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RavenDb, passion, and books with Dejan Milicic
In this episode we talk to Dejan Milicic about the new version of RavenDb that just dropped.  We also talk about how importants passion is as a developer. Links from the episode: Dejan's book  Developer Hegemony  Dejan on the stream Oren on the podcast  
Feb 15
42 min
Keynotes, Extensions, and C# Dev kit with Leslie Richardson
Leslie gives Jimmy and Jessica a behind the scenes look at keynotes. We talk about teleprompters and backups. We dive into the C# Dev Kit and even more extensions with VisualStudio.Extensibility. Leslie is a product manager on the .NET / C# Developer Experience team and the host of the VS Toolbox show on YouTube, Twitch, and LearnTV. She is focused on improving productivity and the C# and Razor spaces across VS and VS Code, including helping develop and release the new C# Dev Kit productivity extension in VS Code. Leslie also worked on the Visual Studio team, developing and enhancing extensibility and debugging features. She helped improve the overall extensibility experience in Visual Studio while helping to create VisualStudio.Extensibility, a simpler, out-of-proc extensibility API. She also worked on the Visual Studio debugging team, where she debugged developers’ problems by designing new debugging tools, such as Pinnable Properties, and improving existing ones, such as the Parallel Stacks window.   Links Contact:
Nov 6, 2023
51 min
Playing the YouTube game with Nick Chapsas
In this episode, Jimmy and Jessica talk to Nick Chapsas. Nick is a Content Creator focusing on C# & .NET and an Author and Founder of the educational platform Dometrain. His YouTube channel has reached over 200k subscribers quickly, so we naturally wanted to hear about his secret. We want to thank our sponsor Progress Telerik. They have amazing Blazor UI controls, so if you need something, chances are they have it. Check them out at If you want to see, more content check out our YourTube channel or join us on Twitch. We are on many different social media, and you can find them all at
Jul 10, 2023
56 min
Evelyne Wauters - UX, dark patterns, and falcons
In this episode, Jimmy and Jessica talk to Evelyne Wauters about UX, dark patterns, and falcons. Evelyne is still in a quarter-life crisis at 34 years old, living near Antwerp with her boyfriend and two cats. She has previous experience in (java) development and a major in engineering/architecture. In her free time, she goes skydiving in the summer weekends and is a falconer in the winter. 
Dec 6, 2022
53 min
Nico Vermeir - .NET, books, and beer
In this episode, we talk to Nico Vermeir about his experiences writing multiple books, brewing beer, and .NET. @NicoVermeir
Sep 15, 2022
44 min
Steve Sanderson - Blazor, WASI and optimizing tomatoes
At NDC London we sat down with Steve Sanderson and talked about the origin story of Blazor, some of the upcoming things in .NET 7, and what Steve is working on right now. @stevensanderson
Jul 17, 2022
35 min
Maria Naggaga  - .NET Interactive and Minimal APIs
In this episode, we talk to Maria Naggaga about some of the projects she has been involved in like .NET interactive, try .NET, and Minimal APIs. @ladyNaggaga  
Jun 15, 2022
54 min
Johan Öbrink - The challenges of trying to help
Johan, together with other parents set out to help create a better app for the parents in Stockholm, Sweden. But the municipal responded in a very strange way, to say the least. Johan shares their story with expensive "encryption", promises that never came to be, and police reports. Little Steering wheel documentation (In Swedish) @oppnaskolplatt @JohanObrink
Feb 23, 2022
52 min
Oscar Andersson - Stack overflow and making the wheel rounder
In this episode, we talk to Oscar Andersson about contributing to Stack Overflow, GitHub vs Azure DevOps, and geek-out on various things. @ogglas Sponsors: Progress Telerik If Insurance:  NDC Conference
Nov 30, 2021
59 min
Oren Eini - Raven DB
In this episode, we talk to Oren Eini about RavenDB.  @ayende Sponsors: Progress Telerik If Insurance:  NDC Conference
Oct 7, 2021
1 hr 22 min
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