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Very Unsatisfied
I used to love CJ. I bought merch, went to the liveshow, listened every week, etc. I had the Patreon subscription for about a year, but I canceled in December due to my job duties changing and I no longer had the time. I was considering restarting my Patreon again (even though I wasn’t loving some of the new episodes) until I saw that you would not get the back log unless you paid for a year. Not only do you not get the backlog, you lose access to any episodes that you had originally paid for. You can either set it up like Netflix where you subscribe for a month and get everything and lose it once you cancel, or you can set it up where you pay for a month and only get those episodes but you get to keep those episodes. You can’t have it both ways So I think I’m done with CJ. This was just the most recent in a line of things that have been leading to me completely stopping listening to them.
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I love these two so much, their podcast is the first I have ever listened to and probably the only LOL
Congrats, you’ve made me a Crime Junkie!
I was never a true crime person but this podcast changed that completely! The storytelling is just amazing down to every chilling detail and I can’t help but binge. Thank you Ashley and Brit for making my Mondays!
I never knew I was a true crime junkie!
I am so happy I found this podcast! I have sooo many to binge listen to! I am still in mid 2018 of the show! What will I do when I actually have to wait on an episode:-/. Ash and Brit tell these stories so remarkably that you cannot help but get hooked. Always get “full body chills” listening!
Enjoy the show but it used to be better
I’ve always enjoyed listening to crime junkie and have recommended it to so many people as I found they’ve always done a good job sharing the stories. Previously I would have given the show a five star rating but as of late the girls are so focused on relating everything to social issues that it’s been hard to enjoy.
August 2 21
Podcast has changed
Used to be my favorite podcast but it’s gotten too political. Seems like the goal has completely shifted to making law enforcement look bad. Last time I checked they aren’t the ones committing the crimes they are reporting on, but you wouldn’t know that by listening to this. They give everyone the benefit of the doubt except for them.
One of the best podcasts!
Reviews don’t lie. One of the best podcasts out there hands down. Plus it doesn’t hurt that Ashley Flowers is a smoke show
Not with it anymore
Becoming too politically correct. I listen to podcasts to get away from the mess in life. No need for it in a crime podcast.
Too woke
Used to be my favorite podcast but now it’s just too woke and political. Minimum facts and detailed but a lot of opinions without a detailed research.
Love this Show!
They keep me laughing and I love how fact based they are - yet they keep it super entertaining and feel like you’re chatting with friends. They are both so respectful to victims, victim’s families, etc. There are episodes that I cry and Ashley tears up too. They both are obviously passionate about bringing justice. I love this show! 🙏🏼
Pruppet of the month makes me puke
Ashley’s always fake crying about the pruppet of the month and fake crying about various cases and it’s just SO cringe. Brit sound like she’s 13 and adds literally zero to the podcast.
I have listened to this podcast since day 1. I have always loved the stories and the way they have shed light onto violence among minority groups. Recently, I have felt it has been about blaming law enforcement for their actions. Sometimes, they could have done better, but also hindsight is 20/20. The most recent 8/1/21 was no different. Please focus back on the stories and the victims instead of what you thought the police should have done.
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So good- pronunciation though
Obsessed with this podcast! One suggestion: consider confirming name pronunciations before recording. Correct pronunciation is a small thing to do to honor the dead. The name Yvette has come up a couple of times. It’s Eee-vet not Yuh-Vet.
I love it
Love it! It’s respectful towards the victims, and lots of people involved, it tell great lessons on how to stay safe. But there are a LOT of ads
stella melon
Only problem
I LOVE your podcast. I’ve been listening to you since you started. However I do have one comment set as constructive criticism. Your adds are incredibly long. I understand you have a shorter episode podcast but it’s a lot. I listen to a lot of crime podcasts and you still have the longest adds. If there could be a way to shorten them I think it would help you out. I usually fast forward but they can be up to a minute to two minutes and they’re so frequent. Again, love the show but that part is annoying.
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Knock it off with the false narrative on police and black crime and educate yourself!! Used to love this show. They make it a point on this last episode that all of the VICTIMS were black women (also druggies and prostitutes but they said “disorder” 😂) They refuse to say the guy who killed them all was black! They make it a point to say “white man” when the suspect is white. The racism against whites and the excuses for black criminals is disgusting. Long-time listener now done . Unsubscribed.
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Downward slide
The ladies have strayed from their original format. Today their more social justice warriors then story tellers. They’ll blame police any chance they can get, and generally bash males. But I suppose their only following what’s currently popular. I’ll still listen but if it continues I’ll be looking elsewhere.
Best part of my Mondays
I love Ash and Brit! They keep me engaged the entire time. I love their chemistry with each other. They also have “pruppet of the month” and who doesn’t love a good dog story!!
Love this podcast
Ashley and Brit are great! Totally hooked on this show!
I loved the fact that you ladies took the chance and had the latest episode translated in Spanish. My mom loves podcasts and I find myself translating most of them . I hope this is the beginning of many more Spanish episodes .
I’ve been listening since the beginning of this year! I have heard every single episode ! I always look forward for Monday’s lol. My question is , have y’all already done the Kasey Anthony case? I think y’all should do this one .
Politics With Some Crime Junkie
Another week another episode that shows how bad this podcast is now. Half the episode is high pitched nagging and complaining. The episode contains very little back story because the host has to make time for her rants, politics, and scripted conversations.
Love the show but “ believe all women “ is not a good place to start maybe investigate all reported crimes no matter if it’s a “ man or a woman “ and then believe the evidence it’s a slippery slope but “ believe all women “ isn’t the way my opinion I could be wrong.
Can we edit Brit out completely?
“fUlL bOdY cHiLlS” I can do without Brits unnecessary comments. It’s an ok podcast. It’s bearable for the most part but that girl Brit is just not it. So generic, scripted, and annoying.
Love them but holding me hostage
I have been fan a fan since 2018. I’ve spent so much money on them between patreon, merch, and the tour. I was told that if I got a patreon subscription, I would have the back catalogue forever even if I cancel my membership. There have been times where I haven’t been able to afford the membership because of y’know a global pandemic and other life happenings. I was able to cancel and rejoin when I was financially stable again without any penalty. Then suddenly, without announcing it, they make this stupid annual membership. I can keep the episodes I’ve already paid for as long as I keep paying them every month. If my financial situation changes (college student here so it happens often) then I have to either keep paying them or lose stuff that I have literally already paid for. If you’ve paid in the past and don’t have a current subscription, you lose the stuff you’ve already paid for. I love you guys so much but it’s just straight up theft. “Please keep paying us or we’re gonna take away back catalogue episodes that you already paid for”. I’ve supported this podcast since it was just Ashley, Britt, and David. Now audiochuck is big and successful and they’re trying to milk fans for all they’re worth. This isn’t going to encourage people to buy the annual pass, this is going to encourage people to not spend money on you. I’m seriously considering canceling and honestly I’m so disappointed that I can’t even listen to the free episodes right now. You didn’t create an annual membership with a perk, you’re literally just holding me hostage with your product, demanding a ransom every month.
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Used to be better…
Tired of the police bashing and personal, biased viewpoints taking over the stories being presented. I miss the old Crime Junkie.
Love it
I love this podcast
Unfortunate race baiting in nearly every story
If identity politics wasn’t vibrating under the surface of every episode this would be a great show. We get it, these ladies are “allies” and oh so virtuous. Small hint for you, minorities aren’t always victims and we don’t need your relentless condescending tone saying we’re ignorant or should have known better.
I work 12 hour shifts on my feet and you both seriously get me through my shift. So glad I was referred by a friend cause it really changed my life. Not just at work but made me become more self aware for myself and for my sons. ❤️
Crime junkies
I LOVE you guys! You’re the show I listen to the most! Not only are you both just so interesting to listen to (ya got a radio voice which some people do but some don’t, but ya do) but you’re also super educational and have influenced me to think about things a little differently (in a good way). Thank you for all the hard work you do and all the sensitivity that you use while telling your stories.
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Best podcasts ever!
Really good for car rides!
This podcast is great. My husband and I both binge it and love to decompress the episodes! It is so haunting yet so addicting. Keep em coming!
Started with quality, rapidly regressed to wildly biased
We’ve listened to crime junkies for years and was hands down our favorite podcast, but especially over the last year their biases have tainted the podcast to the point that it’s just no longer enjoyable. They’ll say things like “as an African American woman she didn’t feel comfortable going to the cops who wouldn’t take her seriously…..but when she did they immediately launched the largest man hunt in that departments history.” Well….They clearly took her seriously. It’s just gotten to the point that it’s not even logical or relevant to the case. Be less biased and share a true story like they did the first couple years and we’d gladly come back. For now, we’ll be looking for a new podcast that just shares the story factually.
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Love at first murder!
I love this podcast so much and I can’t stop listening! I found it recently and have been bingeing the episodes from the beginning.
I. Love. Crime junkie.
Oh my god you guys are the best story tellers ever I’m already back to stories in 2018 because i binge listened all ur other episodes. Keep it up❤️
I love this pod cast …. I can’t believe how mesmerizing it is . I am a total Investigator ID and crime junky love this
Great content bad audio
The audio need to be normalized. Sometimes the music is way too loud and the voice is way too faint and we keep putting it higher and lower.
ashley and brit have gotten me so hooked on true crime. it’s incredible. keep it up!
Too many commercials.
Used to be one of my favorite podcasts but I can’t with so many ads... :( and unfortunately there seems to be a good deal of fear mongering going on. It gets worse all the time.
My Favorite Podcast
I absolutely LOVE this podcast and just can’t get enough of it. It’s so hard for me to listen to any other true crime podcast because Ashley is such a fantastic storyteller and keeps everything respectful towards the victims. I also love how this show brings so much awareness to open and unsolved cases.
5 Stars!
Can’t say enough great things about my favorite podcast. Every episode is interesting, informative, and brings great awareness. Thank you Ashley and Brit!!
danielle sunberg
Hello crime junkie(Ashley’s voice) I know there’s a super slim chance you’ll read this but it’s worth a shot. I listen to your podcast faithfully and I’m extremely appreciative of you guys and the light you shed on these relatively new cases. And I also appreciate you guys holding us listeners accountable for doing our part. To be completely honest with you, SOMETIMES (I don’t want to offend anyone)I feel as if I trust your research more than the media. I am asking you to PLEASE look into this new possible serial killer in my area. A 40 something year old woman and her dog were found dead in Piedmont park, Atlanta . She was cut open from the pelvis to her neck and apparently her breast had been cut of. I’m not asking you to “investigate” per say. But just shed some light for those that haven’t heard her story. Thank you for everything 🙏🏾 -fellow crime junkie
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Love all the facts a variety and this show is so informative!
Love it!
I love the work these ladies put into this podcast & to cover ones that haven’t had a lot of coverage to help share the individuals effected!
Best podcast ever!!
I listen to this podcast whenever I have extra time because it’s so good! I recommend it to everyone
Stay In Your Lane
This seems to be the most popular crime podcast but it’s just ok for me. My main problem is that I don’t expect you both to be experts on the entire process of what law enforcement does but do some leg work and figure it out. The lack of knowledge but still speaking about what they *think* they do is frustrating. Ive heard it over and over on here- “well I guess officers...” If you’re going to speak about it just do SOME research first because when you say something that is completely wrong about what law enforcement ACTUALLY does and your entire audience hears it and it’s wrong it just fuels the fire of hate towards LEOs and all of the misconceptions. There’s no need for this if you don’t actually know.
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Misinformation on Turkish Marriages
I started listening to Crime Junkie. I always start backwards then to the latest. Yesterday I was listening to the Episode #ChallengeAccepted. The Hosts even talk about “Know what you’re platform is before you follow it”… and things of this nature in the podcast. One part of the podcast, in the last ten minutes of it, one of the hots says “I mean, this is a place where a woman gets a divorce and they kill you for it…”. So she is saying that the men in Turkey will kill their spouses for divorce. I have dual citizenship in Turkey. I am married to a Turk. I’ve lived there for literally years. I know that just like in America (I did have a friend at a US Military Base whose husband did shoot her in the head and killed her for divorcing him. Here in America). But this women will get killed over a divorce in Turkey is not only uncommon it’s flat out a misrepresentation of the Government, the Traditions and Culture of Turkey. I tried to reach out to them and tried to keep a dialogue going. Audiochuck stepped in and said if you want to know where we get our information it’s here here and here. I get it. They have a big legal team and they have to make money. Be warned. They’re not the people you think they are. I’m telling everyone I know to not listen to them. So what if they’ve got thousands of listeners. They don’t care about the Turkish people and didn’t talk to one Turkish person to do this podcast. It’s easy to read stuff in English then come up with your own ideas about a culture. It’s different to live there and know about the place and Crime Junkie doesn’t care.
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It's okay
It's okay but phertography is actually pronounced photography. There should be only one 'R' in that word. Also, the word is 'supposedly' not 'supposebly'. Flowers' grammar is all around cringe worthy. Her pronunciations are excusable but quite odd. 'While' being pronounced 'wall' is something I've never heard until now. Is that an Indiana accent?
Kaiser Soso
im addicted
best crime podcast for long car rides
Almost caught up
Almost made it through every show. Im so not ready to have to wait a week for a new one! Love listening as im doing house work,driving, on a walk or really any chance I can!
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