Complete The List
Complete The List
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Each episode, 3 players will attempt to name as many items as they can from lists in all categories ranging from TV, geography, movies, history, music, literature, and more! You too can play along at home to see if you can do better than our contestants!
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Eagerly waiting for the show’s return
I’ve noticed the show’s taken a lengthy hiatus and got super-duper excited to hear Andy on the Trivia Warfare Olympics episode this week. Andy hinted that the show may be coming back soon and I. Can’t. Wait!! I love the format and the variety of questions in the episodes. It’s so much fun.
All About The Midpoint
I am a huge fan of this show. Andy is a great host (his voice reminds me of one of my favorite radio personalities, Dr. Demento!), and the whole approach to trivia is unique and engaging. The midpoint question is my favorite part, although it is a great reminder of how much I really don't know about historical dates. Good stuff.
Great trivia, well edited!
Love this podcast. You know Andy knows his stuff—even when lists are submitted by other people, Andy can tell you exactly why something is or isn’t on the list. The episodes are edited nice and tight so I never feel like there’s dead air. Super informative, great format, keep it up!!!
Thanks Andy for the countless hours of entertainment!
One of my favorite podcast ever! Andy is great And I love hearing him laugh! I hope to be a contestant one day!
Fun unique game
A well-crafted game is a thing of beauty. Fun and challenging to play along. Especially love the halftime format.
The amount of times I know every answer is the same as the times I know nothing in a particular category. This is my favorite trivia podcast out there. Very challenging and fun. Andy Saunders is a great host and professional.
The bax attacks
It's good; listen!
Even if you're not a trivia fanatic, this is a great podcast to play along with. You will surprise yourself at what you know (and what the contestants don't)!
Kevin Slattery
Love the trivia, much improved
I have listened to all the episodes to date and love the format, especially the midpoint question, which is great fun. There have been great improvements in audio since the beginning episodes, where there were issues with the music drowning out the introductions of guests and there was a far-away sound and echo. Love the wide variety of guests. My only complaint is that Andy seems disinterested and disconnected from his guests most of the time. He audibly sighs, especially at attempts to engage him in conversation, and he seems impatient and exasperated and has cut off guests mid-sentence. He never laughs or reacts to jokes or gaffs by guests and seems annoyed that it took time out of the trivia and hurries to get back to the game. I understand the need to not have a couple hour long game, but I also think it’s important for a connection with your guests to come across in the recording. He also says “ummmm....” a lot which seems to take away from his confidence level with the material he’s presenting. In closing, I enjoy the show and will continue to listen, I just think there is room for improvement and would love to hear Andy be more personable with his guests.
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Fun format, well presented.
Sounds great, minimal non-trivia content (may or may not be your thing, some shows can be a little banter-heavy for my tastes), fun to play along. What more could you ask for?
The best at trivia
Light hearted trivia competition without the filler and dumb jokes of the other trivia podcasts. It's easy to play along, particularly during the halftime and final rounds.
Fun to listen and play along
This is a trivia podcast that is very listener friendly. Three players try to name items on a list given by the host. Each episode has a wide variety of topics, so you should find several to your liking. If you enjoy the website Sporcle, you will love this show.
Fun to play along!!
I really enjoy this podcast. It’s easy enough for everyone to guess but challenging as well. My favorite is the half time question, I always pause the podcast and play along with it.
Great Show.
Really fun and unique format. It's a quicker listen than some of the other podcasts out there, and there tends to be more answers per capita in this game than any other. Most importantly, the music is gloriously cheesey. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to round out their trivia knowledge.
Great show!
I love this podcast. If you are a fan of trivia or game shows, I predict you will love it as well. Andy Saunders has crafted a very engaging and accessible format that manages to run the gamut of academic and popular categories. Each episode makes me feel that I am learning something. The contestants are always super strong, so the competition keeps you riveted. On a game theory level, the strategy is extremely interesting. In the regular rounds, when should a player use the double? When is it wise to crib an answer? In the halftime competition, when should a player hedge that extra year or go back and reassess their decade choices? (If you haven't listened to the show yet, all that might sound cryptic, but you will quickly catch on.). Plus, I dig the music for its classic game show ambiance. Play along and have fun!
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Great trivia and great fun!
CTL has the perfect mix of fun categories and clever personalities to make it the perfect trivia podcast. Thanks to its unique format, it’s also great for both playing along AND learning something new! I have recommended Complete the List to my trivia loving friends and see myself doing so for the forseeable future!
Unique trivia format, moderately challenging
Format involves usually three guests alternately naming items that belong to a list (think e.g. Countries Starting With F). There's also a round about guessing approximately what years events took place in, and a final question guessing +/- 10% as to a quantity (e.g. How much money did X make at the domestic box office?) It's fun. Useful to sharpen trivia knowledge too. In either case, recommend it highly especially if you're able to pause to see how many items on each list you can name unaided.
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Great format
I really enjoy this podcast. I listen to a few trivia podcasts, and the format of this one is really unique and it's fun to play along to.
Love It!
This is one of my favorite trivia podcasts. Andy does an awesome job creating categories that are challenging but accessible, and his guests are always knowledgeable and bring their own quirks to the game!
Wesley Wells
Fun format
I listen to many trivia podcasts, and this one is the only one I actively play along with. My favorite aspect is the halftime game (when you have to come up with dates of various events), but the overall "complete the list of x" format is fun for any generalist trivia nerd.
Excellent new trivia podcast concept!
In addition to being a super-nice guy, the host, Andy, has come up with a fun new idea in the burgeoning trivia game podcast scene. Requires some deep (but managable range of knowledge) and some strategy in how to get ahead of your opponents. I'm looking forward to see how this one continues to develop and grow. Keep up the excellent work, Andy!
Unique Trivia Format
I consider myself to be better at Trivia than most, but definitely worse than many. I've played all different sorts of trivia, and Andy's format is fun, fast-paced, and easy enough to play along with at home. I'd liken it to hard, competitive Sporcle. Andy is a great host, too.
LL Chen