Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend
Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend
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5 + 1 stars
Conan Haunts my Dreams
Dear Conan, I recently discovered this podcast and I’ve been binging it while traveling. The episodes always make me laugh and keeps me entertained while driving long distances! I’ve been binging so much that last night I had a dream and Conan was in it. I was back in high school (graduated 5 years ago) and Mr. O'Brien was also at my school for some unknown reason. While he was leaving the school I noticed that we were both wearing overalls (his were pink) and I wanted to get a photo of us in our overalls, I tried to catch you as you left building in order to get a picture and prove that I wasn’t a crazy person, just a girl who’s not in high school, in a high school wearing overalls. And I woke up picture-less. Moral of the story, if you’re ever in a high school wearing overalls and you see someone wearing them as well, don’t let them out if your sight without taking a photo. Thanks for the podcast
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The true Conan
I appreciate Conan's wit more than his bits and interviews, I think it's why he has such a large fan following. You really get to see more of that in this podcast and less of Conan acting like, well, Conan. :)
Guests to be based on humor...
Now it’s based on pandering and political correctness. Disappointing.
Now what do I do?
I binged over 100 episodes in about a week! No I have no life. (I did skip a few of the political and sports ppl, sorry not sorry). You guys always make me laugh and today I sorely needed it! “The old tripod!” Lololol. I’d be down for a history segment with Conan, maybe at the end of each segment. Thanks guys!!
Gudy tk
I lost my left leg and I would gladly give it to Conan.
It’s probably in a ditch somewhere with his appendix
I need Conan O’Brien to be my friend.
Good God, I love this man. He never fails to make me laugh. Listening to him and watching his remotes have helped me get through these interesting pandemic times.
The world is a better place with this podcast
Conan’s hilarity and vulnerability makes him the greatest entertainer of all time. Anthony Anderson’s episode is by far the best episode yet...and I love all episodes. I’m a huge Fred Armisen fan, and that episode is worth listening too as well. This podcast has gotten me through the hardest times. Thank you Conan and guests! Continue to make me laugh when you answer how you feel about being Conan’s friend.
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My favorite
This has long been my favorite podcast. I love to listen to it as I take walks around my college campus. These days I have been struggling to sleep and I found that listening to this podcast is helpful NO you’re not boring Conan, this podcast makes me laugh and smile and forget about the world for a while. I don’t have to think about everything I need to do the next day or worry about the state of the country/world. Sets me up for a great day the next day. Thank you for all you guys do! As another reviewer said, this is a wonderfully produced podcast! Truly the best 💗
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Not for children
I was listening in the car when I picked up a kid from class. He saw the cover image and said, “Hey! Kobe O’Brien! I love him!”
So funny! But definitely not always kid friendly! 😀
We love this podcast, but learned quickly to be fast in the pause button when we were on car trips with the kids! Also, just listening to the episode where Conan talks about his appendix and wanted to say, I was able to keep my tonsils when I had them out. They were in a zip top bag! 😂🤣 Keep up the funny!
Big disappointment in Ron Reagan
According to Ron people who disagree with him should be disqualified from politics. They should not have a voice and should be deprogrammed. Ron Reagan is the one who sounds like a nazi.
An Updated, Twisted Treadmill to Oblivion
This is one of the few podcasts Fred Allen would have appreciated. Cleverness abounds with Conan and his crew, with the best moments often not involving the guests in any way. Particular enjoy the drifts into historic ephemera between Conan and Matt, along with Sona’s feigning frustration with such conversations. And Fred Allen would have laughed out loud at your show and it’s construction. No profligacy here, whatever it costs, the podcast is money well spent. Thank you all for your efforts.
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Great show, but
I love the show! Especially the introduction and closing segments. Im a Conan fan who hasn’t had the opportunity to watch his show since the early 2000’s. Conan is as funny as he ever was. However, it’s clear from guest selection and occasional comments from Conan, Sonya, and Matt that this show is left leaning and specifically anti-trump. I wish I didn’t know any of your political views. Why not just make people laugh?
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At times awkward; generally HILARIOUS podcast
This podcast is hilarious. It keeps me laughing & interested, even when I’ve never heard of your guest (Bruce Springsteen? Who even is that? And what is he “the boss” of???). Conan’s extreme self-deprecation and faux-pomposity are ridiculous, but in a good way. I’d like to know more about Sona. She doesn’t get to talk much, but then again, neither do Conan’s guests.
All about Conan.
Great guests although he doesn’t let them speak. Then he pitches a bunch of crap for you to buy. Might be able to make a friend if he listens a little bit!
2nd best podcast of my week
And I would listen to a Conan History Podcast so hard!
Hart SL
Loved it until .....
I was a loyal listener every week .... until the election came around and Conan couldn’t resist but bring politics in and mAke it known who he thinks we all should vote for ...... I took a few weeks/months off because I thought my attitude would adjust and I would see the podcast as the fun smile and laugh it used to bring me but it ruined it for me and every time the podcast come up on my feed I have to pass. Today I’m unsubscribing, and I’m SO sad because this was such a feel good hour for me every week. I wish Conan could have respected the multiple views his audience members have and keep the negetivity of politics out of this show.
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Lincoln girls
Your podcast is funny
But that’s not the point of this review, I just wanted to let you know that after years of asking doctors for the things they took out of me in surgery (I had a brain tumor but they didn’t give me that), like you with the appendix, they finally relented and gave me my inner ear bones. I have them in a small specimen cup and I’m hoping to get them dipped in gold and turned into earrings. GET IT?! Bc they are ear bones. Sona, you’re the best.
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Props to Gourley!
I just listened to a podcast that was not as well produced and I had to shut it off because the mouth noises of the speaker were making my brain crawl. I remembered that Gourley had said one time that he cuts out all the times that Conan makes tongue clicking noises, and it compelled me to write this review and thank Matt for his diligence. I don’t think that kind of quality workmanship gets enough appreciation (Conan). My enjoyment of podcasts is dependent upon two things: a charismatic, clever host, and careful editing of oral / biological moisture noises. Matt, your work makes it possible for me to at least partially enjoy this podcast to the extent that you are able. Thank you sir!!! P.S. love you Conan. Thank you for speaking up and getting political. Don’t let the haters get in your head, you did the right thing. ❤️
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So funny
love it.
Great Podcast
Great podcast, but I would like a preread paperback in exchange for this 5-star review.
It’s ok
Sona and Matt really carry the show, the other guy is ok.
I ❤️Conan
Thank you for literally making me LOL so all the strangers stare at me laughing hysterically alone in the park.
Great podcast but why less Gourley?
I love this podcast, but most of all I love the Conan, Sona, Gourley chemistry. I feel like this season, Gourley is mostly silent during the guest interviews. My guess is that this is due to being distant and interjections are hard on zoom. But I just want all members of the show to know that Gourley is an integral part of the magic formula of the show.
Jersey crossword
here’s your 5 star negative review
A couple thoughts: - Super disappointing and shockingly ignorant - please do a Conan without Borders in America and begin in the “racist” southern states. I believe you would be shocked at just how wrong you are about conservatives -Befriend some of these “authoritarian, nazi” republicans like Rep. Dan Crenshaw who sacrificed a lot so you and Ron could FREELY call people racist Nazis. Check out his podcast episode on the same subject (Jan 6) and listen to a true republican leader. -maybe invite Ben & Erin Napier onto your show so you can get a true Mississippian perspective from two people who live there, own small businesses there & I bet know an “authoritarian” republican or two!!!!! Not Ron from Seattle. -Many conservatives were horrified by what took place on Jan 6. Many, including me, grabbed my children and showed them what was happening and dealt with the emotional impact. -For a large majority of Republicans and Trump supporters, his time as president ended in November. - Time and again I have given you the benefit of the doubt and respected our differences. A couple other voices you might find interesting... Tim Scott Trey Gowdy Larry Elder
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Love love love
Interesting(and confusing) how some listeners are so hurt by the (very occasional) political content in the show, when they know exactly where Conan stands on the political spectrum(having Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton on the show).
This should be called “The Advertisement Podcast”
Love Conan and the gang but the abundant increase in ads has made it unbearable to listen to, even when having an interesting guest.
How has Mr. T not been a guest?!? One star reduction.
Not sure how I feel about the new team member
I love Conan and his crew. Not sure if the energy of the new member matches so great.I will have to wait and see. But like I said normally I’m a five star rate cause I love Conan
This podcast is life
I don’t know how I got through the last couple years without Conan, Sona, and Matt. And I was thinking about how when it’s safe to fly and when I can start attending conferences again (I’m a scientist), I can’t sneak a live showing of Conan in because it’ll be off the air, and that made me sad. So I guess I’ll dry my tears with another episode of CONAF. Please keep doing this Sipe forever!
Doc Auk
Thanks, y’all!!!
Conan, This is hands down the best podcast, period. You, Matt and Sona always make my week. Matt and Sona are amazing, necessary and hilarious, but your mind is truly a national treasure. I have been a fan of yours since the mid 90’s, and you are truly the best interviewer of folks, and your quiver of pals that you choose to interview on the podcast are perfect. Thank y’all for bringing joy and laughter to me and mine during the strangest times of our lives. Please continue to push out as much content as possible. I can’t give enough praise. Sona and Matt were my jam prior to the podcast’s existence(yes I knew of them and love them), but truly, Conan, you are my favorite person ever. Thank you all. I can’t express the importance that all of you play in my life!
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Please stop with politics
I have been listening since you started the podcast I have always respected that you avoid politics. I am tired of hearing celebrities that talk about politics. No celebrity understands what life is like for regular people.
Past interns as guests??
Conan I know Mindy kailings was an intern! And so was Angela Kinsley. Ever think of having her on your podcast?? Any other comedians interns that came out of your show?? Would be cool to hear reconnection and to really see if you can be friends with past people you employed lol
The Fantastic Three - Reviewing the Reviewers
Hi friends! Long time listener, first time reviewer! I’ve been listening to your show nearly every week for the last few years, and I can honestly say I’ve grown to think of you as friends. As a production student myself, I’ve learned a lot from you three. Conan has taught me invaluable interview skills that I’ve use frequently in pursuit of a career in documentary filmmaking. Sona has taught me grace and elegance in handling an inconsistent work environment (choosing my words carefully here) and Matt has instilled in me a newfound passion for podcast production! The three of you have truly given me so much. All of that being said, I’ve also listened to Nicole Byer’s podcast over that last few years, so I was overjoyed to see that Conan was the guest on this weeks episode! As much as I loved hearing you two talk about Star Wars, I found myself craving Matt and Sona’s presence on the podcast! I wanted to hear Sona’s responses to Conan’s opinions, and Matt egging them on as they spiraled down a tangent that nobody truly understood. So I guess my review is just a message to the three of you, that your podcast chemistry is something I have yet to see replicated by anybody else. I’m truly thankful for what you do, brightening my day when the entire world seems out of control. Thanks for tolerating each other for the sake of our sanity, and giving us the gift of your friendship in a time when relationships are few and far between. Lots of love, Alia
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Dangerously Addictive
I started listening to podcasts in the fall of 2020 to help get me through the pandemic. I didn't expect to get hooked on anything until I discovered this podcast. I binged every episode of Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend in less than 3 months. I would recommend this to any fan of Conan. Sona and Gourley are great, too. I'm thinking about checking out Superego next. I do wish you would do a full interview or deep dive with Jordan Schalansky on the podcast. That would be a dream come true. Thanks for laughs!
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Ronald Reagan episode was great!!
Dr Pepper Sodapop
Used to love the show but....
Ron Regan- I agree Trump is an idiot. But to say “I don’t know what happened to the Republican party. What about democrats looting burning, etc. So today’s Republican Party is different and what- the Democrats are choir boys/girls and philanthropists? You can be a republican by v as lies and hate trump
NRB 0827
Been a fan since your first night on air. I still am. However, I was really, really disappointed by the episode with Ron Reagan. The broad brush with which you painted all conservatives was a disturbing. There are intelligent, thoughtful, and good conservatives out here. You may have fallen victim to an echo chamber.
Great Show! Positive Vibes Only and Always
Love this podcast. Great work team! Oh and please don't mute sona laughing.
Great Stuff
Loved the Reagan talk. Appreciate the candid nature of the discussion. Wanna see those complicit republicans names carved across history for their shameful horshesh_t confederate propaganda. Gotta end that civil war.
that's butter
Ron Reagan episode was stellar
Favorite episode yet, which is saying a lot!
Conan needs a friend
Love Conan in every format and need him back on Tonight Show or Late Night. Cannot get through these tough times without Conan. 💕
SLO CA Native
Liza on the podcast?
Thought it would be cool to listen to you and Liza on the podcast! But of course if you want to keep your private life private, I understand! Been listening since the beginning and have been a fan of you for a long time! Thanks for helping me through 2020 as well! Love you Sona and gorelz!!!!!
Pandas rocyorsocs!!!!!!!
Key podcast for me in 2020
I LOVE how we hear more about Conan in this show, which is so different than tv ever was and I personally always wanted to know him better on air! The John Cleese show was so so fantastic. Please have Jon Hamm on. !!? Also Larry David would be epic, but interviewing him is almost as rare as Lynch! I love the co-hosts too! Sona is so fun and Matt has awesome quips, and the dynamic is so brilliant. Please never retire this show!!! Update: I appreciate the sensitivity in talking about political issues rather than just acting like they don’t happen. You’re the best
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Great for social distancing!
I usually listen to this podcast while on walks and this one time as I took my phone out of my pocket my headphones accidentally disconnected while Conan was shouting “GO WIN YOUR FRUIT!! WHAT’S BECOME OF US!?!?” for an ad read. The lady walking in front of me gave me a glance, held her purse tightly and crossed the street in a hurry. Absolutely would recommend for these difficult times.
Excellent podcast
Conan and friends have the best podcast to brighten your day. They have a fun and professionally ran podcast. I really enjoy listening and learning more about guests. Conan is a pro at asking the right questions. Thank you!
Woodsy gal
Pretty good
Good show
All the stars
Ron Reagan is Hillarious!!
Conan and Ron could have a great bromance!!! Great episode Conan! You always make me laugh. :)
Tapity tap
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