Cool and Crazy Cats
Cool and Crazy Cats
Liani Ragade
Cool and Crazy Cats is a podcast about cats. Liani features interesting and fun topics such as cat breeds, how to care for your cat, and many more cat-related things. If you are a cat lover or want to be one this podcast is for you, so listen in, subscribe and leave a rating!
Interview with cat lover Yvette B. Walker
Who says cat lovers can’t be cat experts? This week’s episode will feature Yvette B. Walker, host of a podcast called Positively Joy. We will talk about why cats are so amazing, why these furry felines are so interesting, what is most annoying about these adorable angels, and Yvette will give some advice for cat lovers! So, tune in today for the answers to all these questions!
Aug 7
16 min
Terrific Turkish Vans
This week's episode will be about the terrific, water-loving breed called the Turkish Van! Get ready to learn some cool and crazy facts about the Turkish Van's history, physical traits, temperament, and more! So tune in this week, and please leave a rating!
Jul 31
8 min
Talkative Tonkineses
Are you ready for this week's episode of Cool And Crazy Cats? If you are, then get ready to learn about the talkative Tonkinese breed's origins, physical traits, temperament, and more! Meow!
Jul 24
7 min
Beautiful Russian Blues
Are you ready for another episode of Cool And Crazy Cats? If the answer is yes, then get ready to learn about the beautiful Russian Blue breed's origins, physical traits, temperament, and more! So, listen in, and learn about this week's cat breed!
Jul 17
8 min
Noble Nebelungs
What is a Nebelung? What does it look like, and where does it come from? Lucky you, because this episode has the answers to these questions and more! So, if you want to learn more about this beautiful cat, put on your headphones, and listen to this week's episode! Meow!
Jul 10
10 min
Bonus Episode 1
In this bonus episode, I will interview Katy Bellers, a cat-loving veterinarian who will answer some questions I have for her, such as what it is like to be a vet, what she thinks about cats, and more. So, listen in to hear what this cat-loving vet has to say in this bonus episode!
Jul 3
8 min
Sophisticated Sphynxes
This episode is about the Sphynx, a cat breed known for its hairlessness. But, is the Sphynx breed really hairless? And what does it feel like when you pet one, because they have no fur? Listen to this episode to find out the answers to these questions, and more!
Jun 26
7 min
Spectacular Siameses
This episode is about the Siamese, a spectacular breed of cat. Have you ever wondered the legend about a Siamese cat’s crossed eyes and crooked tails? Or do you know which movies Siameses were featured in? If the answer to both those questions is no, then listen to this episode to learn the answers!
Jun 19
9 min
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