Collage Creative with Amy Small
Collage Creative with Amy Small
Amy Small: Designer, Knitter, Business Owner and Mom
The Collage Creative podcast is a weekly interview show dedicated to uncovering the motivations, daily routines and practices of women who are living life on their own terms. They may do this through a business they’ve created or they may simply choose to live differently in some way.
Chantal @knitatude: Her story from the beginning, what inspires her and how she stays motivated!
Today on the show, I have Chantal of @knitatude. In this episode Chantal shares about how she manages to work a full time job at an ad agency AND run her knitwear pattern business. We cover how actually taking time to get dressed shifts the way she shows up each day, her love of knitting patterns that always speak to beginners and the design she’s most excited about right now. Show notes here.
Aug 11, 2023
35 min
Jenna Rainey ~ Watercolor Artist, Former Woo Skeptic + Growing a Creative Small Business
Today on the show, I have Jenna Rainey. Jenna is a watercolor artist, teacher and entrepreneur. For creatives with small business aspirations, this podcast is for you. Jenna dives into how she manages all the things she juggles in her business all the while, not burning herself out. Prepare to be inspired. Show notes here.
Jul 25, 2023
53 min
Karyn Lao: The Power of Pom Poms
Hi everyone! Today on the show I have Karyn Lao, multimedia artist whose work explores interconnectivity through play. Karyn’s work experiments with color, material, place, and participation. She believes pompoms have the power to bring communities together. To learn more abotu Karyn and to support her work, head to the show notes here.
May 1, 2023
51 min
Madison Arnholt: Innervoice, Flow State + Creativity
Today on the show I have Madison Arnholt. She is an intuitive life coach where she helps her clients heal energy blocks and receive intuitive guidance so you can manifest more ease, and joy in your life. Show notes here!
Apr 19, 2023
58 min
Betz White: Building a creative business with all the pivots!
Today on the show I have Betz White. Betz creates, patterns, curated kits and online classes. Betz is the author of three top-selling sewing and crafting books and has been featured on the Martha Stewart Show and in a variety of magazines such as Country Living, Where Women Create and Vogue Patterns. Show notes here. 
Apr 11, 2023
47 min
Alexa Martin: Leaving the corporate world for a life of no regrets
Today on the show, I have Alexa Martin. She is a teacher and life coach. I originally found her work because she taught a workshop at my yoga studio all about the art of saying no. How enticing is that! Show notes here!
Mar 23, 2023
44 min
Episode 163: Rachel Burke of @imakestagram (re-release episode 91)
Today on the show I have Rachel Burke and to say I'm a little excited is the understatement of the year. Rachel is a fashion designer with a speciality in TINSEL and pom poms, which makes me so happy. I know I'm not alone in this - I can't wait for you to hear her unique path to finding this specialty. Whatever it is you're working on or towards, I think this episode will inspire you to double down on it and keep going. Show notes here.
Mar 14, 2023
1 hr 7 min
Bonus Episode: Creative Knitters Deep Dive
Bonus Episode alert! In this episode I do a deep dive into our Creative Knitters Membership. Learn more and show notes here.
Feb 16, 2023
20 min
Re-release ~ The Grocery Girls: Making things, saying anything on YouTube and that incredible sisterly bond!
Today on the show I have the Grocery Girls!!!! Also known as  Tracie Millar and Jodi Brown! If you’re anything like me, you spend time with these ladies on YouTube and Instagram, know a fair amount about them and yet you WANT to know a lot more! That’s where this podcast comes in...and we go deep. We cover their creative stories, how the YouTube channel came to be, what Rhinebeck was like for them, their feelings on authenticity and those people that give the thumbs down. There’s a lot! I cannot wait for you to hear. Show notes here. 
Feb 16, 2023
56 min
Cadence Kidwell: Building Fuzzy Goat Yarns and Refusing to Consider Failure
Today on the show I have Cadence Kidwell, the owner and founder of Fuzzy Goat Yarn Shop. Fuzzy Goat is a delightful and eclectic yarn shop located in Historic Downtown Thomasville – knitting together the community by putting consciously chosen yarns into the hands of both the new and experienced makers. Show notes here. Sign up for the Knit Collage Newsletter here. 
Feb 10, 2023
44 min
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