Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend
Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend
Team Coco & Earwolf
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Love your work Conan.
Always have, Always will! - Fan since 93
Causes alarming laughter
On top of the excellent guests, the conversations between Conan, Sona, and Matt often make me laugh so hard and so loud that my husband hinks I'm screaming in fear. Now in addition to "Do Not Disturb", my iPhone needs a setting that will text my husband as soon as I start listening to the podcast: "For the next hour, ignore any loud sounds from your wife."
Conanhausen is a Fanhausen! Now where’s my PT Cruiser I was promised?!
Love the new “Fan” series too, Funny, and engaging every time! My faves have been Dana Carvey (listened to deep dives episodes dozen of times) and Jeff Goldblum was a great one as well. Keep it up, I love it!
Loving Fanhausen
This first episode is fun! Please get Leanne’s Mom on in some sort of full time capacity
Yikes. Diamonds?! First thing on the podcast? Maybe read up on them.
Love that Danhausen!
Conan and Danhausen=Very and very evil large sacks of money!
Brilliant, weird and special
He had me at masturbating bear.
Danhausen As The First Ever Conan O’Brien Needs A Fan
I am totally marking out as a pro wrestling fan knowing him so well from interacting with him on his Discord server and his Twitter account! So fitting him to be the first ever here! The one and only one who ever deserves this spot! ROH! ROH! ROH! ROH!
Ayad Ali
Enough about you
Hey Conan. Perhaps you could consider letting your guests talk without interrupting them and talking ad nauseam about yourself.
Intersectional jokes? Miss me with that lol
Oh Doggey
Color me tope and call me a merperson, this’um here Conan O’Brien sure is a fresh out the oven slice of home made heart medicine. Let me splain my predicament. See, back In the 19 and 40s I was chasing these nazi fellers through the artic circle. They was hunting treasure and I was hunting nazis. Well one night a storm come and far as I can tell my platoon done got swept up into the sea cause’n the next thing I know this here Elon tusk feller is thawing me out for jet fuel. Now I don’t know a licking frog Penny a difference tween no podcasting, til tokin gob nobbers one way o the other. But this here fella tuned exactly to my station. I mean he gets it. With all your phones talking to you and computers driving your cars whooee I love hearing someone simple from mine own time and place. I may not know one wood splitting dung hickey a thing about no 2021 but I do know this here Conan O’Brien is what the people want. Irish though he may be.
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Essential brain medicine for surviving COVID
Party on
I’m late to the party, forgive me Conan. I tuned in last summer and have been guffawing ever since. Each week when it’s over I’m actually a little sad but have something to look forward to next week! Yours is the best podcast out there. Love your team too!
not a millennial...
Oh Conan, the joy you bring
Somedays I have nothing to look forward to but the wits of Conan. Really needed it today, and after 120 episodes I’m finally leaving a review, my first podcast review in fact. It’s that good! Well, Conan is, you know, you can’t help but laugh at what comes out of his mouth. Keep making these for me if no one else, well, ok, I guess it will benefit others too, so don’t stop or someone might dispatch the ninjas with pipes.
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Excellent podcast
Been a huge fan of Conan for years, am from Mass. I look forward to this podcast every week! Very entertaining , and great guests!
My name is kiddddddd
enron hubbard
Requesting more guest variety <3
I love you guys! I’m starting to feel like I wanna hear from more women or maybe just people not from snl world
Love this podcast. I have a health issue that makes it hard to get out and do much and this podcast consistently puts me in a good mood and makes me forget what I’m going through. Thanks for that!
The praise is too much
I love Conan, and the first bunch of these were fun and endearing. Conan being relaxed and Sona and Matt laughing and quipping when they felt it. I love Sona’s laugh and her wit . But the podcast has devolved to where Conan tries to heap an unnatural amount of compliments upon the guest, and Sona laughs at almost everything. It’s lost spontaneity. Maybe it’s all the years on the talk shows, having five minutes to praise guests and plug their current work. Didn’t you start this podcast as a way to relax and get to know people? You are funniest when you’re just messing around, unscripted. I love you, Conan. Such a great and funny guy. You don’t need to try this hard - you’re the best.
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⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Conan is the 🐐!!! One of the best comedians alive! I am dumbfounded at how so witty and funny one person can be
3 generations of Conan
I cannot say how much I have enjoyed this podcast. My dad introduced my sister and I to Conan fairly early on in our lives when he was on late night. I can distinctly remember every Christmas we would walk around the house singing the minty the candy cane song.. The lyrics are still burned into my head. Going to college took me away from the fun gangly red head we bonded over. I mean, who can afford cable TV in college.. am I right? My husband and I began dating and while on a trip to see my dad we were able to introduce him to Conan without boarders (hey heyyy Sona) This brings us to present day, we have our first baby. I have spent long nights and all our walks playing this podcast. We are slowly creating another Conan(and friends) fan! I also heard you on my newfound favorite podcast, my favorite murder! I too, am obsessed with murder documentaries. I have no idea if my long founded fandom had a creepy influence on this, but I’ll take it! Thank you so much for all the years you have given us joy and laughter! Madison Huffman
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I LOVE Sona’s laugh.
And the podcast. With all my heart.
Going downhill
I never loved this show. It was always something easy and light to listen to. But lately his guests are awful. I look at the list and I don’t want to listen to a word any of them have to say.
Conan is all class, original, and genuine. Still watch his old travel clips on YouTube
One year later...
A year ago, I was sad, depressed and battling COVID. I was laid off from my job I loved, and my heart was sad. At the time, I realized my College Theatre teacher, Matt Gourley, had about 734 podcasts he was a part of. I then realized, he was producing a podcast for Conan, who got me through another difficult time in life from middle/high school, with Late Night! I’ve been a fan of Conan since 1996 (not the early years because my mom wouldn’t let me stay up that late), and his comedy has been influencing my life for years. Well, flash forward to a year ago, and I needed a laugh. I started listening to the P’Cast, one episode a week, which ended up in two a week, and then three...and now, exactly one year later, I’m all caught up. It gets me through my crazy work days (yep, employed again!), and thanks to the Gourls teaching (and others, obvs.) I’ve been doing improv for 15 years. We have a troupe in Long Beach (aka probably Mexico according to Cone), and I’m personally inviting you all to come to a show on me when you’re ready to party. Sona, Marc and Marco can come too. Thank you for the laughs and helping me get through! KATAKAI!!!!
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Continued oops
Sonia makes this podcast a legit hit!!! LOVE her comments, sighs of agreeing, proper moans of disgust, PLUS her way hysterical & contagious laughter is like most epic theme/background music. Conan is one of my favorite human beings ever. His farewell words given upon leaving the tonight show still gives me goosebumps.
Thank You All!
Sona, Matt, & I guess Conan, thank you so much for sharing your talent, humor, creativity, and honesty with us all🙏🏼. Honestly, I have listened to every episode and have laughed out loud every single time. You are so freaking funny and quick witted. The improv riffs, commercials, and banter are so entertaining. As a teacher commuting 2 hours a day during a pandemic, I thank you 🙏🏼 You have gotten me through this year and I’m so appreciative. I don’t typically write reviews but when people are as impactful as you, they deserve to hear the positive feedback. So THANK YOU!
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Personally, I love Sona’s infectious laugh, and Matt’s, too. Why is everyone complaining? And Matt, you’re right about dead animals in the wall. You have to let them mummify, which is a lot cheaper than taking a wall down to the studs!
peeky toes
I love this podcast so much
I started late to this podcast. I picked it up during the summer of 2020. What a joy to go back and listen to the ones I’d missed AND to look forward to new ones every Monday. I love everything about it. I love the guests, Sona and Matt, Conan and even the mysterious Adam Sacks. Thanks so much for making my pandemic time so much more entertaining. I would definitely be your friend if you’d have me. Sincerely Maureen Arlington MA
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Meaux P.
I spit out my soda
I was just listening to the bit about the pens and a part caught me by such funny surprise that I spray spit soda out of my mouth and it got all over my steering wheel, car dashboard and window that I am going to have to get an interior car wash. It’s your fault and I think you should pay for it.
Sona fan club
I could listen to an hour of banter between Sona and Conan alone. The interviews are great but I love listening to Sona outwitting Conan and carrying the show 🙃😂😂🙃
sarah inm
I hope you all see this but either way... I’ve been sad depressed and going through some stuff... this podcast is often the only thing that makes me genuinely smile/laugh on a regular basis. I’ve always been a huge Conan fan but this takes it to another level. Thanks for the great show
Long time fan
The podcast is everything I need. Conan, please put my cardboard cutout on the show. Also you should have La Bamba on the show. Thank you, Gilbert Solomon
gil solomon
Conan is the G.O.A.T.!!!
Conan has and always will be the funniest person alive. I wish I had a nude painting of Conan hanging on my wall... Conan!!! As God made him. #magoosh
Chupacabra Piano
You guys are like one of the best I love you guys and I love you’re Energy soooooooo much huge fan of this podcast 👌🏼👍❤️❤️👌🏼👍✌️
Conan must be stopped
I love this show. It’s my favorite podcast. I’ve listened to every episode and I’m going back through them all for a second time. BUT that Tak/Chernobyl bit went too far. You’ve crossed the line, Coronan O’Virus. Or is that Covid O’Brien? Either way, you should apologise to Sona, and you should do it on air. She is a queen, and if you don’t apologise she might use those witch powers of hers to put a hex on you, you beautiful bastard.
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5 stars
I would like to be a guest next.
Lovely Layla
You’re the best Conan!
This podcast is hilarious and gets me through my workday. Thanks you guys!
The only podcast I listen to
Nothing will cheer you up like this podcast! Also, please bring Jim Gaffigan back for an episode. 2020 was hard. We deserve it.
Electromagnetic radiation
I’m worried about Sona not knowing about microwaves. Maybe she can check out NASA’s tour of the EM spectrum website. :)
the Tubzizzle
He could interview an actual potato...
...and I would still get in trouble for laughing too hard while my husband is trying to sleep.
I can now happily die alone
Who needs friends when I can mainline this ridiculous hilarity?!
Good podcaster, better sledder
Great podcast. I’m only giving 3 stars because Conan used to take his kids sledding on the hill at Lincoln School in Brookline, where I used to go to school. Some days after class my friends and I would go out to the school yard to play tetherball or use the swing set. On a few of those fateful winter afternoons, a large security guard would stop us and tell us that the area was off limits for the day. All we could see in the distance was a blur of red hair wooshing down the hill in a toboggan, laughing merrily while we 4th graders trooped home disappointed. This podcast helped me realize he’s not such a bad guy after all.
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Conan, Sona & Matt
Conan’s stage presence is hilarious when he’s playing that part. Here on the podcast he is in true form and I truly enjoy his deep dives with the guests. After they leave and it’s just him Sona & Matt the true magic happens because there is no celebrity/sports icon/public figure to impress and the verbal hands back and form are gold. Keep it up Conan and team, this is definitely my new favorite listening companion.
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No need for cackling
I had to stop listening because of the constant hysterical laughter in the background, which is too bad because Conan had me laughing. But the additional layer of sound was agitating. Jameela jamil was so good. Hoping the twins will give sona some time off.
I love how this show is just them trying to get free stuff from advertising.
Why do male podcasters have to have a ridiculous female laughing constantly as a sidekick? So annoying. Just talk and be funny. Lose the annoying laughing hyena.
If you give less than 5 stars you’re crazy!!!!
Conan and crew are hysterical. It’s been fun listening to them congeal over the years. Matt no longer seems afraid of offending Conan. To the person who said they don’t get it I don’t get you. This is one of my faves.
con man oh whinin'
Did somebody say Rupert Pupkin?
Hollywood bedo
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