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Crime Crazy Podcast
Eryn Pluim Diana Sekhon
In which they (almost) got away with it S4E15
1 hour 2 minutes Posted May 6, 2019 at 9:24 pm.
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Show notes

"To get away with murder, you simply don't tell anyone."

Dr. Spencer Reid, Criminal Minds, Season 2: No Way Out

But for our criminals this week, it would have taken a little more. Like "stop killing people," or "don't act EXACTLY like a serial killer!"


Get Grimm


Internal Decapitation

Car Crash  The Wolf Family Murders: A Brutal Crime in Small Town North Dakota

The Bismarck Tribune: Here is the story of the Wolf family murder

Ghosts of North Dakota:  THE WOLF FAMILY MURDERS

Murderpedia:  Henry Layer

New Hampshire Union Leader:  Dallas grandma's eye for fancy yarn unravels $65,000 heist, saves show for NH business