Come Along for the Ride
Come Along for the Ride
Tracy Malone
Warwick Schiller Performance Horsemanship
2 hour 21 minutes Posted May 19, 2020 at 7:00 am.
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Show notes
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In this episode I spoke with Warwick Schiller from Warwick Schiller Performance Horsemanship. Most of you may of heard of Warwick and probably follow him on the socials so you will know that he travels the world helping people with training their horses and has a really large following worldwide. He believes you are the perfect person to train your horse.
The great part about talking to Warwick for me is that his story reminded me of why I started this podcast and brought me back to my core values as a horse person. I believe that we have such an influence on horses by what we are holding in our bodies and minds and we bring it to them every time we approach or train or ride them.
He also reminded me that horses really want one thing only from us and that is our presence.
I didn't want to get into training specifics with Warwick as such as he gives you all of this online already. I wanted to know about his personal story on his change in who he is and how he does things. I wanted to see what makes him tick.
A heads up, this is the longest podcast I’ve done it’s just over 2 hours. So sit back and enjoy the ride!
To connect with Warwick please follow one of the links below.