Crime Crazy Podcast
Crime Crazy Podcast
Eryn Pluim Diana Sekhon
Season 3, Episode 14 - In which Crime Crazy goes Crime Cozy!
1 hour 43 minutes Posted Oct 1, 2018 at 9:36 pm.
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Show notes

Welcome to October! It's the time of year for fall leaves, pumpkin spice everything (if you're into that...ICK!) and seriously gory, scary true crime podcasts.

But, you know what, every true crime podcast goes that route. So, we've decided to mix things up a little this year. For the month of October, instead of going creepy, we're going cozy! Seriously scary crime stories with super cozy statistics about safety.

In our first story, we learn some new vocabulary and what people taste like. Then Diana turns the episode serious with a seriously unhappy ending (but really comforting numbers!)

This week, we also want to support some great causes!


Jacob Wetterling Foundation has a proven history of helping kids and families.

VisionEnd all forms of child abuse, neglect, and exploitation through training, education, advocacy, prevention and awareness, providing care and treatment for children, families, and adult survivors.

MissionWe work to end all forms of child maltreatment through education, training and prevention while advocating for and serving children, adult survivors and communities.

PEACE OUTside Campus is a non-profit organization dedicated to the memory of​Lindsey M. Bonistall.  Our mission is to promote peaceful and safe living environments in college communities.  Our goal is to empower students and their families to be proactive in safeguarding themselves against crime.  To mirror Lindsey's peaceful spirit, our goal is not to create a culture of fear; but rather, to build a sense of empowerment, strength and security.

​PEACE OUTside Campus offers programs to fulfill the growing demand for safety issues within college communities.

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