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Eric Deines / Bloomington, IN
43 minutes Posted Apr 27, 2020 at 6:00 am.
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Show notes

I met Eric Deines during the Myspace Era when he was just a fresh-faced golden boy, his teeth white as a bar of Ivory soap, a wee cap atop his head like a poached egg on an English muffin. He showed up at my house with George Brazil one day and never left.

Just kidding, he totally left. Never saw him again. Until now.

That's actually not true either. But anyway, he was in a band that changed its name to B C N C that I used to play with and he probably did some other stuff but what I am really blown away by these days is his art which I highly suggest you check out even though we don't mention it on the podcast. These days he's an indie rock power player who gets to do cool shit like go to the Grammys and pick which intern gets to wrinkle Justin Vernon's clothes.

I really enjoyed talking to him and consider this my finest podcast to date.


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