Cottonwood Church
Cottonwood Church
Cottonwood Church
Cottonwood is a non-denominational Christian church for all generations with a mission of Bringing a Living Jesus to a Dying World. Located in Los Alamitos in Orange County, California, Cottonwood was founded by Bayless and Janet Conley and is pastored by Harrison and Bethany Conley. This podcast includes sermons from our Sunday and midweek services.
Hear And Be Wise | Ps. Bayless Conley | Cottonwood Church
We could all use wisdom from heaven as we face various seasons or trials in life. In this message, Pastor Bayless Conley uses the acronym WISE to give us four things that if we listen and apply them in our lives, we can find God’s wisdom there. As we turn to God’s WORD, have INTEGRITY, listen to the SHALOM or peace of God in our hearts, and also lean on the wisdom of EXPERTS or those that have gone before us, we come to realize His wisdom is available to us if we are willing to lean in and listen to what He says.
Mar 24
40 min
Cultivating a Deep and Personal Relationship with the Bible: Practical Insights and Approaches
In this video podcast, we delve into the art of establishing a meaningful connection with scripture. Whether you're a seasoned reader or just beginning your journey with the Bible, this video offers valuable insights and practical approaches to enhance your spiritual engagement.Link to register for the next Workshop: the video, we take a closer look at various aspects of scripture:Slowing Down to Savor Scripture:18:30 - Exploring Psalm 2319:00 - Reflecting on Psalm 1:1-2We discuss the importance of choosing what to read based on our season of life, drawing inspiration from Martin Luther's perspective on the Book of Psalms:23:30 - “So that you may truly call the Book of Psalms, a little Bible; for in it all things that are contained in the whole Bible are given to us in the most wonderfully brief and sweet manner, and condensed into the most beautiful manual” - from Martin Luther’s A Manual on the Book of Psalms.We also provide guidance on where to start reading in the Bible, depending on your familiarity with scripture:24:14 - The Gospel of John and the Book of Romans are a good place to start if you’re just coming to know Jesus. The other gospels that talk about Jesus’s life are Matthew, Mark, and Luke.24:43 - Ecclesiastes and Job help us tackle the big questions of life.25:10 - Exploring "The Letters" from Romans to Jude.Additionally, we touch on reading the entire Bible and understanding its interconnectedness:31:50 - Learn more about the “hyperlinks” of the Bible in this BibleProject video: - Reflecting on Acts 20:27 and the concept of the "full counsel of God."As we conclude, we find inspiration in Romans 11:33-36:40:20 - "Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out! 'Who has known the mind of the Lord? Or who has been his counselor?' 'Who has ever given to God, that God should repay them?' For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen."Join us on this enlightening journey of deepening your relationship with the Bible. Like, share, and subscribe for more insightful content on faith, spirituality, and personal growth. Let's explore the richness of scripture together!
Mar 21
41 min
5 Things Godly Wisdom Does Not | Ps Harrison Conley | Cottonwood Church
In this message, Pastor Harrison Conley uncovers the powerful insights King Solomon imparts to his son in Proverbs chapter three, addressing pivotal themes that resonate even in today's world. As we explore the recurring theme of 'DO NOT' throughout the chapter, we reflect on the significance of embracing godly wisdom amidst a culture increasingly influenced by worldly values. Discover how prioritizing God's law, embracing love and faithfulness, trusting in divine guidance, and accepting divine correction can profoundly impact our lives. Join us as we unravel the transformative potential of aligning with God's wisdom in a world fraught with conflicting ideologies.
Mar 17
53 min
How to Heal a Relationship | Joel Holm | Cottonwood Church
Proverbs 18 teaches us that our words carry immense power, capable of bringing life or death. Joel Holm expands on this idea, emphasizing how our speech influences both our personal lives and our connections with others. By cultivating habits like listening, speaking the truth gently, and always speaking life giving words, we open ourselves to the transformative work of God in our hearts. This transformation ultimately leads to a shift in how we communicate, fostering healthier and more positive relationships.
Mar 10
47 min
The Wisdom of Honoring an Older Generation | Ps Kenneth Mulkey | Cottonwood Church
In our world today, many people are growing older yet trying to turn back the clock to look and feel younger. However, the Bible tells us we have a treasure in an earthen vessel. Pastor Kenneth Mulkey shares God’s wisdom from the book of Proverbs on why and how we should honor the older generation. Don’t miss this enlightening discussion on valuing the knowledge and experience of our elders in a world often focused on youth.
Mar 3
53 min
Preach, Provide & Pray | Ps Bayless Conley | Cottonwood Church
In this message, Pastor Bayless Conley unravels the profound teachings in James chapter 5, where two distinct themes are interwoven. James has a powerful message for both the wealthy and those just getting by. He warns those who are consumed by greed and materialism while encouraging the godly rich to be generous and responsible with their resources. Be encouraged with the timeless wisdom on wealth, justice, and our role in advancing God's kingdom in this insightful message.
Feb 25
46 min
The Who Is You | Ps Harrison Conley | Cottonwood Church
In James, chapter 4, James starts by addressing a really touchy subject. "What causes fights among you?". Pastor Harrison Conley breaks down what James was saying verse by verse and reveals where the real issue comes from. He establishes that the root of the problem is not out "there", but rather in "here". In this message, you'll discover how you can push back on the issues inside of you and how to draw near to God.
Feb 18
46 min
How to Get Wisdom | Joel Holm | Cottonwood Church
We often need God’s help because we do not use His wisdom in the decisions we make. The good news we find in James is that God wants to give us wisdom abundantly, and all we have to do is ask. In this message, Joel Holm shares three things regarding wisdom - what wisdom is, how it works, and how we get it. Wherever you need wisdom in your life, you can learn to unlock it if you're willing to pursue it.
Feb 11
42 min
Horses, Ships, and Forest Fires | Bayless Conley | Cottonwood Church
What does a horse, a ship, and a forest fire have to do with the importance of your words? Ps. Bayless Conley breaks down each metaphor from the book of James and how your words can directly influence every aspect of your life. He explores how your tongue can affect your outcome and what you can do if you want your life to change.
Feb 4
45 min
Experiencing Faith | Joel Holm | Cottonwood Church
How do I know if I have true faith or false faith? And how do I experience true faith?In today’s message, Joel Holm continues on our series of the book of James uncovering the essence of genuine faith and false faith. Join us as he guides us through the journey of surrendering to Christ, revealing how this life-changing encounter brings freedom, peace, and joy, affirming our identity as cherished children of God.
Jan 28
36 min
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