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Composer of the Week
BBC Radio 3
François Couperin
51 minutes Posted Nov 9, 2018 at 5:00 am.
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Show notes
Donald Macleod marks 350 years since the birth of François Couperin, one of France’s most dazzling musical talents.
Donald begins by leading us through a gallery of the musical portraits that Couperin composed – depicting his contemporaries Lully and Corelli, his aristocratic patrons, and well-known mythological figures. Next, he delves into Couperin’s extraordinary musical family tree, boasting a long line of 7 Couperins who served as organist of St Gervais in Paris. Throughout his glittering career at court, Francois Couperin maintained a loyal connection with his family church and dedicated several works for liturgical use there. We also hear about Couperin’s time in the court of Louis XIV – as the Sun King's composer, writing music for the Versailles Chapel and court entertainment, but also as royal harpsichord tutor. Finally, Donald examines how Couperin embraced the new musical idioms emerging from other countries, and in particular introduced Italian flavours to his native French style.
Music featured:
La Couperin
Salve Regina
L’Apothéose de Corelli
La Charoloise
La Princesse de Sens
Arianne consolée par Bacchus
Regina coeli laetare, Alleluia
Louis Couperin: Five Fantasies
Pange lingua en basse
Quatre versets du motet
Armand-Louis Couperin: Simphonie de clavecins, in D major
La Manon
La Fleurie ou la tendre Nanette
Les plaisirs de Saint Germain en Laye
Domine salvum fac regem
Messe pour les couvents (Gloria)
Troisième Leçon
Les Nations (La Francois)
Messe pour les paroisses (Agnus Dei)
L’Art de toucher le clavecin
Respice in me
Concert Royaux (Premier Concert)
Pieces de violes avec la basse chifree (Deuxième Suite)
La Milordine
La Piemontoise
Les Gouts-reunis ou Nouveaux Concerts (Cinquième Concert)
Quatrième livre de Pieces de clavecin, Vingt-troisième ordre
Presenter: Donald Macleod
Producer: Luke Whitlock for BBC Wales
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