Crazy Dog Lady Podcast
Crazy Dog Lady Podcast
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Jill Saunders, host and crazy dog lady, explore all things dog in this fun and educational podcast. From the first-time puppy owner to the experienced dog showman, this podcast is for all dog lovers!
Mable the Mini
Hi friends! Today I am joined by Lindsay Kelly. Lindsay is mom to Mable, the Miniature American Sheppard. Mable's Intagram account,, documents their training and adventures of a mini in the city. Let's have a crazy dog chat!Check out Mable's Instagram at the link below!
Nov 19
45 min
Failure ft. Brent Saunders
Hi friends! Today is about failures. I'm joined by my wonderful husband to talk about our mistakes and how we've learned from them. Let's have a crazy dog chat!
Oct 23
48 min
Border Collies ft. Lisa Flowers
Hi Friends! Today's chat is with Lisa Flowers. Lisa is a very accomplished trainer and handler of some of the best Border Collies in agility. Let's have a crazy dog chat.
Oct 9
35 min
Hiking with Dana Mack
Hi Friends! Today I am joined by Dana Mack. Dana is a hiking enthusiast, here to share his knowledge of all things trails with us. Let's have a crazy dog chat.
Oct 2
34 min
Breed Spotlight
Hi friends! Today's breed spotlight is about a very special breed. This breed of dog was developed as a water retriever. It originated in Germany and was one of Elvis's favorite breeds of dogs. Any ideas? Let's have a crazy dog chat!
Sep 25
18 min
Essential Oils ft. Dr. Ellie Scott
Hi Friends! Today I got to talk to Dr. Ellie Scott, a veterinarian at Stringtown Animal Hospital in Grove City, OH. We talk all about Essential Oils how to use them, find them, and love them!
Sep 18
37 min
Pet FBI ft. Leslie Poole
Hi Friends! Today I am joined by executive director, Leslie Poole. Leslie joins me to talk about a topic I hope you never need, lost dogs. Pet FBI is working really hard to reunite lost pets with their families. Let's have a crazy dog chat!
Aug 27
30 min
Muttluks ft. Marianne Bertrand
Hi Friends! Today is a very special episode. I am obsessed with dog products. And I love to share the ones that pass the Crazy Dog Lady test. I'm excited to feature Muttluks as one of my favorite things. Please join me and Muttluks founder, Marianne Bertrand. Let's have a crazy dog chat.
Aug 14
29 min
Who is the Crazy Dog Lady? Part 2
You Found Her! This episode is part two of the Crazy Dog Lady's intro story. Today she continues to explain her history with dogs and how her obsession began.
Aug 7
36 min
Service Dogs ft. Lisa Murray
Hi Friends! Today I chat with Lisa Murray about service dogs! Lisa's 15 year old son relies on a very unique service dog to help him navigate the world. They are currently in training for their next service dog and she talks about their experiences!
Jul 30
35 min
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