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If you can never get enough true crime... Congratulations, you’ve found your people.
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love ittt
I love listening to crime junkie almost every day whether I’m doing chores or driving to work i love listening! Ashley and Brit make it even better!
Fav Podcast Ever!!!!
I was introduced to this podcast by a friend and Ive been hooked since !! I binge on all the episodes everyday at work & while driving and I love them! I’m definitely a crime junkie and I always suggest this podcast to my co workers , fam & friends whenever I have a chance so that they don’t miss out ! Keep up the great work team ! - Priscilla (cpriscillaaa)
I love the way both girls tell the stories. I love the shocked gasps and the nitty gritty details. So glad I stumbled upon this!
First time podcast listener!
This is my first time ever listening to a podcast, and I am so glad it’s this one. I don’t know why it took me this long to get into podcast. I will defiantly be telling my friend and family about this podcast.
Just a Suggestion
I don’t know how Ashley and Brit prep for episodes but it drives me up a wall when Ashely says let me send you letter, photo, ect. to Brit. Like it’s the first time Brit is seeing whatever document is sent, did they not research the case together or brief the episode. Again I don’t know how they prep it’s just frustrating to hear that “line” every time. It would also be nice if Brit talked a little more.
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Don’t let this one slip...please!
I absolutely love this podcast. You really have something special. Look at all of the 5-star reviews and remember where your bread and butter came from. Branching out is great, but not at the expense of your flagship show and loyal audience.
Best podcast EVER!!!!
Thank you for your amazing job investing and reporting. Because of you guys my days fly by.
I’m really late to the game and just found this podcast last week. I’m already 30 episodes in, I can’t stop listening!
Alexis Patterson
You should look into a girl that went missing in Milwaukee WI named Alexis Patterson and do an episode about her. I’ve always been interested in learning/hearing more about her case.
I Binged All the Episodes
These two are great! Of course this is more of Ashley’s baby but I love the conversational style of having Brit. It feels like Ashley is telling Brit a story and you are hearing Brits reactions. Even if this is scripted, I really enjoy it! Both their voices are so pleasant to listen to and captures my complete attention. I like the everyday used. As a law student, I’m a big fan of plain language! While there are other places to get a more in depth view of cases this podcast does an incredible job of giving an overview of the cases. Long enough to discuss with details but not too long to doze off. Great job 👏🏼!!! Also as a POC, I appreciate how they call out privilege and disparate treatment.
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Such an amazing podcast! I can’t stop listening
I am an addict
I have become addicted to these podcasts. Officially a crime junkie
The best podcast ever 💯🖤
Absolutely addicted!
I love this podcast! So interesting!!!
I used to love it
This was one of my absolute favorite podcasts. I would be so excited every Monday to have it come out. However, lately it seems that they are really trying to shine light on police officers being bad and not doing their job properly. Yes, there are some bad police officers but you can totally tell Ashley‘s view towards law-enforcement. I feel these judgments are unfair. It’s very insulting. My husband is a detective and I can’t even tell you the amount of work he puts in his cases and how much his cases affect him. He truly cares about the victim no matter their color, or status. I don’t like the picture this podcast is starting to paint towards the men and women of service. Sadly, I am now looking for a new crime podcast.
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I’m hooked!
I don’t listen to Podcasts but we had a long car drive and thought we would try it. Something my husband and I could listen to. I love it and now listen while I am cleaning and cooking. Usually I watch movies I have seen a trillion times because I can’t watch something I need to pay attention to. Since this podcast was so good I switched to it to have something new to listen to.
Every episode brings a fresh story with twists and turns. Leaves your mind thinking!
This is my favorite podcast station to listen even while writing I am listening.😃😃
More Britt
Love this show so much. I’m obsessed and value what Ashley and Britt both say, I just wish there was more of Britt!! I really enjoyed the few shows she hosted!!
Erin 0913
ads or stories?
is this a podcast about true crime or about all the stuff britt and ashley want you to buy to pay their salaries?
Great podcast!
I recently discovered it and I’m hooked. I have it on when I’m doing literally everything around the house. Thanks for hanging out with me when I’m cleaning, cooking, and crafting Ash & Britt! #crimejunkie4life
Absolutely riveting!
As someone who is just getting into the crime junkie world I heard advertisements for this podcast on one of my many road trips, first five minutes into the episode and I was absolutely hooked, I listen to them every single day whether I am getting ready in the morning driving or working with my earbuds in. I am downloading every single episode so I will always be able to listen with or without service, I am 100% a Crime Junkie! They pull you into every story that they talk about always leaving you wanting more!
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Just found these grateful 🖤
I actually stumbled upon these girls awhile busy and never listened. A friend suggested them to me and I finally took the time to listen. WHAT WAS I WAITING FOR???? It’s a perfect Pod! Short stories, local girls, and I don’t hate their voices!!! No...for real..sometimes a narrator’s voice can make or break a Podcast. I have been binging for the last week. I have some catching up to do!
Mrs Howski
I love you guys!!!
I started listening to crime junkie maybe a month ago, needless to say I’ve already listened to almost EVERY episode. I’m obsessed you two are amazing!
Love this show!!!!!!
Got hooked on this show while driving from texas to California... made for a smooth ride!
Brit please don’t
I’m listening to the DeOrr Kunz episode and Ashley says the parents left DeOrr with the grandpa who was on oxygen and here comes Brit’s judgmental “Wait, what?” head ass questioning the parents on why they would leave the little boy with the grandpa if he was on oxygen. GIRRRRRRRL you’ve been a parent for what, two or three years?! I guess you’ve been perfect for that entire time huh? I guess it’s easy to be judgmental of people you don’t know from afar on a podcast pedestal. I literally screamed out loud “WHY DOES IT F*%#+ING MATTER?!” Their child is missing, can you even fathom that pain?! Sit all the way down with your judgment girl.
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Completely addicted!
I love your podcast. I posted my love for it on Facebook and found so many of my Facebook friends and family are also addicts. Thank you for making my drives in the car for work (I’m a home hospice nurse) less dull. Always excited for a new episode.
5 mile hike
I can’t get enough
I’m fairly new to the podcast world but have been in LOVE with true crime since I can remember. Ashley and Brit are so fun to listen to and really stick to the facts! I’m so glad I came across this podcast - it is my absolute favorite!
You guys. I literally cannot stop listening to this podcast. I listen to it when I shower. I listen to it when I clean. I listen to it when I drive. Basically, I’m always listening to it. I’ve never been more obsessed with something in my life 🤣
I’ve been on a binge
Oven been binge listening these ladies and the story telling in the Timothy P. Case just made me stop everything I was doing and just listening. It’s chilling and inspiring all in one. I absolutely love it.
"T Momma"
My Favorite!!!
Crime Junkie is by far my absolute favorite podcast. I love the way Ashley tells stories. I binge listened and caught up a few months ago. This podcast makes me look forward to Monday’s!
Absolute favorite podcast
Ashley & Brit have amazing chemistry and flow! They keep you intrigued. I love both of them as hosts!! 💛 So sad that I finally finished binging all episodes. Time to become a fan club member! 😉
Lexxxi S
Great stuff...
Love this podcast! I really wanted to find a true crime podcast and tried a few until I found Crime Junkies and it is really great.
A fan for years - but now disgusted and disappointed.
Been a fan for years - I love you girls as individuals, but the moment you started pushing a political agenda, I’m out. Several of my friends who are all crime junkies + HUGE fans of your show have all unsubscribed + deleted this incredible podcast because you use your voice to support BLM + political propaganda - but you stay silent on the violence and CRIME being caused by these same organizations. It’s disheartening and disappointing. As an advocate + victim of crime, I can’t continue to support podcasts that lose sight that ALL LIVES MATTER in the world of crime and violence.
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I have just started listening and I can’t stop!!!! I listen all day at work and for hours when I get home. I will be so sad when I am caught up and have to wait a week to listen to new episodes.
Used to be a good show
I used to really love the show, but it’s turned into a show about oppression and racial inequality. I come to listen to true crime, not a CNN podcast.
I can’t stop listening! I listen to Crime Junkies from the moment I wake up and in between breaks. It’s also the last thing I listen to before bed. I’m so glad to have this podcast! Keep ‘me coming!
Crime Obsessed!!!
Perfect story telling without the annoying banter and fluff!!! Straight to the story and still entertaining.
This is my all time favorite podcast. I always listen to it while I’m at work! Ashley and Britt you girls are the best! Thank you for being the person I have always wanted to be!! Crime Junkies!!!💕💕
Good podcast with bad grammar
I enjoy the stories, and the details they provide. The podcast has become more polished over time, but the ‘Indiana grammar’ can be tough to hear. I’m no grammar Nazi, but it’s really distracting to hear Ashley say “Her and her friend did x” or the continued incorrect use of a word, like ‘conscious’ instead of ‘conscience’. After the 25th time it becomes distracting. They need a rock solid editor.
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Love this podcast sooo much
First of all, thank you Brit and Ashley for not bantering during the majority of three podcast and getting straight to the story! Love it.
Crime Junkie does a good job of sticking to facts and keeping an open but suspicious mind! It’s definitely my favorite podcast of all time!
My husband mentioned this podcast to me a few weeks ago and I am HOOKED!! Y’all are so interesting and I love listening. I’ve even made my ringtone your intro music. Thank you for the intriguing stories.
Wait, WHUT?!
For everyone enthralled with this podcast, you may want to look into the allegations about plagiarism. There have been murmurs for a while, and now several journalists and podcasters are coming forward to say Ashley has stolen their content verbatim. Ashley Flowers made herself rich by stealing other people’s hard work. When caught, she buried the evidence and refused to apologize. She’s not a good person and her basic-B “storytelling” is way overrated. Do yourself a favor and listen to actual content creators instead. Be rude, be smart, don’t plagiarize.
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Crime Junkie is the
I am hooked!!!! My advice is to become a patron member because there are no ads and you get additional content. Ashley and Britt can we be friends? Keep doing your thing!
Jen Simon
One of the only podcasts I listen to!
Love this podcast. Keeps me entertained for hours! Please keep up the great work! Thanks!!
These women are amazing.
These women are amazing. Keep making episodes. Your in depth research for each case and obvious empathy and compassion are unparalleled. Your prups of the month are great. Thank you!
I love this podcast! Great storytelling! I’m scared of being murdered at any moment but I can’t stop listening. 🤣
I’ve started listening about a month ago and am definitely hooked! I really enjoy hearing these cases and how they are narrated and can’t stop saying “full body chills” now. I’ve got a ways to be caught up, but I’m starting from the beginning. It’s worth the time; I wake up in the mornings and can’t wait to sip on my coffee and listen to another case! Thank you ladies you’re both pretty great!
Was referred to this by a co worker. Have never been into Podcast before but can’t get enough of these hosts. Voices are very easy to listen too and very entertaining. Stories are great and the way they are told keeps us on the edge of our seats. Yes both me and my wife are addicted now and listen to not only Crime Junkies but also both Supernatural and Very Presidential. Keep it up. Thank you
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