this podcast, but it’s gotten so Woke I want to puke. I’ll check back in the future, but currently it’s unlistenable.
M. Caringer
Ads Ads Ads!!!
I really hate podcasts that starts, inserts and ends with ads.
After 32 years of being in America and not speak English?
How does the media report this crap with a clear conscience...he broke the law and we are supposed to feel sorry while fake president Biden wants our country crawling with cockroaches. WE OWE YOU ILLEGALS NOTHING.
Lil 1776
Getting less interesting
Phoebe....very offended by the last episode. I understand there’s a lot of controversy over some of the things President Trump did with immigration etc....but instead of taking the liberal stand and reporting a story like the one about you report a story about a CRIMINAL that wasn’t supposed to be here that raped women. That’s my experience....I know there’s two side to everything. It’s broken system. I get it, families were torn apart l. It’s horrible!!!! But....I’m sick of only the liberal media coverage. Also, the stories are just getting less and less you need something to report so you’re taking the most random and most boring stories ever.
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You should get This is Love, too
They’re both just fantastic. I hate listening to podcasts more than once, and these are both exceptions. Not carceral true crime junk, especially lately.
their agenda
Everything is so political !
Heart shine
I may be Heartless. I feel bad for the man but he’s here illegally. He should go back to his Country & come back Legally. He has a Criminal record in our country. Y’all feel a man should be able to come into our country illegally. Commit mor crimes & stay cuz he made a life & family here? With that logic a Bank robber should be able to keep the money. If his family lives in a house bought with stolen fund they should be able to keep it. I’m not saying he’s a bad person, he did come here illegally. He should return to his country & come back Legally
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Papa Ken 254
Not as good...
This show used to be my absolute favorite. Not so much anymore... over the last year they’ve really pushed their political points of view and the shows just aren’t as interesting as they used to be. Very disappointing because I used to anxiously await each new episode. Now I listen in dread thinking, “which agenda will they be pushing on me this week...” please go back to the way you used to tell stories, Criminal!
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Fantastic Podcast
Love this show, have listened to every episode and some I’ve listened to several times, I highly recommend giving it a listen
BSC 25303
Excellent Podcast!
Criminal is an excellent podcast. Always entertaining, sometimes moving. Don’t trust me? Listen to episode #97 and tell me you’re not moved to tears. Enjoy.
My first podcast
I wondered what podcasts were, Criminal was the first I listened to, and could not wait for episode 2. I think one time that I had 2 shows to listen to, I was out of town for a couple of weeks. I find your voice very relaxing, and the stories keep me interested. I also haven’t missed an episode of This is Love, I have heard a few of you reading a book, I prefer not having a commitment, and it says something about Criminal. I’m committed but not because I need to hear the rest of the story. I hear a new one every time. I need to get some shirts, I’m sure it will get noticed and I’ll direct them to your show. I have had a few closer looks at my hatchet that’s says Criminal on it. Interested lookers are listeners now. Keep the stories coming Phoebe & Company Thank You, Scott Lear
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Stories haven't been that interesting the past year. Definitely recommend older episodes.
Topics Have Been Boring
I love this show and have loved it since the beginning. I’m sad that the topics have turned into old history, boring, “not so criminal” stories. I have been skipping them a lot lately. Please go back to the way it was before. I love you Phoebe.
Same as the others
Y’all worked real hard to make a racist crook, who was framed by other racist crooks, a sympathetic figure. Billy Gohl deserved his fate......
Best of Breed
Absolutely one of the top podcasts out there. Artfully done, quiet but captivating, and Phoebe is an excellent host and interviewer. She lets the story tell itself instead of trying to jam her own feelings and personality into the story as SO MANY podcasters do. Always a pleasure.
and but so
Thanks for covering Billy gohl
Love the podcast
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