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What happened?
It was so good! What happened? They are all so religious now! It went from sweet to preachy…so sad. :(
This podcast used to be good….
I miss the stories of couples who actually went through and endured something really difficult in their relationship and got through it together. Now it seems like most of Jo’s latest episodes are trying to push some sort of social agenda. I’m all about accepting people for who they are, but there’s really no story anymore.
morgan (ladyilg)
Wish I could keep listening
Because some of the episodes are great. But in typical white woman form (lol that she wrote a book about race, my gosh) Jo has no problem featuring problematic people who have no affect on her life. I should have been done after the border patrol agent but the recent episode promoting an anti-choicer wannabe politician is enough. It’s not cute.
Some incredibly annoying subjects
I occasionally like this podcast. But the latest episode, with Howard and Rachel grated on my ears and nerves big time. Why does Rachel talk like a baby when she is announcing, on Youtube no less, that she is pregnant? Why does Howard yell twenty times, like a 12 year old, in a squeaky voice, “Are you serious?” And then the host _repeats _the ‘I’m pregnant” announcement twice, as if the first one wasn’t annoying enough. Ick. Also , WAY too many loud ads. Watch HBO’s or the original (Ingmar Bergman’s) Scenes From a Marriage “ to see a mature investigation of marriage. These folks sound like they are about 12 years old and were, well just annoying and not interesting in any way. I wish this show would interview a more diverse range of couples, everyone is in the military , everyone is Christian and white and conventional.
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OG in NC
Okay I’m officially unsubscribing after having been a listener since the beginning. I’ve had enough of the toxic relationships, questionable messages, and problematic people that are featured. That’s all there’s been lately for a while now. Even If I try to listen to these newer episodes I end up stopping halfway through because I can’t take it anymore.
Please stop interrupting when people are talking
I enjoy hearing these stories and how people come together and work through life together. But the episode of Every Little Win was very hard to listen to because Brooke constantly interrupted Todd. It’s not easy to listen when people keep talking over one another.
Love the podcast!
Love all the episodes. However I did enjoy the episode with John Oates & his wife! Also a huge fan of Hall & Oates! ❤️also!! I absolutely love Promise ain’t Enough!!!❤️
Love but many ads
I absolutely LOVE this podcast. It makes me laugh, smile, cry, and get upset; all the feels. Jo tells each story very well. I would have given a 5, but there are way too many ads and breaks, it gets annoying.
Covid episode could be harmful
I understand the intended purpose of the recent covid episode BUT to give voice to misinformed, selfish, harmful arguments to not get the vaccine..just no. For example, the husband may feel he’s healthy enough to not need the vaccine (I disagree but that risk is on him); however it’s not about himself! It’s about protecting others as well! My family member received the vaccine but had an ineffective response due to her blood cancer. Hearing such selfishness makes me so angry and I don’t believe a podcast should be airing that, as it might give others a false sense of confidence in their own misguided beliefs.
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Spreading false info about covid vaccine
In the latest episode, guests said factually inaccurate info about the safety of the covid vaccine, and the host didn’t bother to challenge that. This is spreading harmful misinformation.
Omg, the 3D sound, amazing. I was out for my walk while listening and i thought tigers were surrounding me! Lol!
Feels like promotion for guests who are influencers
I used to really like this show when it was first released. The stories that were told felt genuine and real. I’ve noticed lately that the majority of couples interviewed are influencers, potentially promoting their own book or Instagram account along with the interview. Where are the stories of mixed race couples, of trans activists, of people who don’t fit into the classic narrative of being white and attractive? A bit disappointed, maybe time to look for a different podcast.
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Best episode so far!
Enjoy all the episodes each week but this one, this one—-mm mmm good!!! John & Giselle Fetterman— love them! Their love for the state makes me want to go back again. Their tolerance and big heart for the person that verbally attacked Giselle earlier this year while she was on a shopping trip is just —yum! I remember seeing that on the news and being shocked at how vehemently the person was yelling at Giselle... and to hear how they are truly wishing the person has moved forward is wonderful! I hope they get to open up the house pool again this year for kids all across PA. The world is definitely a better place bc of this couple. Thank you for having them on Jo!
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It makes the hopeless romantic in me happy.
Celebrates Toxic Relationships
Has some great stories about couples going through tragedy together but also has numerous stories that celebrate toxic relationships.
Adds OMG
Why are there so many annoying adds? I’m a skipper but there is a noticeable difference this season. Whyyyyy???!
Political jabs annoying
Some sweet stories but comments such as “Because we live in America and we have to think about this” regarding having to pay for cancer treatment, is ignorant, simplistic and devisive. The listener has no choice but to hear it and can’t respond with equally simplistic statement like”Because they had a seven day wedding for 500 instead of financially preparing for emergencies one of them had to keep working. “. Or “thank goodness we live in America and have such incredible medical treatments available.” Controversial Political sidebars detract from story.
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Love this podcast!
Every episode is wonderful and intriguing. Thank you for bringing such interesting stories to us. I’m currently bingeing every episode but I don’t want it to end.
Too political.
More mixed couples please!!
I would love to hear more stories about interracial couples, multicultural couples, and multilingual couples. You hear so many stories of failed mixed marriages and I’m jonesing for some beat-the-odds love stories of how couples from different countries, social classes, races, cultures, and religions have happy and fulfilling marriages!
I enjoy the content
Great host voice, great content! 👍🏽👍🏽 Two things I don’t like tho: way too many commercials that are very loud and the theme intro music is so depressing.
Inspiring Podcast
Thanks for such inspiring podcast!! I’ve cried and laughed during quarantine with your stories. October 14, it’s such awesome story. Thank you!!
The pick me up we all need
I love this podcast. It’s exactly what I was searching for. Beautiful stories of love and triumph told by couples. I also like Jo. She’s got this engaging voice and energy.
Jo has a wonerful way of presenting her subjects and their stories. She does so with delicacy, care, and respect. The diversity in the relationships provide a true glimpse into how beautiful humanity can truly be in this current crazy world where “humanity” is hanging by a thread. I would definitely give it a 5 if the ads weren’t so loud. Sometimes i fall asleep while listening only to be abruptly awakened by the high volume.
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Download them all!
I love this podcast! It shows you that committed marriages that last really do exist, but they aren’t without obstacles. It’s great to know that all couples struggle but can choose to overcome their struggles and come out of them stronger together!
Love, love, love!
Thank you for giving different perspectives to relationships and how to make it “work”! I appreciate your work. Keep em coming!❤️
Love it !!
Great podcast ! So much raw real stories ❤️
I love this podcast it’s an insight in different relationships and their commitments. There’s hope to make it. I didn’t get the notifications for the new episodes!!!!! Now I have a whole season to binge 🙃
love jo’s voice and love these uplifting stories!
Used to like but disappointed by June 3 episode
I have enjoyed many episodes of this podcast. However, I am disappointed by the June 3 episode. This episode perpetuates the harmful idea that autistic children are burdens to their parents and that parenting autistic children is traumatizing. Abuse and death of autistic children is on the rise and this false, ableist narrative is to blame for this. Autism is not a problem that needs a cure. Neurodiversity is a beautiful part of life. I hope you will do some research into why this kind of message hurts the autistic and disability communities, and consider removing this episode.
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Great show
I love this podcast. It’s very informative but not in a preachy way. I always look forward to it.
Love it
Love the podcast and style. It’s a great conversation touching on real lives, challenges and the hard work it takes. Do not think advertisements are being tailored properly for audience and VOLUME promoting other podcasts. Very disruptive
Fantastic show!!!
This is one of my favorite shows and I listen to a lot of podcasts. I love the concept of talking about commitment in this way - modern life is so focused on short term gains, instant gratification, etc - these stories are uplifting and true and make you believe in lasting love and in people in such a wonderful way. Thank you!!!
Great storytelling
The host Jo Piazza is a great storyteller, and I’m sucked into each episode. I’m a huge fan of Committed. Especially stuck inside so much now during quarantine, I’ve really enjoyed listening to new and old episodes.
The relationship podcast we all need and LOVE!
This podcast is incredibly important. Marriage has evolved so much recently, and this podcast dives into it in a compassionate and real manner. It examines how many different types of marriages/relationships there are. You’ll laugh; You’ll cry; and you’ll look at where your own love stories fit into this new world. What Jo is doing is such a lovely, genuine, and raw thing for our society and how we look at different types of relationships. Plus, her voice is calming and lovely.
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I’ve cried several times
I LOVE this podcast. I listen to new episodes on my commute and they always get to me. I like that it’s not just conversations about a man and woman surviving marriage. The podcast deals with heavy conversations and situations that are happening to many people in this time. It’s inclusive to all love and I think it’s worth a listen.
Such a treat
Love the stories, love the editing. Keeps my attention throughout. Love this podcast!
Has gone downhill
I liked the podcast in the beginning. But recent episodes have been less about being “committed”, and more about “how can I get what I want.” I’m not even going to listen the episode about a woman leaving her husband for her “true love.” That’s the opposite of committed. Unsubscribed.
Not what I hoped for
The first few episodes were genuinely the best, I loved the direction it was going. Now it focuses on the tragedy (sometimes even just on the wedding day) and not the lasting commitment between the two people itself. Was hoping it would stay focused on the richness of marriage through and after tough times, instead it just focuses on tough times. Should be called “tragedies married couples have went through.” Wish the stories were told in a more inspirational way, with lessons for married people and those wanting to be married. Unsubscribing :/
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The best
I 10000% recommend this! The best podcast i heard so far! This made me wanna find true love and appreciate all my relationships in general! Love it! Jo is the best, very well written All my friends are liking it too! Keep the great work Jo!
Why aren’t they grateful?
I’m saddened that there was no joy in their voices over the gift of their son. May people try and fail at IVF. Tragic.
Love the podcast, but really hate the WW ads
I love hearing every love story, and Jo is a great host. But the WW ads seem very much off brand and not appropriate for the audience
So moving
I am committed to Committed. Your stories are moving and to think the scenarios happen to people, families. You capture the essence of the emotions.
Love the podcast but i wish there were less stories about tragedy and illness. I come here to listen for joy and often hear sadness. Still tragic and depressing content.
a girl leaving a review
Used to really like
Really enjoyed this podcast at first but over time the host’s style has really grated on my nerves. It’s so dramatic and doesn’t always feel genuine. I appreciate the variety of the guests though and there have been some truly amazing episodes that have made me recommend this podcast to others. It’s time to unsubscribe for now though, I’ve got to have a break from the cliches and what feels like non stop ads.
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Love some, dislike some, skip some
Some of the couples have very interesting stories, others are a bore. For that I would have given Committed four stars. I took off another star because of the host’s melodramatic presentation - she talks so whispery and slowly, with such ridiculously long pauses, that if the guests talk somewhat slowly, too, I will listen to the podcast at 1.5 speed - and because of the sappy music that goes on far too long at the beginning and again a minute or two before the end, which has the added irritation of making it hard to hear the guests’ final comments over the dramatically swelling music.
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Snow Biscuit
Needs a revised approach
The host (and music) feels over-dramatic. Some of the stories are very compelling, but I’m unsubscribing. Also, there is an outrageous amount of advertising: before the show even begins, then again after only 6 minutes, and again and again —even worse than regular broadcast tv —and extremely distracting.
Occasionally interesting stories, truly terrible interviewing and narration
I love a human interest story and there have been some really great ones, but the way the host speaks is so contrived, like she’s copying a style and trying to be funny and it really falls flat, full of cliches. I bet she would be great if she could tap into anything authentic. The production value seems pretty low too. Often it seems like the questions have been recorded and are just cut in, in between what the guests reply. A real conversation would be great, I’m sure! And if that’s not possible, don’t pretend! Finally, as others have mentioned, the dramatic pauses and the ads with the “am I right ladies?!?!” tropes are just too cringey.
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Something for everyone.
I have been listening to Committed for a while now but this recent episode, Just the Three of Us hit home for me and my personal life. Jo is always compassionate, honest and curious about her guests and this leads this really beautiful storytelling and understanding. I’m grateful that this show covers not only “normal” cis-heterosexual centered stories but works to include different perspectives. Thank you to the makers of this show.
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