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Compact Nation Podcast
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Greatest higher ed community engagement podcast!
Hands down the best podcast about higher education and civic engagement. Each and every episode is insightful, inquisitive and always very interesting! Also it’s worth mentioning that the unique and amazing connection the hosts have brings the humor in this podcast to another level. Look forward to the next episode!
Informative and Entertaining
The hosts have a great chemistry and really enjoy discussing the topics of discussion! I always learn a lot when I listen to them and appreciate all the guests they have on the show.
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Civic engagement never sounded so great.
The place to get inspired, hear trends and thoughtful insight from the trenches of higher education.
Love it, but...
I'm loving the podcast, but I'd like to hear more from the guests! Also I loved the banter between the hosts in the 1st episode and really missed it in the 2nd. Oh and Habeeba (sp?) is FANTASTIC!!! It's great to hear a fun and more personal side from some of the folks that I have admired for so many years. I've even gotten my friends to listen who have no connection to higher ed except their degrees that are now shoved in a drawer someplace.
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Off to a great start
Can't wait to see what you all talk about next!
Fan of Campus Compact
Great fun and informative
I listened to this over lunch at my desk and if felt like I was having a conversation with them. Timely topic and great hosts. I'll tune in again!
Liza in IN
I love the way the hosts connect their personal narrative as to what's happening in the world today. The interview was fantastic. I wish there was more on the meaning of the individual stories during the interview.
Kay in MA
from WI
Love the story telling that wraps around important questions and issues for higher education and our democracy.
Carie H.
I'm biased! But it's great
JR and Andrew are so funny and insightful. I look forward to the great guests so far and to come.
Emily in Iowa