Cracking Aces
Cracking Aces
Barstool Nate
Cracking Aces is the newest podcast tackling all things poker, hosted by Nate from Barstool and professional poker player Jake Toole. It will feature the fun side of the poker world and exclusive interviews with the top players. Buckle up and enjoy!
Ep 85 - The Wild World Of High Stakes Poker Staking - An Interview With Jordan Drummond
Jordan Drummond is the founder of BBZ Poker, a poker staking and coaching company. He joins us for about an hour to talk about the wild world of high stakes poker staking- giving players money to play off on and hoping to make money back. He discusses being stolen from, the crazy swings, flying in players to live with him, guys getting into 6 figure make-up, having "a guy", and much more. It is FASCINATING, and Jordan crushes it. Enjoy!
Nov 11
1 hr 26 min
Ep 84 - The Wild Swings Of Election Night Betting Lines, Getting Drunk And Playing High Stakes PLO, And Creating Cool Beanz
Don't worry, we don't talk politics! But we do talk how crazy election night's betting line swings were, watching the candidates go from heavy favorites and underdogs and back again. We then talk about Nate busting his roll at 15/30 PLO...oops. We continue conceiving our new coffee shop "Cool Beanz", and have some Doug vs Daniel talk as well. Enjoy!
Nov 4
56 min
Ep 83 - Ivey And Dwan Are BACK On High Stakes Poker,  Jake's Long History at the WSOP, How To Play PKO Tournaments
Start spreading the news, High Stakes Poker is BACK with Ivey and Durrrr. Jason Koon, Hellmuth, and some others are in the mix as well. Before that we discuss Jake's long history at the WSOP, including some deep runs and close calls. We then talk some PKO (progressive knock-out) strat because we might degen HARD in this Venom 5mil GTD PKO tournament. Great idea! Jake gives some bet sizing strategy, and much more! Enjoy!
Oct 28
52 min
Ep 82 - Barstool's Newest Hire, The Southern King Of Poker, Ben Mintz
On today's episode we are joined by the newest hire at Barstool Sports, Ben Mintz. Hired as a college football/sports gambler guy, Ben also is a former professional poker player with over $600k in live earnings. He tells awesome stories from the online days, being 7 bet at the WSOP Main Event, bluffing Patrik Antonius, and much more. He's wildly entertaining and a hell of a poker player to boot. Enjoy!
Oct 21
1 hr 2 min
Ep 81 - Breaking Down The Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu Heads Up Battle
Polk vs Negreanu is the poker feud that never ends. They are gearing up to play a massive heads-up battle, and Doug Polk is firing shots left and right at anyone who gets in his way (on Twitter). We break the whole thing down, preflop charts and all, and give our hot takes on all of it. We also talk about mid-cashing tournaments, doing your taxes, and answer a few of your poker questions. F Norman Chad.
Oct 14
54 min
Ep 80 - Is Phil Hellmuth Actually The All Time GOAT????
So Phil Galfond might have just conceded that Phil Hellmuth is actually the greatest of all time, but Fedor isn't so sure. We also talk about Nate finally doing well in a poker tournament, talk about if the asteroid from "Armageddon" is considered a movie villain, and Jake answers some poker questions about online timing and bet sizing tells, x/raising for value vs bluffs, and more. Rate 5 stars if you can, thanks and enjoy!!
Oct 7
56 min
Ep 79 - Nearly 2 Hours With Jason Koon
We talk to mega high stakes poker player for over 2 hours about everything from grinding up a bankroll, the biggest games he ever played with million dollar swings, Ivey and Dwan stories, how his life has gotten to the point he's at now, the pressure of playing the biggest games in the world, advice to amateurs, and so much more. Jason is possibly the best guest we've ever had on.
Sep 30
1 hr 47 min
Ep 78 - Scammer Chat, Baller Chat, Fossil Man Chat, Dropping Out Of Med School To Play Poker Chat
We start by talking about David Williams and how he used to ball out, flying private and buying new clothes when he got there. We also talk about the rest of the 2004 Main Event final table, shout out Fossil Man. We then talk about scammers and thieves in the poker world, notably Erick Lindgren. He stole a lot! Allegedly. Some stock chatter, and then your questions, including if you should drop out of med school to play poker. Lots of other good stuff in between too, enjoy!
Sep 23
1 hr
WHY IS EVERYONE CHEATING?!?! On today's show, we talk about the Postle case being basically over, with the court system finding him technically innocent, but that's because the court system isn't built to understand poker. We also talk about another cheating scandal, with a player using a solver in real time to beat the cash games. We also talk about ACR banning Jonathan Little for being mean to them. Plus some sports chatter, NFL picks, and Jake's nana. Enjoy!
Sep 16
1 hr 5 min
Ep 76 - How Would You React If You Won $15 Million, Plugging Leaks In Your Game, MD vs NJ, And Playing 1 Drop
On today's episode we talk some Netflix, we talk about what resources you can use to plug holes in your poker game, the feeling of winning $15 million in 1 Drop, MD poker players vs NJ- who ya got, a little ACR chatter because they banned Jonathan Little for being mean to them, and Jake's fridge situation. All in all one of the best shows we've done. Enjoy!
Sep 9
1 hr 9 min
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