Tim Conway Jr. on Demand
Tim Conway Jr. on Demand
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Great daily listen
This is one of my absolute favorite podcast. I listen live everyday but I can always go back and listen to what I missed. This is such a great show and love ok as well.
This guy has road the coattails of his father. He’s not entertaining or funny and simply says “ding dong” at everything in the news and expecting to get a laugh. It’s so ridiculous; anyone can go on the air and blurt out “ding dong.” This show is ding dumb!
Ding Dong! We don’t get enough of you!
Love ya !
Love Mark Thompson HATE orny adams
Ok I’m a LONG time kfi listener and enjoy when Mark Thompson fills in or is a guest but I do something I rarely do ever when orny adams fills in or guest hosts…. I immediately change the station or close the podcast. He’s about as fun to listen to as Shannon from Gary and Shannon (NOT) Hey here’s an idea put ornery and Shannon on from 1am to 3am.
Nothing better! Conway and Thompson!!!
Mark Thompson adds a lot to the show and I love hearing his stories with Conway’s humor.
NoHo Kid
Awesome show!!!
Tim is hilarious…
I need the show to start the day
I never start the day without Conway. So I try not to listen Friday night because I need it Monday morning to get my day started in order to get to work. It calms me down and entertains me. The only downside is that people probably don’t understand why I say “ding dong with that guy!” when someone does something cool.
Gomer George
Love the show usually
Why does it take you so long to download the show each night?
Used to love listening… but now TOO MANY COMMERCIALS!!! And they’re LONG! Blahhhhhh
The best in radio!
I love Tim and the whole crew! I never miss a show. They keep me informed but in a fun way.. perfect to listen to while doing work around house or getting ready for bed. Keep up the great work!
Hotel TD
Mark Thompson is the best
Love Tim Conway Jr and the gang. Love love love love love it.
Ding Dong w/ agreeing to disagree
Tim Conway Jr is mostly funny and engaging along w/ his cohorts, although I disagree with his more conservative right-wing viewpoints.
No more Mark
Enough of Mark Thompson to last until spring break next year. Best of would have been much better!!!
Tim Conway show
Love your show! And Mark Thompson too!
fiddler one
Love the show
Best show out there! So informative and funny Tim is great, true talent
This 30 min format is impossible
I love the shows and personalities but the 30 minute format is very difficult to work with when you can’t keep going back to the phone and if you download the episodes they will not roll to the next unless you have WiFi. No WiFi in the car or out in the field. I know you sell more ads but if it’s to hard to listen to no one will hear the ads anyway.
Ding Dong
It’s great listening to Tammy it’s like an old friend who tells you the news and has great insight.
Rhet Ard
Huge Stud!!!!!
I have been a Tim Conway jr listener since FM talk days 97.1 this version of the show is great comfort food for the soul. For the slow people who couldn’t figure out podcast settings, you set it to sequential order I noticed the recent episode was uploaded not in sequential order so I went to my settings and now it’s set to new episode two old episodes. This is not rocket science folks.
Horrible new format I won’t be listening anymore
Horrible new format the way it’s split up just to add commercials is horrible if I wanted to listen to it that way I would just listen live
wow jyst wow
Tim is great, I hate the 30 min segments.
Go Back To One Podcast Per Show
Great show and I love listening to the podcast. The new format of uploading the show per segment is a pain in the rear for listening. Hour 1 doesn’t automatically show, they play in reverse order - it’s a mess. If I wanted to listen to each segment shortly after broadcast, I’d just listen live. Instead, when I want to listen the next day, I get segment 4 first. Forget about trying to straighten it out if I miss a day. Please reconsider and for back to the old way.
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Change your pod format back
Tim is great- the best, but please go back to your old pod format. The shows are now broken into four segments and are upside down with the last segment playing first. Yec- horrible.. Terrible for pod lovers.
Da Zapper
Love the show!
But why are episodes broken out in to 30 minute segments now? And they don’t play sequentially or fully through. Wahhh!! Is there any way to fix this? Please? 🙏🏼😕😊 Oh, and it doesn’t matter if I access via the Apple app or KFI directly. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Love Timmy and Crew
Been listening to Tim since I was 16 years old on 97.1, in 2012 I moved to SF and still have not missed a show.
Fantastic Show!!
This show brightens up my nights Monday through Friday. It makes me laugh even on nights that I feel like crying. Tim and his whole crew are the absolute best! : )
Puzzle fanatic 2012
Get this gamma some lips
Who’s responsible for the theft of Conways lips and what have you done with them?
If he could just be funny, too Trumper. It’s embarrassing for him. Not as funny as Carolla, right?
Stiral Sparecase
John & Ken
None better! Not even by a long shot! Keep on keeping on you guys!
zzzzz zxzxz
You have the best podcast on earth. Please continue.
Charles NV
Ding dong
Timmy time Rules
no good a all
Timmy Timmy Timmy
This is a great show to listen to. Tim will talk about a subject with 100% confidence and have no idea what he’s talking about. I can’t tell if he’s just trolln’ the audience or is just that confident it what he says. Ding Dong!!!
Packer Transplant.
You better be back on Monday! I can’t take that racist Kelly or that soy boy snowflake Thompson. Their TDS is ridiculous. I miss you! No more time off till Christmas for you.
Best show on radio
Tim and crew are all awesome! Listen to pod cast every day. Ding dong
lake elsinore guy
Love TCJ and Crew
I listen to every single episode and usually more than once. This show entertains me and makes me laugh and is very informative when need be. It feels like listening to old friends. Love love love this show and all of the people on it especially Timmy, Bender, Mondo, Bellio and Angel. I really enjoy when Mark Thompson is on with Timmy. Or even when he fills in I enjoy listening to him too.
I love Mondays because Timmy and his team are back.
Great shoW
Love this shoW. Not boring at all but i also dont like hoW he shoWs that he likes trump. Keep politics off your shoW or atleast dont shoW What side u lean toWards🤦‍♂️
All good except...
Funny, old school radio feel. Only knock is when Tim goes on rants about how Trump is a victim. 🙄 The rants are heartfelt, which is pretty nauseating. Outside of politics, I really like the show.
podcast seeker
Never a dull moment
From car chases to hints on ordering fast food this is the fastest 2 hrs in podcast.
Only plays the first 2 hours of the show! No worth it.
It stops almost 2 hours before the show ends. I love the show, but the podcast is here is very frustrating!! Don’t waste your time unless you just want to listen to the first 2 hours but be aware that it will cut off during a interview or mid sentence. IHeartRadio doesn’t let you download podcasts for offline listening of this show. So people like me get screwed out of listening to the show on my own time. Such a waste of time!
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I love the food, I love the prices GORILLA GORILLA GORILLA LOOSE
Love Timmy and the gang. Always makes my day Ding Dong!!
Bedtime with Tim
My husband loves listening to the radio before he falls asleep. We both agree that Tim is entertaining and look forward to his show
Cheryl Kaufman
I get my KFI fix! Tim his hilarious!
As a native Angeleno, I have always had KFI on the radio. Now, no matter where I am, I can take KFI with me! I listen to it daily as I work at home. Tim Conway Jr is hilarious and crazy, but at the same time there's nothing in his show that you would be embarrassed to have your friend from church or your mom listen to. He's always upbeat and not full of angst.
A Late Night Los Angeles Institution!
If you live in the south land, or use to live here, or want to live here, this is the radio/podcast for you. The show is great. Its hilarious, its in the moment, and its truthful. I'm so glad the local nightly radio show is now availiable via pod. I started listening in the late 90's in grad school and thru the years lost touch with the show. But I now eagerly listen every morning and evening during drive time.
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Why are podcasts not up to date?
Podcasts arrive late, especially on Fridays. This past week, none of the Friday morning shows were available by Friday night. At one point I got the Bill Handel podcast on Friday night but by Saturday the Friday podcasts had disappeared. Isn’t there someone who is in charge of making podcasts available? I enjoy the KFI podcasts but when they don’t arrive within 12 hours after the broadcast it’s very annoying.
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Ding Dong!!!
Tim Conway is the best. There’s a lot of different things to listen to but this is so entertaining he is funny obviously a degenerate gambler what’s not to love. Keep it up Timmy. It’s Timmy time!!!!!
Ding Dong
Always fun, nice break from people screaming at each other.
I love it!
I’ve been listening for years. Tim is hysterically funny and whip smart. I listen to every podcast as I drive around. Thank you Tim & Team for making me laugh every day!
Peaches McFluff
Unbelievable abuse of unbelievable is unbelievable
Come on. Tim’s credibility is blown. Because everything Tim talks about is “unbelievable” to him, it’s a sad case of credibly lost. It’s sadly unbelievable. Was good show before it became unbelievable. Now unlistenable. Credibility lost. It’s just unbelievable. Since per Tim, everything is unbelievable, nothing is believable. You know that.
Nick da Nayme
A great listen!
Tim and The Crew have a good time doing the show and you can hear it! Very entertaining!!
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