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*INTER-REVIEW* "Death Cash America" by Boy In Sleep / Asheville, NC
39 minutes Posted May 18, 2020 at 7:00 am.
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Show notes

There is a band from Asheville, NC that I have been obsessed with since the Myspace Era (sidebar: I just went to the site, they actually have, like, current pop culture news on there LOL who is looking at that??) called RBTS WIN and one of the founding members (Javier Francisco Bolea) dropped a solo record on 4/20 of this year called Death Cash America under the name Boy In Sleep. And I love it.

I wanted to connect with him and talk about the record, essentially review it while he was there to offer up little gems about the tracks and confirm or deny my opinions. Of course we discuss his "creative process" and his "mindstate" while working on these "tracks" in the "studio". (Even if the "studio" was just him working on his laptop in a coffee shop or on his porch.)

I highly recommend copping this album and letting it be a part of the soundtrack of your life. Javi is a super sweet dude and really smart and he was a pleasure to talk to. And this album has greatly improved my otherwise-impaired Spring season.

PS shout out to Spring for hanging out so long this year. It ain't hot and humid in NC yet WTF let's enjoy it while we can.

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