Counterclockwise Podcast
Counterclockwise Podcast
Join host Lily Gordon every week, usually Thursday or Friday, for a new interview with someone within the Saxon community. If you know someone at South who has a story to share, send an email to
Episode 38: Passing the Saxon Torch!
In the final episode of Counterclockwise, Lily and fellow South News Productions senior Julie McGowan discuss their experiences in high school and respond to middle schoolers' ideas about South. To check out Lily's blog abroad: To check out Julie' Sphere of Geekery blog:
May 31, 2014
10 min
Episode 37: Mrs. Stenson's Leaving A Legacy!
Mrs. Stenson, South's choir director, talks with Lily about her musical childhood, why singers don't drink milk before performances, and South's first place win at the State Choir Competition.
May 23, 2014
14 min
Episode 36: Ellie Slama's Teeing Off!
Ellie Slama, an up-and-coming Saxon golf star, joins Lily in the studio to talk about her game, sibling rivalry, and whether or not mini golf is fun for a pro.
May 10, 2014
11 min
Episode 35: It'sssss Mr. Eriksen!
South media and journalism teacher Brian Eriksen joins Lily in the studio to talk about his roots in broadcasting and the future of newspapers.
May 3, 2014
11 min
Episode 34: Ms. Callahan's Talks Poetry!
Ms. Callahan, an English teacher at South, talks about her time abroad in England and Poland, why English is required all four years in high school, and her thoughts on rappers.
Apr 26, 2014
13 min
Episode 33: Ali Walker DECA President!
The new Saxon DECA President, Ali Walker, joins Lily in the studio to talk everything DECA.
Apr 18, 2014
11 min
Episode 32: Mr. Snyder!
Mr. Snyder, the assistant band director at South and band director at Howard Street Charter School, joins Lily to talk about his musical history, his personal theme song, and an artsy sculpture.
Apr 12, 2014
12 min
Episode 31: Guten Tag Allie Clifford!
Saxon Allie Clifford, who is on a semester-long exchange in Germany, chats with Lily about her experience so far.
Apr 6, 2014
11 min
Episode 29: South Gets Jazzy!
South senior David Wurgler and junior Corey Rudolph join Lily in the studio to talk everything jazz and what the jazz scene at South is like.
Feb 28, 2014
12 min
Episode 28: Honza Rusý Czechs Into South!
Exchange student Honza Rusý chats with Lily about his home country the Czech Republic, American beans, and the time he pretended to be a tourist as part of an experiment.
Feb 21, 2014
15 min