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Thank you Delia for your excellent, thorough investigations. I could not stop binging on the Pelley Family Murders ! You were able to leave no stone unturned. Appreciated all your hard work!
I can just only imagine how much time you spent on researching this case!! Great job! To those who complain about ads, don't like the background music, or find the host to be annoying...this is a free podcast so why are you complaining?? You should be thanking her instead!!
Love the idea of this! The background music is too loud and off putting. It makes listening to her voice harder and feels like I'm studying to hear her and not miss anything, instead of being taken on a journey as a listener.
Well produced but naive
It’s well produced, but more about trying to make a story than a critical evaluation of the case. I wouldn’t say it’s biased, but a bit naive to give the prime suspect and convicted man such a pass. He admits he was there Nd can’t remember a lot else.
True Journalism
I appreciate the host’s thorough attention to detail and honest reporting. It’s such a breath of fresh air in today’s culture or journalism.
Beverly Hebert
Stop saying “like”
Season 3 was great! I’m listening to the latest episode and please stop saying “like”. It’s such a great podcast so I hate that this makes me not want to listen to the last podcast.
Delia has me wrapped around her every next episode! I listen to so many true crime pod casts and this one is just my absolute favorite. Delia is so talented and relentless in the pursuit of truth. I can’t get enough!
The stories are fine but the host in unbearable to listen to. She should stick to her actual job of journaling and gathering information and let a podcaster, Ashley, do the podcasting.
Mostly good-just stop saying “like”
I really enjoyed and was impressed by Delia calling out the inconsistencies and lack of evidence in the Pelley case. It went a little into the weeds towards the end but I stuck with it and see now how the 2 cases are potentially related. I listened to about 5 mins of the Q&A and had to stop. The amount of time you ladies said “like” was astounding!! Ahhh! I couldn’t.
Background music is very distracting and too loud
True crime has lots of details in it and if you want people to follow the evidence, the story and how everything progresses, the music needs to go. The narration is excellent but the music is too distracting for me on top of the sound effects and the excellent narration which is good enough to stand alone. Once the music distracts, I had to turn it off.
Credible and Incredible journalism
This girl is a crazy brilliant investigative reporter. Blown away by her tenacity and grit, she’s the real deal. All the things.
Flown through ALL 3 seasons and in NEED OF MORE! Please release another season soon or drop a hint on future story/content. Very well done and host is equally great! Definitely one of my favorite podcasts over all!
…on this podcast. I’m all about the serial genre, and Delia does a Fantastic job!! I’m halfway through season two and I keep thinking; not only is she a great investigator, her story telling is miles above par! I’m a huge fan
chatty kathie 922
Started out okay then went downhill
Season 3 covers an interesting case, but the direction of the podcast got more convoluted and less compelling the further I got. I actually ended up quitting at episode 18 of 20. I never do that, but it clearly wasn’t going anywhere major in the next two episodes and the host was really grating at me. On a superficial level, her voice, accent and way of overenunciating were driving me nuts. More importantly, she makes far too many grammatical errors for a journalist, and misuses some really basic legal jargon. For example, she’ll talks about someone being sentenced to jail instead of prison. Mistakes like that are inexcusable coming from a supposed investigative journalist. I’m also not a fan of all her editorializing and hyping up of her investigative discoveries. Most of the time, she uncovers something “mind blowing” or “totally crazy” that turns out to be slightly suspicious but nothing concrete. In the absence of solid evidence, she then tries to fill in the gaps by guessing what is most likely to have been going on, which is really just speculation. I only just noticed that Ashley Flowers was an executive producer, and that’s honestly so on brand. I would have steered clear had I known.
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Not bad!
Only issue, 24 minute episodes with 5 minutes of commercials.
I’m almost done with Season 3, and haven’t listened to the first two seasons. I’m not sure how I came across this podcast, but I’d recommend it to anyone who is interested in true crime. I really like that each season covers one case. The investigative work is exceptional, and so is the narration. I hope the first two are as good as this one!
Anne HW
Awesome Podcast!
This podcast is addicting an educational. Very grateful I listened to this to share light on this specific case.
Quality Show!
I am so impressed with the journalism, and investigation of this podcast. I recently binged all 3 seasons and am left absolutely speechless. Thank you Delia for such an amazing and thoughtful provoking podcast.
Wrongfully convicted
If I’m ever wrongfully convicted I only hope Delia would find it interesting enough to get investigate.
CounterClock Review
This podcast is so gripping! Delia tells a crime from the beginning, uncovers 20 year old mysteries, and collaborates with law enforcement to get these cases awareness! I love being able to binge these episodes, I feel like I am right there with her.
I love it!!
I love the counterclock!! I heard about it because of crime junkie but now this is my favorite podcast! Delia is so good at telling mesmerizing stories and I love how she guides you through all of the information that she has.
Good stories, well told
Excellent research presented in an engaging and captivating series! I’ve binged season 1 and 2.
Absolutely have loved all seasons of Counter Clock!!! Great job investigating and telling the stories of these victims. My hope is that someone comes forward with information on all of these cases and they serve their time!!!
B Gunderson
The background music needs to go
I can not follow the story with the distracting elevator music
I started with season 3 after listening to The Prom Night Murders on Crime Junkie, needless to say I finished all 3 seasons in 3 days ! I absolutely love true crime because of you all at Audiochuck !
Very good and detailed true crime podcast
I started with season 3 (like someone else I read also did) and then HAD to go back for the other two. It was like listening to an audio book full of every detail. I am hopeful another will come out soon!
This is THE BEST podcast I’ve ever listened to. Delia does incredible work both in writing and delivering the show, as well as investigating these cases!
Bae Rin
Could be better
Material is good. Host is obnoxious.
Amazing investigation
Love Deliah and all her talents
Good content, unprofessional presentation
I enjoyed the content of these cases. However, I found it somewhat difficult to listen to the presenter, whose oration isn’t highly professional and contains far too much juvenile editorializing. She doesn’t hesitate to speak to the audience as “you guys”, and frequently, upon twists and turns in the stories, will use adjectival phrasings like “it’s totally insane” or “the craziest thing I’ve ever seen”. These may seem like small things, but it takes away from the tone of credible journalism when someone seems to be awkwardly going out of their journalistic lane to seem cool or relatable to the audience. While the narrator isn’t Ashley Flowers, I’ve tried to listen to crime podcasts where she is a narrator, and couldn’t bear it, for these same reasons, only worse. So maybe this is something of the way she sees these programs working, since she’s the executive producer. On the few episodes where she’s a guest this dimension is immediately worse. Nonetheless, I’d still recommend it for the content, especially season 3, which is an interesting story.
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A really good true crime podcast
I started with season 3. Once I finished it I went back and listened to the others. IT’S. SO. GOOD.
My New Favorite
I so enjoy the story telling of this podcast. Complicated threads are skillfully woven together with sympathy but also objective journalism. Delia’s voice is easy to listen to and the episode lengths are perfect
So boring!
I don’t understand the rave reviews here. For a true crime podcast the storytelling is sooo slow and boring. Not gripping like other TC podcasts.
from nashville
Powerful podcast ⚖️
Delia skillfully narrates addictive true crime series that scream for justice. Every season is binge worthy and thoroughly investigated. Truth seems closer with each thrilling episode.
Too openly biased
I was prepared to give this a 4 star rating until episode 10. I had to just turn it off. So repetitive and the narrator seems to just start tossing up circumstantial evidence to fit her narrative. I get it that much circumstantial evidence points to other perpetrators, but geez the narrator just goes full blown biased in episode 10. If that’s the tack you want to take, that’s fine but don’t pretend to be neutral in the beginning.
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Ummm WOW
I’ve listen to all three seasons and I’m overwhelmed at the shear genius that Delia is. Y’all she is special!! Her parents must be so proud.
Sooooo good!!!!
Literally such a high level of research and commitment. I just love listening to this podcast! Definitely one of the top true crime podcasts!!
Partly through the 3rd season, loving it!
Ashley Flowers is an amazing host! I can’t stop listening to it - I’ve listened to 4 episodes today already!
Phenomenal and Intriguing
This story fascinated and consumed me to the end of the podcast. It’s heart breaking, all the unanswered questions and the disappointments regarding both the murders of Eric and Bob, Dawn, and the girls. I myself can’t see Jeff being guilty of the murders of his family, I can’t see a 17 year old boy doing that in the time frame. How could no finger prints have been taken? No times of death evaluated? Who was in that black truck seen by the woman that lived nearby? The JEANS!!! There is at the least considerable reasonable doubt!! The original prosecutor in Indiana knew it. Would love to hear what the jurors were thinking. So much lack in the investigation by the detectives!! My prayers are for justice, peace, and most of all truth! Amazing work by this podcast and host!!!!
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kindred spirit NE
Definitely worth a binge!!!
Delia D’Ambra has some serious investigative skill. Her story telling is riveting and I’m so thankful for the work she is doing to bright new light to these cold cases.
Great podcast! The only thing I would suggest is possibly changing the logo. It kinda looks like meat on a clock and looks gross. Other than that, love it!
Seriously addicting!!
Have loved every season, but I have to say that this season I was at the edge of my seat! You were our companion from our road trip home for vacation and what a way to end our vacation!! The twist and turns were really just shocking and I truly cannot wait for the next season!
Love This
Great podcast and so in depth! Impressed by how much thought and care is put into the research!
Jeff was not guilty!
I could tell from the first time I heard his interrogation that he was sincere and was telling the truth and wanted to make sure the police had all the details. He was calm and clear and didn’t fumble his words. That coupled with the fact that the father didn’t eat popcorn until before bed and it being in his stomach and the light being on all night and than turned off the next morning. Plus the weapon testimony from the guy that was given the guns proves reasonable doubt.
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Incredible!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
My favorite kind of true crime!
Bravo Delia D’Ambra!
Compelling and so well done! This is one of the best podcasts I’ve listened to. I like to have a podcast that I can listen to as I walk. The trouble with all 3 of her podcasts is that I became obsessed! Now that I’m done I have to find something less compelling so that I can stretch it out over time!
Love it!
I absolutely love this podcast! I got sucked in during season 3 and now I’m going back to the previous seasons. ❤️
please no background music
great podcast! absolutely cannot stand the background music during it though pls stop and let me enjoy and understand what’s being said!
Grassy Poo
Is she saying FBI or SBI? Delia?
Skip Season 3
Season 3 was so boring and a huuuge stretch, IMO. Delia isn’t my favorite podcaster, but the first two seasons were ok. Also what is up with the logo? It looks like a charcuterie board or something.
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