Confidence On The Go!
Confidence On The Go!
Modern Day Boutique
Confidence On The Go is a podcast that is affiliated with Modern Day Confidence. MDC is an online blogging boutique for women who need assistance with styling techniques. We want our clients to step out of their comfort zone and discovery their personal style so it can be applied to their daily habits.
S5: EP5 - From The Beginning
Set your business up for success from the beginning. You are the tone that invites others into the very space you create. Make it warm and safe for others to express their needs and this is how you'll be able to serve your community at different levels. Visit to shop for your curvy/plus needs.
Aug 16
56 min
S5 : EP4 - Authority Leads To Visibility
Just because the doors of that business isn't bursting down with customers doesn't mean it isn't working. It just mean something is missing. Joining the text tribe or visit to subscribe to the email list.
Aug 2
1 hr 43 min
S5:EP3 - Focus On Your Focus
In a world full of distractions, focus on what's most important to you and what feeds your soul. Visit to shop new arrivals. Subscribe for the next launch and promotions.
Jun 28
50 min
S5:EP2 - Stand For Something
#weRconfident that evil never wins. #blacklivesmatters Visit to shop brand apparel and new arrivals. Don't forget to join the text tribe. Shop to level up your marketing.
Jun 7
50 min
S5: EP1 - Check Your Network
Welcome to Season 5: Business and Long Term Success. This season I want to take you on my business journey. This is a very intimate subject for me so join me while I tell you how I got started. Visit for new arrivals, style stories, and lifestyle tips. Subscribe to the email list and receive %15 off or subscribe to the text tribe
May 24
49 min
S4:EP14 - Satisfied
In this moment in time, just be satisfied with where you are. Nothing stays the same when working towards a bigger purpose. Visit for new arrivals, plus size street fashion, and loungewear.
Mar 31
10 min
S4:EP13 - Titles vs. Reality
It's much more beneficial to be your authentic self in private and within business. When creating or mixing a secret sauce we put something special in the mix and that something special is within us when creating. Visit for all of your plus size street and exercise wear.
Mar 25
23 min
S4:EP12 - Cocktail Hour | Power or Powerless
With the Corona Virus spreading rapidly across the world it is our human nature to one panic or to remain calm. In the mist of panic, the body weakens more and creates stress with more worry. Yet, in the mist of calmness a plan will unfold. In this episode, there will be tools that can be used to calm the body and mind. Visit to purchase #weRconfident gear.
Mar 18
31 min
S4:EP11 - Women's History, Women's Health
Women's History Month is a time to celebrate diversity amongst phenomenal women. Phenomenal women that are leaders in there own right. Leaders that learn from other leaders to assist others in becoming LEADERS. Visit for more style and beauty tips.
Mar 11
16 min
S4:EP10 - Spring Classic Staples
"Evolution is about change and nothing will change unless there is a need. Experience your style evolution one piece at a time."Visit for more style, beauty, and lifestyle tips.
Mar 4
13 min
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