Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend
Team Coco & Earwolf
After 25 years at the Late Night desk, Conan realized that the only people at his holiday party are the men and women who work for him.Over the years and despite thousands of interviews, Conan has never made a real and lasting friendship with any of his celebrity guests. So, he started a podcast to do just that.Deeper, unboundedly playful, and free from FCC regulations, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend is a weekly opportunity for Conan to hang out with the people he enjoys most and perhaps find some real friendship along the way.
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Perfect Thruple
I have been in love with Conan since I was a very, very small child. This podcast is perfect. Sona, Matt, and Conan are the perfect thruple, a term I can’t wait to hear be explained to Conan by Sona and Matt.
Love this podcast!!
Much needed laughter during this difficult time! Thank you, #TeamCoco!
Where’s Norm?
I’m a huge fan, I’ve been listening ever since Conan unvented the podcast!!!!! But when will you have Norm MacDonald on?!
Conan needs a friend not in the industry
Sure, celebs patting each other on the back and blowing wild fire amounts of smoke up each other is interesting and hilarious! How about picking a rando reviewer for an episode? It would an honest conversation or a hilarious fail. Try it! I mean Gethard does it best but Conan taught him well. pick a stranger as a single serving friend. It’s a great show. Listen and delete the evidence. Hey Matt. Hey Sona!
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Every conversation is honest and insightful. I get so much joy from listening to this podcast! Truly a great listen.
Kedakai, as God made her!!
I could listen to Conan, Sona, and Matt all day long! They are the funniest people on podcast. Period! This show could be longer than 1 hours and why not? Y’all are in quarantine. Keep us peasants entertained while we toil out in the world or office cubicles. And finding that Conan watched Selling Sunset gives me all the feels lmaoooo😂can’t wait for the podcast show with Liza and Sona after the divorce🤣
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Seth Paine
How old are your kids Conan?
How many times will you tell the joke about your children being in their late 40’s? You are better than that...
S’mores are great #teamsona
I’ve never written a podcast review before but felt compelled to because one, I routinely cry laughing listening to this, and two, s’mores are great. I don’t think we should bring up more divisive issues in 2020, but for crying out loud I will fight in this culture war.
I Laughed So Hard I Cried
Sean and Conan were off the charts today.
Sailin' Shoes
Conan is like ...
that hilarious uncle who died in WWI.
I love how goofy this is. You should have John Cleese on.
Sona’s right - More S’mores Please!
S’mores are one of the greatest treats, right up there with peanut butter cups. Put some mini peanut butter cups on that graham cracker instead of plain chocolate and you have the best of both worlds. Unrelated, Topsy’s in Kansas City has the BEST cheese popcorn.
Did you mean garage?
Conan O’Brien “Bickers With A Potential Friend”
Listening to this makes me wish I had better things to do… However, Matt G. And Sona obviously need the moral support from their listeners. Hang in there, guys. /jk great podcast.
Sona’s Right! As Usual
S’mores are one of the best treats! Especially when you replace the chocolate with a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup! Love the podcast! But get some better taste in treats!
I broke my ankle listening to this podcast
I have made it most of the way through adulthood without breaking a bone. Enter Conan O’Brien, and now I have a broken ankle. All this aside, this is a wonderful podcast. At times, I’ve laughed so hard it hurt (not as much as the ankle, though). The Dana Carvey and Middleditch
A fantastic podcast
Registering my vote with Sona. S’mores are one of the best parts of summer!
Conan Did Not Tell Me to Write this Review (*This should probably be capitalized)
I recently lost my father, but you know whom I have not lost? Conan. He’s still here, even though I think he wants us to think he does not want to be still present in our world. But that’s OK—I’d rather have a fake laugh than a father kept alive by artificial means. If it weren’t for Conan, I don’t think I’d have the ability to keep it together. Now if only he’d crack a Miller with me. On Zoom. With a bandana. KEDAKAI!!!
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fun bonus feature
so, the podcast, like everything coco does, is amazing! but if you ever want an extra laugh (or maybe it’s just me), play the podcast at half speed and everyone sounds like they’re either really drunk or on tranquilizers you’re welcome!
Biff Manchest
Chris Farley!
Would be a hilarious guest if he wasn’t dead. That aside, Conan has always cracked me up but this podcast never fails to make me laugh. I have a stressful life, and this podcast is pure entertainment. I love the way Conan yes ands and goes down rabbit holes; just doubles down and keeps going. And the old timey talk and harassment of Matt Gourley- hilarious! You guys are all so funny together.
dang nickname's taken
So necessary.
This podcast is magic.
Best podcast ever
My favorite podcast!
Thanks for teaching me a new word
Sgt Swanson
Feel-Good stuff
Conan makes me forget my troubles. Really fun to listen to.
Fiona Face
Team Sona S’mores
This podcast is so refreshing - I listen to it on the way home from work so I can laugh the day off. Also, S’MORES ARE DELICIOUS. #TeamSona
Best. Podcast. Ever.
I love this podcast! Conan is so hilarious and I love the Conan/Sona/Matt dynamic. Conan’s improv skills and vocabulary skills are superb. 5/5 😁😁😁😁😁
Sona, never change!
I’m only writing a review because I can’t believe all the grouchy folks wasting their time complaining about Sona’s laugh. Sona, we love you. Never change!
I love the guests but love Conan & the Chill Chumz even s’more. TBH, I want to be Sona’s best friend, I want to marry Matt & I want to be annoyingly entertained by Conan for the rest of my life. Sounds like the Quad of our dreams to me. I’ll be the Chillest Chum ‘round.
S’mores are the worst
Ladies and gentlemen we have breaking news, Conan O’Brien has said something truly groundbreaking. Back when Conan recorded the summers series as he refers to It, “summer s’mores and the chum chums” it was said that s’mores are overrated. Now the feud starts up again between Conan, Matt Gourley, and Sona Movesian. Matt teams up with Conan saying that s’mores are not nearly as good as people think they are, while Sona takes the opposition. But I think America knows that s’mores are indeed overrated or as Conan refers to it, “ molten piece of space shuttle tile that just renewers atmosphere”
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dislocated nee
S'mores: Overrated Trash - that's why they go in the fire
I’m sorry Sona, but I don’t know that you’ve ever been more wrong. S’mores are repulsive and only liked by children, because they’ve never experienced true delicacies like rutabagas and unseasoned, steamed brussel sprouts and liver. The literal only good thing about s’mores is that they served as a vehicle to create one of the undisputed single greatest moments in cinematic history. And in the spirit of that masterpiece, “You’re killing me, Smalls!!” P.S. In the behind the scenes special features on the anniversary edition DVD, Scott Smalls himself can be overheard muttering, “This s*@! is disgusting. And nobody brought water? Cool, I was hoping I could go all day with this sugary glue and cardboard stuck in my mouth.”
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S’mores rock !
I agree with your assistant Sona S’mores are the best ! The perfect balance of chewy crunchy sweet goodness she seems so cool I would love to sass my boss the way she does would love to hang with her and eat edibles and s’mores maybe combo the 2?? Anyways a big thank you for summer s’mores it has brightened many a dull hot Covid day ! Hi to Conan and Matt as well ! Love you guys Suzanne in Texas
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Team Smores
Listening to the s’mores debate as I make S’mores flavor ice cream in Freedom, New Hampshire! We should rename it The Sona. You should do a Conan Remote episode at Summer Camp.
Liked it when I could listen while on my delivery route. I get that anything goes on a podcast, but it’s gone from Conan joining a guest in cursing to Conan cursing/ talking about inappropriate things regularly.
Deon Cole!
By far the best episode so far. Non stop laughter. I’m glad he decided to be Conan’s friend.
Phenomenal podcast. Listen to every one
Team S’Mores
They’re a great way to play with your food and fire... at the same time!
Best podcast ever
Conan is the quickest and funniest SOB on the planet. I actually look forward to Mondays for the next installment. Thank you for the hours of laughs and entertainment. My only disappointment is the over production that was added into the 6 Carvey episodes. They are gold and don’t need hokey sound effects. Sona is super fantastic and a huge part of the show. I also like Matt even if he was the one who jacked up the Carvey episodes. 😂👍 old man Mike from Virginia
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S’mores Are Delicious
If you disagree you are a 🤡
Love the podcast, it’s much appreciated especially during the quarantine. After the conversation about murder, I was wondering if Conan, Sona or Matt have ever visited the Museum of Death on Hollywood Blvd?
I can hear the hair
In recent episodes, I can hear how creepy Conan’s hair has become during quarantine. He looks like an undercover cop at a skate park. He looks like a guy selling bags of oregano in a high school parking lot. And that somehow comes out in the podcast.
Sona- you’re not a laugh track
I never thought I’d see the day I’d be angered by Sona’s laugh. It’s wonderful but lately, WAY too loud. It may be a problem they can fix in editing, I don’t know. But the fact that it’s too loud highlights how often she laughs and it’s super distracting during interviews. I’ve loved the podcast since the beginning but nowadays I can barely get through half of it before I’m forced to turn it off.
S’mores & Clam Chowder
S’mores are ok. I mean, they’re fine. Ultimately overrated though. Manhattan clam chowder is objectively terrible. I’ve never met anyone that prefers it over New England style, and I’ve aggressively questioned many, many people on the topic.
Magoosh for your Vagiroo!! Best podcast hands down.
Loves s’mores. That is all
Conan will never get more friends with such a poor s’more attitude. Show is great other than that.
Thank you
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a while but but I really got into it during the pandemic. I struggle with anxiety on a daily basis and sometimes it can be paralyzing. This podcast has kept me laughing which has made all the difference. I was watching Conan as a kid in the 90s and I loved him. I felt like he was my late night host. To hear comedians thank him on this podcast and tell him how much they were influenced by him warms my heart. An entire generation of comics was made possible, in large part, by Conan. How amazing is that? And to hear how kind and humble he is makes it so much better. Keep up all the great work! The three of you are awesome! The intellectual conversations about comedy are my favorite. And s’mores rock! Team Sona 😊
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REPORT: ‘COVID cure found! But production lines slowed by the superfluous manufacturing of Manhattan Clam Chowder’ claims late-night talk show host and fully qualified medical doctor, Conan O’Brien. Outrage in the streets of downtown Brooklyn as Mayor de Blasio continues to ignore the public outcry to put a hold on clam chowder production. Presented with a petition signed by over 1 million New York residents calling for the repurposing of factory equipment towards a cure, de Blasio denied public comment. When questioned privately in de Blasio’s country house in Greenwich, Connecticut, de Blasio pinned blame on the New England Patriots, declaring “This is New York! They think they’re all that up in Boston with their 6 rings; we can’t let them have chowder too!” Mayor de Blasio went on further to say that he will not halt chowder production for the cure until the Giants or Jets have won the Super Bowl, claiming, “We’ve got a real shot this year!” But experts say that neither team has any shot of making it to the finals within the decade. It appears that a cure could be a long ways off yet.
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Smore ideas on smores
Love the show! Im with Conan and Matt on traditional s’mores but use a Reese cup instead of plain chocolate and add a little caramel and you have one tasty treat! You do however still need a drink!
S’mores for sure.
S’mores make camping. Find a place to rest the cracker with the chocolate to melt the chocolate. Game changer.
My favorite podcast!
I love listening to the podcast each morning while I make breakfast. The only downside is that my wife is studying for the GRE and I’m worried that the way I yell “MAGOOSH!” at her is slowly destroying our marriage. Despite that, five stars.
5 stars for Sona and S’mores
Great podcast except for Matt and Conan’s terrible taste in campfire desserts. S’mores are the best and Sona is my s’mores queen.
Andy Dunder
I’m dying
“Magoosh! For the old....Vageroo!” 😂
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