Composer of the Week
Composer of the Week
BBC Radio 3
BBC Radio 3's Composer Of The Week is a guide to composers and their music. The podcast is compiled from the week's programmes and published on Friday, it is only available in the UK.
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How lamentable!
Plz I want to hear the episodes😢
None of the podcasts are available no matter where you are. Why bother? Most frustrating.
This was so good but suddenly became unavailable.
I listened to a lot of these last year and went back to re-listen and listen to others because they are so good and they're gone! Where did they go!? They say 'unavailable' when you try to download. Bring them back! :(
Music balanced interest
Quality BBC USA resident using subscribed VPN from UK works all the time
Jankers too
I was excited to discover the program, only to find that zero of the episodes are actually available. I even tried third-party podcatchers, none of which could retrieve the episodes. After this frustration, I sent the BBC an email to alert them to the fact that their podcast offering of this program contains only a catalog, no actual content, over two weeks ago with no response but an automated recommendation to check their FAQ, offering only a broken link to do so. The BBC makes great content, so I was excited to discover this program. To my chagrin that discovery has yielded nothing but frustration, as whoever is responsible for hosting the content in podcast form is asleep at the wheel.
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That’s what they said
Exactly what they say
Angie Rocks
Don’t tease us
Please don’t show this to users outside of the region where it can be downloaded unless you change the rules and let them download it as well.
Spent 30 minutes trying to download.
Turns out it isn’t available in the US. I’m sure it’s wonderful, but frustrating to not be able to get it.
Can’t download in US?
Why not take this off of the Apple podcast app in the US if the episodes are not available to users here? Or of course make them available here.
Remigio II
Please make it available in the US!
Please make it available in the US!
Anna88 S.
Unable to download in U.S.
Don’t appreciate the teaser. Please enable downloading.
Not available
Can’t download in the United States. Nonsense
Will not download
Why won’t these download when I’m on the USA? I’m registered with the BBC. No explanation is given. Ah, Britain rules in secrets.
Howard Lewis
Why is this appearing in the U. S. store?
Now that I know this exists I really want to download and listen to this without resorting to a VPN client. BBC needs to release this to the world as a benefit to education for everyone.
Can’t download- WHY???
Why is this advertised if it’s impossible to download in US? Outrageous this is allowed and completely contradicts purpose of the Store. VERY annoyed and disgusted. !!!!!! Maybe if everyone complains someone will eventually get the message.
Doesn’t play or download
Perhaps this is a copyright issue (listening from USA). Regardless, it shouldn’t be available in the iTunes Store here if it’s not going to work. Too sad; get excited about an episode only to be unable to listen!!
Doesn’t work!!!
Additional info: listening from USA, please fix!!!!!!!!!!!!
b o. bb
Sound of silence
Hey Yo! This is Baroque-n.
Nothing here
Nothing here.
The worst
Because you can’t play it.
not working
Whats the point of sharing the podcast if it can’t be played with everyone?
Sarah Albahussain
Not available to download
Every episode is apparently temporarily unavailable to download.
Not Available for Download
Each new episode comes up in my feed, but every time you try to load one, it fails and says it’s not available.
Temporarily unavailable
Can’t play or download the podcasts
Can’t stream or download
Unfortunately every time I select a podcast, it said that it is temporarily unavailable.
Episodes not downloadable
Why can I not download any episodes??? Would someone please fix this problem?
What I was able to access was great
Please make available to US listeners!
Episodes don’t load
Episodes will show up every week but are unplayable every week. This app needs some serious work.
Tom 143792603212
Very broken should be removed
I would like to listen to these but it is literally unplayable. Even episodes from this week won’t load. Should be removed from the podcast app.
As other have noted this program is impossible to play- steam or download! What is the point of putting it up is no one can play it?! I feel confidant the BBC, the BBC, could fix this if they wanted to
Never works
I am a composer and very interested in the concept of this podcast. However, whenever I try to download it States “this episode is unavailable”. I have tried for a couple years and have never been able to download so I give up. PLEASE APPLE or PODCASTER FOX THIS!!!! :(
Always says episode is unavailable
Why is this in the listing of available podcasts and why do they bother updating with new episodes if none are playable?
make available
This podcast looks so awesome, but it won’t play...maybe because I’m in the US, not the UK! Pls make available in the US!! Ads are fine!!!
Eve of the stars
Can not download
I was really excited about this podcast but it will not download. Please give us access!
Cannot download
Please fix all podcasts, I cannot download any one. :/
Won’t Play
Unable to listen to more than the last three episodes. Please help.
Can listen.
Every episode I attempt to listen to gives an error message. Please fix! I would love to listen. Is it because I’m in the US?
Years of unavailable podcasts
Why would they still upload if they are just unavailable?
Outside the UK
PLEASE make this avaialble outside the UK!! You can put ads on it...that would be fine!
Love this show. But no episodes will play
Just found this show and love it but none Of the episodes will download or play for me.
Kale JF
Can’t be downloaded
Can’t be downloaded
Can’t listen!
Could you please fix this podcast?
Make available in the US!
This seems like it would be a great podcast... if only people outside of the UK could listen!
historia animalium
Please make these playable... I want to listen to this podcast but it’s literally impossible.
Please make downloadable
Look great but unable to download
Clamsa 2013
Cannot download.
This podcast will not download onto iPhones.
Cal Relsie
Cannot Download, please Fix
I want to listen to this regularly, but it is always “unavailable”. Please fix.
Can't Download!
This is not a review of podcast content! I can't download or play any of the episodes, keep getting an error message that says they are unavailable. Incredibly annyoing!
Broken links
I'm looking forward to being able to listen to the show, but as of now (and for the last few days) all the episodes are unavailable. I'm not sure what causes this, but hopefully it'll be resolved soon!
Rogert Theist
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