After three decades of rumors, secrets and one man’s conviction...the question remains, who really killed Stacey Stanton?
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Epic storytelling
Both season 1 & 2 are gripping!
Eleanor Ethereal
I did not enjoy season one, which I just listened to. She basically followed up on pervasive gossip in the town, implied the police haven’t seriously examined this gossip and then congratulated herself for her ‘investigative’ work.
Great listen
I love her voice she brings the story to life!! Thanks for getting me to and from work.
Love this!!!!!
I always love a good true crime podcast! Can’t wait to get to next season! We are OBX vacationers so many of the places described, we know. So eerie!! RIP Denise.
This podcast is riveting great job all around!
Great and interesting
Excellent! Well researched and very professional. Well done.
I listened to all of crime junkies so I couldn’t wait to listen to all of these
Best Host
I love the way you told the stories on Park Predators && I love this new podcast! I check everyday for a new episode so I make sure I don’t miss at thing! Going to start binging season 1 today. Guys if your looking for true crime told in a great way with all the details and facts! This is your place!!!!!
Annie Bernaldo
Love it!!
Delia I cannot wait to hear next season!! I already listens to the preview and first two episodes... I truly can hardly wait! If I could afford paetreon I’d pay for just to get them all right away! Love how you tell the details of the story as unbiased as possible.
My favorite podcast
Delia and Ashley are on point
Aimee aka Freyacat
Great podcast! Reporting is done well and I enjoy the way it is told. Would give 4.5 stars because I loved it, but just had one little criticism. The way the host commentates on her own reporting can be a little annoying. It’s hearing her pat herself on the back or prefacing an interview with details that are obvious as soon as you hear the interview. Could just do without it.
Couldn’t stop listening and won’t stop hoping
Your voice is so easy to listen to and the flow was very easy to follow. I have hope that all that you have done will not go unnoticed. Something will come from you doing this! FYI I binged listened and I have no regrets!
I am new to crime podcasts and this is my absolute favorite. I listened to one episode of “Crime Junkie” and she was promoting this podcast. I listened to the first episode and fell in love. I love that she uses recordings of phone calls from people involved in the case. It’s so interesting and I wish there were more episodes! I cannot wait for more seasons to come!
Too much of nothing
Between the bad recordings (hard to understand with thick Southern accents), weird pauses, and endless interviews that don’t move the story forward, I tried to hang in but ultimately, talk more talk and nothing interesting. Lost interest.
Montana Liz
Love it!
As an Ashley Flowers fan, I can see her touch all over this. Delia is amazing and leads you along so vividly that when I looked up the photos from the case, it was exactly as she had helped me picture it. I am almost done with season one and can't wait to start the next season. I hope they do many more! Great job ladies!
Love this podcast. I binged season 1 and started season 2 only to realize I can’t binge it as episodes aren’t available yet, only 1 per week! Delia does a great job of including the facts without interjecting her personal opinions.
Delia, you’ve done a great job with this. Excellent investigative journalism. Really hope this case can be solved for Donnie and the family. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more of your work.
I tried
I started listening to this podcast cause it was talked about on Crime Junkie. Unfortunately, the phone interviews and the back and forth of....just everything. I just can’t do it.
Such a good podcast. I’m already on episode 11. It only took me a weekend 😂
So rad..
This was bomb. Binged it all.
Ray from Orange County
Love this podcast! Living in coastal NC and never having heard of these two crimes, I’m enjoying the in depth analysis. Excellent.
Season 2 highlighting crack addicts :(
I enjoyed Season 1 and thought it was well done. I’m 2 episodes into the next season and wondering why Delia are you focusing your energy on crack addicts? Yes all lives matter but this girl made some really bad choices and it’s no wonder the witnesses don’t remember anything! How about producing a season focused on people who have made contributions to their families and communities instead??
Loretta Dee
Favorite podcast of all time
I felt compelled to write a review after seeing some very negative ones. Some of those reviews seem to be incoherent nonsense, but two of them stuck out to me. I recently binged season 1 in a few days and I loved every second of it. This case consumed me and still does. My favorite thing about the way Delia structures her episodes is that she includes the phone calls and recordings of in person conversations. Yes, occasionally they aren’t the best quality but I’ve never had trouble understanding people or gotten annoyed with it. I think it’s much more interesting and immersive than hearing a summary of the interactions. Another comment I noticed was about Delia being negative about police. Literally what?? She stays in contact with multiple members of law enforcement and they seem to get along well. Lots of them are happy that she brings up old details and reports they forgot about so that they can revisit those things. Just because she questions whether or not they thoroughly followed certain leads doesn’t mean she’s criticizing police. She’s just trying to do a thorough investigation and get all the facts. Anyway, this podcast was very refreshing to me compared to my usual one case per episode true crime podcasts. I felt like I was riding along with Delia as she did all the leg work and I really got to understand this case as thoroughly as anyone other than law enforcement possibly could. Thanks Delia for your hard work!!
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Gets me through the work day
Love to listen this podcast while working!
Jacqueline :)))
The Best
Keep doing what you do. One of the best podcast out here.
So Far So Good :)
Love the non-linear way Delia tells this story - it is really gripping. However, (and maybe this is just me) but all the people she interviews sound the same and I find it extremely difficult to understand them at times. I have to go back and listen to a sound clip over and over again. Best with headphones - but I realize this is an issue that is hard to fix!
Great podcast! Love the reporting!
It’s a no from me dog...
Audiochuck? Really...when will people wake up and realize Ashley Flowers and co. is a company built on plagiarism and others ideas? I heard an ad for this on another podcast, saw audiochuck and HARD PASSED. When Ashley atones for her mistakes and starts owning her cringey behavior...maybe.
Great podcast
This is a very great podcast and very interesting! Glad she is using her instigative journalism in it! Highly recommend
j.j panda
Great Podcast
Very well done. Great information. I was able to picture everything as the story went. The host is easy to listen to. I listened to the first episode a few days ago and the binged the entire first season.
Mz Melley
I’m probably gonna come back to binge season 2 when it is finished. I came here from crime junkies and I’m obsessed ❤️
Well done.
Quality reporting. Clear voice. No annoying cringeworthy ads. Great flow and easy to follow along. Keep up the awesome work!
True Crime Junkie Playground!
I was slow to warm to this podcast because I was used to the 1 episode, shut and closed sort of format of Crime Junkie. However, I eventually became obsessed with this podcast because Delia’s actually investigating it. It is like the college course of Crime Junkie, where you get to hear the behind the scenes work of someone who is following leads—which may or may not turn out. Thank you Delia for all of your work and captivating content!
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Amazing host
Delia’s voice and delivery are perfect. Excellent investigative journalism. Compelling case. I just can’t say enough good things about this podcast!
Grew up visiting right in this area of Kill Devil Hills so I am familiar with many of the locations such as the gas station. Although we now spend time on Hatteras Island we still visit and have friends who live in Nags Head. I have a vague memory of this murder being reported, in part because such horrors are so rare in the area. Delia does a nice job explaining each aspect of her investigation and painting a picture I can see in my mind’s eye. Thought provoking. At times disturbing. Interesting.
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Investigative journalism at its finest
Delia is a phenomenal journalist and truly captivating. It is so clear how much heart, soul and expertise she put into this podcast. I truly hope her hard work brings justice for Denise and her family.
Great podcast Just also wanted to clarify that the jugular vein and carotid artery are not the same thing
Many more questions
I love this podcast! Your storytelling is wonderful! I am left with many questions with Denise‘s case… What happen with her dog? Did she tied up when visitors came over? Did she always sleep naked? So many more but those are the ones that are really bothering me! I am looking forward to season two.
I’m confused
I’m on episode two. If my daughter was murdered and someone that did crack with her that night... that had a criminal history... and admitted that he didn’t remember the evening, WASN’T fully investigated, that would be what was wrong. People are wrongly accused and there is corruption in the system, I feel like those cases that are clearly race related need to be highlighted. There are many sides to an investigation. If you’ve read it this far, I urge you to listen to in the dark about the Curtis flowers case. I won’t listen to another episode of this podcast but I hope they try and interview law enforcement and the victim friends and family. I hope there is a resolution to this case. Very sad.
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Must listen to this podcast...
Been a lawyer for 30 years. Your podcast is professional and outstanding.
Keep the seasons coming!
Delia D’Ambre is a great interviewer and story teller. Thank you Delia for not letting us forget these women.
Great reporting and investigating
Keep this up!
Such a great podcast!
This is a must listen! Keep me hooked until the end!
Love it!
Love this!! Can’t stop listening!!
Spell Bounding
Love this podcast binged all day....
Just binge season 1! Your doing a great job. Stay safe out there! 🙏
Great show.
I love Delia’s voice and her story telling. I feel as though she is very thorough and is a great investigative journalist. Excellent podcast!
Important work
This is one of the best podcasts, and possibly even the best, podcast I’ve ever heard. Production value is amazing, his is likable, and most important the episodes are addictive, fascinating, well paced, and amazingly researched. Delia focused on one case all of season one, and her dedicated work got the ball rolling on a cold case murder. She presents facts in a way that was so interesting that I finished the first season in two days time. This is the work most of us want to be able to do, the sort of hero we want to be. I love it so much!
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So glad I binged season one in two days so I can be ready for season 2!!
Digging Deep
What a great of digging into this crime so deep. Why are you not an investigator yourself, I don’t know.
Codi K.
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