Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend
Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend
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Summer Solo Stove 😡
I HATE Summer solo stove 😡 Also, the “Needs a Fan” ones have been universally terrible for a very long time; I just reflexively mark them as played.
Always been my favorite!
Fantastic podcast that always cracks me up, just like the show used to. You are truly one of the best, Conan!!
My favorite podcast ever, always a weekly listen
lookie here see: thats Conan O’Brien dont ya know Stand still now and we’ll take your picture and put it in the paper see Caw! Caw!
The Mike Birbiglia episode was perfection.
Christine deSi
Genuinely Hilarious
The witty, creative, on the fly humor cannot be duplicated by anyone besides Conan. Keep up the great work, absolutely brilliant.
love the pod, and just need Matt to know that in the outro credits, I join along every time he says “take it away, Jimmy”
Julia JT
not a show to try and fall asleep to. this is not a negative review. genuinely love this pod. I just wanna sleep.
Awesome Awesomely Awesomeness
I love you guys Conan O’Brien is that type of person who’s good at everything. and he’s extremely funny. Thank You Wish you could make a surprise phone call to my son. His name: Colin Make the Call on one of your live podcasts or shows. Text me with the contact information. Douglas ****** A phone call would be great.
Thanks for the laughs!
Married with No Children!
Best needs a fan to date!! I hope you go to Argentina to see her and shoot more!!!!!
At long last, we have a proper not-bad-at-all podcast 🕺
Strangers passing in the street By chance two separate glances meet And I am you and what I see is me
have Flula Borg and Kevin Nealon on at the same time. 🙏
What happened with Conan and the Jupe cologne from the Tracy Morgan episode👎👎
Where are the famous ppl?
I’ve been watching Conan for my whole life and listening to the pod since it started. No doubt that Conan, Sona, and Matt are the best but please god stop talking to regular ppl. Its getting really old and repetitive. We can talk to regular ppl everyday. You guys are the ones who know famous/interesting people. Talk to them.
My favorite
This has become my favorite podcast. Always been a Conan groupie. Conan’s ability to create and stick with a bit out of nothing is so entertaining. I love the dynamic between the 3 of them. I wish it was comedians and comedy writers only. 👌🏼 Also, why hasn’t Greg Daniels been on? I couldn’t find him on there but maybe I’m missing it.
My Five-Star Love Letter to Hilarity
Being a Conan fan for over two decades, his podcast is an absolute treasure trove of hilarity and wit. Whether cruising through the vast Alaskan landscapes on the 3-hour drive to visit my siblings in the biggest city, cleaning around the house, or grocery shopping, Conan’s comedic genius keeps me in stitches. His humor feels like an old friend. I love you Conan! Thanks for the years of laughs and for drawing yourself as a cartoon a million times so fanatics like myself could tattoo it on our bodies. Oh yeah, Sona and Matt are cool too
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The best
Conan is the best! What more needs to be said?
Pandemic perspectives
I can’t tell you how many times I notice people staring at me when I’m walking around because they notice my grinning while listening to this podcast - I try to keep the laughing internalized so I look less insane : ) I’ve been listening almost every day since summer 2022 - I started listening to the most recent episodes and working backward, then stopped with summer 2021 episodes and went back to the beginning of the podcast and starting going forward. I’m almost caught up now but haven’t listened to new episodes since March 2023. It has been cathartic to revisit my memories of relatively recent events that were so disruptive to everyone’s lives through this podcast (the 2018 and 2020 elections, Floyd’s murder, pandemic, insurrection, pandemic…). My favorite episodes from the early seasons are those with Bob Newhart, Timothy Olyphant, Kalie Cuoco, and Willie Nelson - highly recommend listeners going back to listen to them. I attribute a personality change from listening - I’m more friendly, self-deprecating, and confident, and I think it is because I spend a good part of my day smiling big and laughing inside. You have helped me lift a fog of depression. Thank you Conan and Co!
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Thank you for being a friend!
Conan has always seemed like a likeable person (maybe because he’s funny or perhaps just because you pity him). I love this show because we get to learn about the personal side of people from all walks of life! My only regret is that it took me so long to start listening to this. Thank you all at Team Coco for working on this!
I am a constant listener and enjoy the non- celebrity podcasts the most- always interesting! Keep up the great work 😃
OC beachbumb
You one stars because he has an opinion different than yours. Grow up it’s called discussion. News flash adults can discuss things and that is how ideas are moved forward. Baby’s cry and toddlers throw temper tantrums 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tired of fat old racist dudes
Jeff Goldblum
Just finished the Jeff Goldblum episode and my god was it hilarious. My cheeks hurt from how many times I was chuckling. Can’t wait for the next episode with Jeff.
Growing On Me
In general, I don’t like listening to people talk. I’ve been told this can be a problem. Now, thanks to Collin O’Brien, produce manager Marc Gorpley, and Sonar Obsidian, I am listening to people talk for minutes at a time! I feel as though I’m really growing and making a positive change in my life!
Thank you
Thank you for changing my life, Conan. Perfect podcast for these times. Guests that don’t just have something to advertise, hilarious, and all the best parts of why I watched Conan for so many years
It Doesn’t Matter
Conan was great on the It Doesn’t Matter Patreon Podcast. Really funny guy
Oscar Santana Lies
Win a Lot; Lose a Few
Guest Rahm Emanuel sure upset a few friends of the Conan podcast . Too bad that some with tender feelings believe Conan and podcast crew shouldn’t have a voice in our skewed world. To those friends, cancel if you have to but your self - censorship is slamming shut the door on civility and possibility of a solution. Best listen to the podcasts with Joe & Ben and leave us alone . Those two rarely laugh at themselves anyway.
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Love you SO much but please stay away from politics!
Conan is my escape, which started during Covid, and he makes me laugh out loud almost every podcast. The political guests are disappointing though. At least interview the other side. And no, Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t count lol. Those are the podcasts I skip altogether.
In tne year 2000
There’s no way yr proudly Armenian sidekick is super on board with yuck politicians who are doing another oppressed group very dirty. It feels like a burn coming from you. Boo
Werner Herzog and Abraham Lincoln AKA John Wick
Conan, Matt, Sona & Edwardo! That was fun and deep talk with Werner Herzog thank you, some life story! The Climax of this episode was really crazy funny! The Abe Lincoln story through John Wick lenses, the ending word check it out Motherffers!!! So funny! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 on a repeat listen to the ending more than few times!
I’ve enjoyed your shows! Thank you for taking us on your travels. Tagging along to these wonderful places and getting to meet people from around the world is a joy. AND this podcast is fantastic I’m so many ways. I can take you with me anywhere i go: traffic -Conan, Sona, and May are there, doctor’s waiting room- they are right there. Thanks! Ruth
Help this Overweight girl
Fabulous interview
Honey boo boo
tedious with some positive aspects
Conan is so permanently wedded to this painfully self-effacing persona, it’s become even more pronounced w older age and threatens to relegate him to a purely historical figure in his industry. His 2 cohosts are literally horrible
Rahm E.
Really enjoyed the interview! We need all the perspectives available! Thanks again!
Hilarious but needs to stop pushing his political views on people!
When you invite a guest to reframe the injustice and current war crimes being committed against a population of civilians, amidst a global appeal for a ceasefire, and on the most tragic of days where a barrage of bombs rained on a blacked out city.. you, sir, are a sellout. To hear that narcissistic guest regurgitate debunked news like facts, and proselytize about Russia vs Ukraine.. desperately trying to believe his own lies! There is no justification. Not after what we all witnessed. I thought you had guts when you stood your ground and refused NBC’s muck-up with Tonight Show.. But apparently that moral compass was no match for the Hollywood & media overlords. What a shame.
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Alya O
I am disappointed that off all the people, now Conan is also fallen to lies of z10ni$t propaganda machine. He tried so hard to relate to Jew so he can keep his job and brand deals.
As mayor, Rahm Emanuel covered up the killing of Laquan McDonald, a Black teenager who was shot repeatedly in the back by police. He shut down schools primarily in Black neighborhoods. As advisor to Clinton, he pushed for racist tough on crime policies that expanded the number of nonviolent offenders in prison. He also advocated for him to deport more immigrants than any other administration. I could go on... It is disappointing to hear someone with such a consistent record of opposing human rights brought on the podcast to excuse the killing of Palestinian civilians with “Israel has a right to defend itself” rhetoric. There was no acknowledgment of apartheid, the long history of violence toward Palestinians and destruction of their homes. As someone who lost a family member in 9/11, I empathize with both Israeli and Palestinian civilian victims. The Hamas attacks do not justify the escalation by the Israeli government to kill thousands of more innocent Palestinians, just as 9/11 did not justify the invasion of Iraq. I was not expecting admiration of a man who has consistently harmed others throughout his career and tacit endorsement of war crimes in this podcast.
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Know when to edit
Conan and team should have known better than to let Rahm comment (or air his comments) on the the violence in Israel and Palestine. Absolutely disgusting.
Rahm Emmanuel
Thanks for bringing on Ambassador Emmanuel. Fascinating conversation!
Rahm Emanuel? Really?
Extremely disappointed in Conan and the team for having this man on the podcast.
Captain Rob
Dafu- RAHM???
I have generally loved this pod but I think I’m done. Rahm is notoriously crooked and unashamed of it. During one of his campaigns, he placed his office one floor below ours and we went viral for humiliating him by plastering our balcony with signs for Chuy Garcia.
Fun podcast
Went limp when I first heard Conan’s voice but the dude is pretty funny. Probably the only podcast where binged from the beginning when I discovered it.
Conan was right that John bonham was recorded in unusual places like stairwells!
Sean Ryan Brierty
This podcast provided humor and sanity as I was working in the uncertain times of Covid as an ICU RN. It’s been fun to listen to the team develop. Conan’s ability to improvise, turn on a dime tangentially is the reason I don’t skip over the commercials. Listening today, Conan did a commercial for T-Mobile and he came up with a great name for a video game - Starburster! It would also be a great name for a song about tall old lady with flaming red hair who pilots a spaceship delivering snacks to convenience stores throughout the galaxy. Conan, can I use Starburster! as a name for a song? It fits my song naming convention and I’m jealous I didn’t think of it myself. Thanks, Erik
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Echo Specter
Great interview with Lars!…Dave Grohl…etc
I Love the podcast. I often review as such each time I hear a new episode I really like such as the one with Lars …And the in utero one today with Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic . Thank you 👍
Thought this podcast would teach me how to win friends. Well, nope. Still don’t have any friends. Just happy someone, “Conan”, is making friends. I think he deserve some happiness. Five Stars!!! P.S. Matt and Sona sticking It to the man. So inspiring!!!
More ads than content
Just watch the YT clips to get the 10 mins of gust interaction per episode. You’ll have to skip multiple ads there too but at least you can see when they start/end.
I think I’m done
After 20 minutes of the same joke repeated ad nauseam, we get to the interview in which Patrick Stewart relates his particularly painful childhood…which devolves into the host repeating the same joke yet again. There’s a point in which this isn’t an interview podcast and it isn’t a comedy podcast, it’s just repetitive noise. That noise, more often than not, is the host pretending to be self-obsessed to hide the fact that he’s completely self-obsessed. Sorry Conan, but Stewart doesn’t need your help to be funny or engaging.
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Excellent podcast!
Love the podcast! It's very generous of Sona to let Conan and Gourley talk at all.
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