Compete Like a Champion
Compete Like a Champion
Dr. Larry Lauer and Coach Johnny Parkes
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The best athletes are always looking to gain an edge on the competition. In Compete Like a Champion, Dr. Larry Lauer and Coach Johnny Parkes from USTA Player Development will explore all aspects of high performance tennis and what it takes to become a successful athlete. Our hosts will provide useful tips for tennis players, coaches, and parents. Visit for more resources.
How To Be a Better Problem Solver - Part 2
In part 2 of the series on problem-solving Dr. Larry and Coach Johnny talk more how to train problem-solving, the P-E-R model for decision-making, and how to develop independence in players (versus being dependent). Instagram: @teamusatennis / @johnny_parkes Twitter: @larrylauer / @johnnyparkes1
Oct 19
42 min
How to Become a Better Problem Solver- Part 1
The team reunites to examine the importance of problem-solving in high-performance sport and tennis. We discuss why it is important to be able to quickly and accurately solve problems and the characteristics of those that do it well and those that don't. We also begin the discussion on how to train problem-solving. Instagram: @teamusatennis / @johnny_parkes Twitter: @larrylauer / @johnnyparkes1
Oct 12
43 min
Inside the US Open Men's Final Review
Inside the US Open concludes with Dave Ramos and Geoff Russell joining us again to discuss the Men's Final. A riveting five-set match that went to Dominic Thiem, we discuss the stats behind the match and how momentum changed midway through the match. Instagram: @teamusatennis / @johnny_parkes Twitter: @larrylauer / @johnnyparkes1
Sep 21
42 min
Inside the US Open Women's Final- Stats That Made the Difference
Inside the US Open continues with another discussion about the Women's Final but from a statistical point of view. Dave Ramos and Geoff Russell join us again to discuss the stats that made the difference in Osaka's three-set victory. The discussion includes recommendations for coaches based on the final. Instagram: @teamusatennis / @johnny_parkes Twitter: @larrylauer / @johnnyparkes1
Sep 15
31 min
Inside the US Open Women's Final with Coach Chris Tontz
Coach Chris Tontz joins us to discuss th Women's Final at the 2020 US Open. We talk about what has been giving both Osaka and Azarenka a huge edge on the field; the serve and their positivity. This morphed into a discussion about the individuality of players and how to help players be positive within their own personality. We also discuss the pressure players are feeling in this unique and talk about the Men's Final and who has the advantage. Instagram: @teamusatennis / @johnny_parkes Twitter: @larrylauer / @johnnyparkes1
Sep 13
52 min
Inside The US Open Semi-Finals: Belief and Physicality
The Inside the US Open Series continues with a look at the second week of the tournament. The guys talk about Serena's belief and coming back from a set down. They also discuss the physicality necessary to win best of 5 matches for two weeks, and the lack of retirements. Instagram: @teamusatennis / @johnny_parkes Twitter: @larrylauer / @johnnyparkes1
Sep 11
24 min
Inside the US Open: Analytics and Preparation
David Ramos and Geoff Russell of USTA Player Development's analytics team join the podcast to discuss trends they are seeing at the 2020 US Open. We also delve into how they are preparing American athletes using data including what to give coaches and players and creating visuals in presenting the data. We break down some of the success stories and what is in store for the rest of the tournament. Instagram: @teamusatennis / @johnny_parkes Twitter: @larrylauer / @johnnyparkes1
Sep 9
46 min
Inside the US Open: Young Players Making a Run and Belief
Coach Johnny and Dr. Larry continue to talk about the US Open 2020 style. It has been a great tournament so far. We discuss young players that are making a run for the second week of the event, and the belief necessary. Instagram: @teamusatennis / @johnny_parkes
Sep 6
23 min
Inside the US Open and Shifting Momentum
The 2020 US Open has had many twists and turns already. Coach Johnny and Dr. Larry discuss the importance of momentum in matches and how momentum shifts can be created and prevented. Instagram: @teamusatennis / @johnny_parkes Twitter: @larrylauer / @johnnyparkes1
Sep 4
23 min
Inside The US Open With Coach Lang
USTA Strength and Conditioning Coach Reshard Langford joins the team to discuss "the bubble" in New York and how players are dealing with it. We also review the first day and a half of US Open action and some of more interesting things going on so far. How are the players doing after not playing Grand Slam tennis since January? There have been many long matches and momentum shifts and we discuss some reasons why. Instagram: @teamusatennis / @johnny_parkes Twitter: @larrylauer / @johnnyparkes1
Sep 2
30 min
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