Conversation & Pronunciation: Learn English with The Rachel's English Podcast
Conversation & Pronunciation: Learn English with The Rachel's English Podcast
Rachel's English: Pronunciation & Conversation Guru, American Accent Trai
Study English conversation skills with one of YouTube's most popular English as a Second (or third!) Language teachers, Rachel of Rachel's English. Most beneficial for intermediate to advanced students, Rachel's specialty is the nuance and musicality of spoken English. Learn about English stress, sounds, and melodies, in addition to American slang, idioms, phrasal verbs, vocabulary, common phrases, culture, and more! Each episode is a CONVERSATION, so join the conversation now and learn how to communicate naturally in English.
025:  New Year's Resolutions
Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Today we discuss the kinds of resolutions we make, and discuss tips on how to keep them. Learn what a SMART goal is, and learn the idioms and interesting vocabulary words we use when speaking: ‘to be on to something’, ‘flip on its head’, ‘just in the nick of time’, ‘down to the wire’, ‘went by the wayside’, and more!
Dec 27, 2017
27 min
024:  The Best Present You've Ever Gotten
Today we talk about the best present we’ve ever gotten, and define interesting words, terms, and phrases that come up in natural conversation. Learn the phrases ‘freaking out’, ‘big deal’, ‘to be up to it’, ‘nailed it’, ‘stand out’, ‘add up’, the difference between ‘implode’ and ‘explode’, and more!
Dec 20, 2017
24 min
023:  Conversations:  Describe a Recent Situation that Made you Crack Up
David and I ask each other questions to get the conversation going – then we stop when we use an idiom, phrasal verb, or challenging vocabulary word and explain it.  You’ll learn and these words and phrases because you heard them in context!  Some of the phrases we discuss this week:  to roll with something, under your belt, to be caught off guard, amped, back pedal. 
Dec 13, 2017
28 min
022:  Phrases for being Polite in American English
When we were in Italy recently, we often struggled with knowing the polite way to phrase a request or ask for something.  We could get the point across, but we lacked nuance with the language.  Today we discuss phrases you can use to be polite in American English, like, “would you be able to tell me if you have ___”, or “we’re ready for the check, when you get the chance.”
Dec 6, 2017
26 min
021:  Our Experience Being Non-Native Speakers
Today we reflect on our trip to Italy and what is was like being non-native speakers. We discuss how we picked up language there, and how it felt not being able to fully communicate. We talk about becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable, and how to engage native speakers to help you learn.
Nov 29, 2017
27 min
020:  Letting Go of Inhibitions and Embodying a New Language
Today we listen to a conversation that we recorded in Italy with my sister- and brother-in-law as we discuss what it means to be in another country, trying to speak a new language. We talk about leaving your whole self behind to try to embody the new language, not just 'learn an accent'. We also talk about how your personality might be affecting how well you're absorbing English as you study among native speakers.
Nov 22, 2017
28 min
019:  Conversations:  What are some of the Great Things about Living in Philadelphia?
Today we study casual English conversation as David and I ask each other questions like: Think back 10 years. What's something that has changed about your personality? As we speak, we pick out the phrasal verbs, idioms, and interesting vocabulary words that come up naturally in conversation. This includes: the phrasal verb 'tuck away', the term 'byob', the phrase 'guilty pleasure', 'come along for the ride', and more.
Nov 15, 2017
30 min
018:  Taking the IELTS Speaking Test - Interview with Eliot Friesen of Magoosh
The IELTS exam tests your proficiency in English, and today we sit down with IELTS expert Eliot Fresien of Magoosh. He has created a training program to help students prepare, and today we discuss in-depth the speaking section of the exam, how it’s graded, and how to pass with flying colors.  
Nov 8, 2017
51 min
017:  Conversations:  What's the Most Challenging Job you've Ever Had?
Today David and I ask each other a series of questions to get the conversation going. Then we stop ourselves as idioms, phrasal verbs, or interesting vocabulary words come up in conversation. A sample of what is covered: meaning of ‘economically depressed’, what preposition to use with ‘proud’, the phrase ‘having said that’, the terms ‘introvert’ and ‘extrovert’, the idiom ‘green thumb’, and much more.
Nov 1, 2017
27 min
016:  Friendships in America
Today we answer questions about making with Americans—and growing friendships with Americans. Is it normal to have good friends of both sexes? Do Americans avoid talking about the difficulties in life? How to meet friends and start conversations with Americans?  
Oct 25, 2017
32 min
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