Core Elements
Core Elements
Wes Wilson
CE 65: @MikeRugnetta
1 seconds Posted Sep 5, 2014 at 1:36 pm.
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After a long dormant period inside the volcano, Mike Rugnetta from PBS Idea Channel returns for a reasoned discussion about the nature of games and our media. In addition to talking about his work with PBS and podcasting, we look into the obtuse nature of non-DS Zelda, the corruption that nostalgia can throw on your game replays, and the persistent ear-plugging of the angry gamer bros. [MP3 AUDIO] Mike on Twitter PBS Idea Channel Reasonably Sound Podcast Try out Loot Crate and support the show! My latest Unboxing video [LINK] Mike's tweets regarding Feminist Frequency [LINK] Equality is the worst thing that could happen [LINK] Passing off Anti-Feminist Nonsense as Critique [LINK] Jim Sterling: Social Justice Warriors and Ganondorf [LINK] League of Legends critics are trying to sell themselves, not fix the game [LINK] The Note 4 VR Rig [LINK] Explore Destiny with Google Street View [LINK] What happens if you op everyone on a server For a video of this episode go to: