Come Along for the Ride
Come Along for the Ride
Tracy Malone
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Exactly what the horse world needs
This is everything I have been looking for in a horse podcast— a platform for all types of horsemanship to be explored and introduced to the world, such a good resource to seek out other conscious horse people!
Hope for horses
I love when I find a good podcast on horse training and with a strong intention on bettering the lives of our domesticated horses. I enjoy hearing stories from others and their experiences with horses; even if they train differently or have had more experience, less experience, different experience, there’s always something to learn. I’d love to hear you interview/chat with TheWillingEquine (Adele Shaw) or JetEventing (Jill Treece) as both of them have been big inspiration for my shift in training!
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Chloe & Wonder
Great pod
Great to have interviews from pressure free trainers & learn new perspectives on training / being with horses.
Great horse podcast
I mostly listen to political podcasts and audio books, but when I saw that Anna Blake was interviewed, I had to listen. And from there I listened to Andrea Datz, the 5 best tips so far, Kim Walnes, and Emma Bryant; I plan to listen to the other episodes. I love this podcast; all of the guests share their interesting lives, and how they listen to horses, how they communicate and work on relationships with horses. I have learned new concepts and been given a lot of food for thought. I have even experimented with a few of the concepts and been very happy with my mare's response. Thank you Tracy
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Cera E