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Thank you!
Hi I am 13 and have been listen for 2 years! Please keep up the amazing and amending work. Addressing race and all of our problems is such a wonderful thing to here on a constant bases! -T
betta love🐠🦋💦
I love this podcast
I binge-listened to Code Switch from the beginning over 9-10 months. Learning so much, just in awe of all the things I didn’t know I didn’t know. The team is great, awesome voices to listen to, both physical and metaphorical.
Expansion team
It is impossible not to learn something every episode and while doing so make great use of your skills at empathy. Gratitude and appreciation. On Tulsa (and so many other facts un-taught by our ‘education’ system) — I suppose it makes me feel slightly less embarrassed as a middle aged white man that these painful illuminations where obscured from plenty of non-‘white’ folks too. Dang. Still, I much appreciate yet another unique perspective on this story. I hope the local Tulsan residents were listening and that it creates positive dialogue there. Someone needs to give that original resident a parade of her own, and a fat kiss!
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The Sum of our Parts
This is a good podcast with good, relevant topics and offers good reader how. I have been listening to most of the sessions. I like the reporting and banter between Sheridan and Gene. However, would like to request that Gene try to speak a bit more slowly and clearly enunciate his words. He is usually quite good but every once a while he tends to speak very fast slipping words. Shereen is always excellent and very professional. Thanks
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Great podcast for current events and history
I love this podcast and have learned a lot and sought more knowledge because of it.
the kid mero episode
A great episode – fyi: I am a very Caucasian appearing Latino in New Mexico – and I’ve been mistaken for Jewish, Italian any number of types - agree that trying to come up with discrete guidelines is a lost cause since the historical experience of Spanish-speaking is so incredibly varied -de toda forma por favor ustedes dos sigan andando con la plática 👍🏻🌈🌺
rico d Nuevo México
Thank you
As a middle age, middle class white woman in Idaho- I appreciate this podcast so much! Thank you for the opportunity to learn about things I’ll never experience or understand first hand.
Update screwup
With the latest iOS update, 14.4.1, I am unable to see the latest episodes. The last one available is from 04-22-21. Today is 05-03-21.
Tio Joey
Code Switch is an amazing podcast. Would definitely recommend.
arm 09
I am beyond grateful for this podcast and the information it provides parallel to my (un)learning.
Amazing Podcast!!
Code Switch is such an amazing podcast. I love how they break down and contextualize history in a way that helps me better understand the present. I’ve learned how to see patterns within American history more readily and it has got me thinking even more deeply about race than before. As an south Asian American woman it has shown me the similarities among other minority groups as well as the ways in which I have privilege. I especially enjoyed a recent episode about the Hawaiian language and resonated with it as a bilingual speaker. Thank you so much for telling these amazing stories :).
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I love Code Switch and always learn so much. Thanks for all of the insight, thoughtful conversation, and discussion of vital—but under-discussed—topics.
The Zoop
This one is worth the time to rate
I have many podcasts that I follow and loved many, but this is the first time I feel the need to rate a podcast because of how much it fills a void. Also I love the chemistry flow between the 2 hosts, their preparation, and the different perspectives they bring. I don’t always agree with what the experts say, but it doesn’t matter. The topics fill me like gonzo finding his brethren. I’m mixed-race, and multi-cultural. Thank you NPR for supporting this podcast!!!! Love you more now.
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Love the poetry episode
Such a great episode and podcast overall!
Thank you. It is sad to me we have such variation in knowledge of racism. I am 65 and live in Ca. My kids are mixed and the violence worries me. It seems to me the violence is increasing and bolder. We are split as a country. We must start to demand correct honest history be taught. If not In schools than in home or to our kids friends. We who know have a responsibility to keep truth alive. Thank you for continuing to brings racism and it’s history to the forefront
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Thank you
Thank you for your willingness to educate white people, like myself, about how we can do better to dismantle white supremacy AND for sharing many history lessons I never learned in school. I learn so much with each episode and I will continue listening as long as you continue recording.
Sure, let us pretend that most of the attacks on Asians lately haven’t been done by blacks. Sorry, but my eyes don’t lie, seeing elderly Asians being beaten by black people.
fantastic, profound
I learn so much in every episode
What got me into podcasts
At the moment, I’m sitting by a river alone and this is what’s playing in my headphones. This is one of the only podcasts I listen to as I don’t find them very entertaining, however, I love this podcast.
Intellectually dishonest
I wanted to like this episode and I am always looking for new podcasts. I wasn’t aware of the rise in Asian hate crimes, which is appalling. I was disappointed though, because the hosts completely disregarded the topics of prostitution, the sex trade and sex addiction, & pornography in our society and how detrimental these things can be for women and girls of all races, and which may have been factors in the horrible shooting. No one ever wants to address those things, it seems like.
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Now adopting the Fox News model
Selective story telling, fact omission and data manipulation to push a predetermined narrative. Started a promising conversation podcast, which I’ve shared with many friends, now devolving to propaganda.
Thoughtful and engaging
This podcast has had such an strong impact on my life, especially as it concerns understanding how race works in America :)
Lola Luffnaigle
Saving a Language You’re Learning
This episode really hit home and moved me to tears. My parents were immigrants to the US from India and didn’t emphasize me learning their native language. Now as a mom I struggle to pass it down to my kids. After this past year with white supremacy on the rise, I know no matter how American I sound, I will never be accepted as fully American. So I started to teach my kids and now have developed learning aids to help other parents who struggle to immerse their kids. @BhashaKids is going to teach that next generation.
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America’s debt to African Americans.
Reparation is a debt owed descendants of slaves by America. No doubt about that.
Black people are THE most racist people I have ever seen or heard.
Reparation is a B
Makes me smarter.
I honestly wish I could put 5 stars
Guys I love your show!! For a time I came to you guys to hear about important current racial issues, and now that things have heated up I just feel like you are avoiding the real uncomfortable hot topic to avoid possible hostility. I understand self preservation and all it’s just that I really felt you guys were brave enough not to back down or try to avoid bullet. Now I’m noticing you just trying to fly under the radar 😔. Love the show though hopefully you will have juicy stories (Reperation, BLM, Racial bias training, common core math, Asian American struggle, religion, how all people are feeling about all the external changes occurring) again one the dust settles.
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So recommended
This is an incredibly well done, thoughtfully created podcast. It covers necessary and important topics and I would recommend this podcast to anyone. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from it.
Such an important conversation and topic.
All podcasts
Stay curious
I am white female early 60’s and always learn from this podcast. The recent episode on reparations is an excellent breakdown of this complex situation. Even if a person thinks they know “things” there is always more to learn no matter how we identify ourselves. Thanks you for the humor intertwined with excellent reporting, production, etc!
New eyes
I am a 50 year old mom who listens to your show all the time and wonders where has this info been all my life? The episode on black romance literally has me in awe. I realized how much I’ve been looking at us through their lense. Thank you for adjusting my prescription!
I wanted insight
I’m a white 23 year old, and I’ve lived in a city of all white people for my entire life. Until I went to college, I realized how amazing it is to have such a diverse group of people and to learn about different cultures. I’m not ashamed of who I am as a person, but I feel a person can be more interesting the more they know about the world and other people including, cultural views! So I decided to make myself more interesting out of pure love for all people. Recently, I’ve been struggling with the right thing to say when my acquaintances say “BLM is a joke”, “black people aren’t oppressed”, “they’re making the division worse”, “to end racism let’s not talk about it”. Now, it boils my blood, but I never know exactly what to say because whatever I do say, I want it to spark something in that person. Like immediate change! I’ve realized it’s not so easy. Listening to these podcasts have been amazing because it provides me with situations similar to ones I have been in. It provides me with the ability to just listen and develop an understanding. There are a few ideas that I have not yet come to full understanding with, but that’s ok! Even if I disagree (not saying a disagree with any points made on here) with any point on any podcast, it’s not worth taking back a star unless those hosts do not back their statements up. Five stars here because it’s educational, well said, factual, and a trusted piece of art that I can truly listen to. I wish I could make a change by snapping my fingers!!!!! Thank you for such an amazing podcast that gets me up and moving every morning :)
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Code switch
Love their voices, and the way they explore topics based on facts. The subject matter is almost always engaging, and many times historical events I hadn’t previously dug into. They always present a fresh perspective, and enjoy when they add a little bit of their own personal experiences.
Mack Carnes
my fave new podcast
i only started listening to this late last year and now it has become one of my favorite podcasts. i just love how it’s hosted by folks who have personal understanding of the disparities in race relations in america. also, the way stories are presented are always super interesting and fun to listen to, with relevant language and subject matters. it’s not just some dry conversation.
This podcast is on it in terms of current and historical events that people in this country need to be aware of. I appreciate the content and the work that goes into each episode. This is a super interesting and engaging podcast and I highly recommend.
The last of the Leroys
Great great grand Pappy Leroy? Seriously Gene? I’m in my 40’s. Lol! Love the podcast! Always stimulates great convo in my circle.
Roscoe Toefeak
Reparations and Re-parting
The episode was provocative and I think the judicial logic of the Professor’s theory for providing reparations to some compelling but at what cost? Not cost in the trillions but in its risk of dividing from within. And, does the logic with respect who should receive reparations not raise the question as to who should pay?
Managing Partner/Attorney
Still trying to wrap my head around why We had a government mandated curfew due to BLM riots that the government refused to protect our communities from? Atrocious acts took place. Murders. Millions in damage. Businesses closed forever. Flip the script and the government gets a taste of no protection. Immediately the entire national guard is called in to protect the government who ignored and refused to protect our communities. Where was the national guard when David Dorn was murdered protecting his hard work and livelihood?
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Gene Demby is a jerk
I wrote Gene a long email that I put a lot of thought into... the last paragraph was “Condemning meanness is a good thing because we should all be more accepting of each other. I am incredibly grateful to avoid so many disadvantages by being white. But I certainly don’t avoid meanness. Everyone is mean. I don’t think anyone sees that as much as white girls. People being mean has nothing to do with racism.” Gene wrote back one sentence: “Why are you emailing me?” 😂 So ironically he’s a jerk. But the podcast has a lot of great ideas on it so I will keep listening even though he doesn’t value other people’s feelings or ideas.
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Thank you for your reporting and all that you do to inform and assist the people of the world. I am so grateful for everything I’ve learned from this podcast! So much love to you, Gene and Shareen. And to every wonderful guest.
Love this show!
I always learn something but I especially appreciated hearing Aisha Roscoe. I love her and I love Code Switch for giving her the platform to talk about all she’s gone through covering the White House the past four years. Plus, the singing of “Aisha” was classic!
The Last Four Years
I have followed Ms. Rascoe since her first day reporting with NPR. And I knew she was assigned to cover The White House and that she followed the tweets and briefings coming from there. Good for her for calling out the lead-up language to the attacks of 1-6-2021. Thank you, Ms. Rascoe, for your analysis of the bullying tweets and for enduring the ugliness of the former regime. Thank you, Code Switch, for sharing this analysis with us. I am not certain we would have connected the lead-up language with the insurrectionist actions as quickly. Yes, that connection has been a slow one for the media. Great observation.
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emma hopewell
‘We don’t say that’
I just wanted to thank you for the episode about how race is discussed, or rather, how it is not, in France. As an Asian-American who has lived here for over 10 years, I felt relieved that FINALLY someone was talking about the inherent racism hiding in the French language. The guests on your show gave me hope that some of the good discussions and movements that are going on now via BLM will find impetus here, to affect true change in French society.
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c-lion in Paris
The Podcast We Need Right Now
So much good, important information presented by two engaging hosts.
Real information
Thanks for being honestly real and talking about what really matters here (and everywhere?}. There's nothing more important than Facts, Justice & Love!!!
eArL Hamilton
Code Switch...Thank You!
Code Switch has become an essential source of news and clarity for me as an African American in the US. I find just the initial sound of Shereen and Gene’s voices at the outset brings a sense of calm and centering. The fact that they both are so real, while also being so THOROUGH is awesome. It is the perfect combo of realness and intellect. I look forward to every issue, and I cannot express my appreciation to the hosts and production team sufficiently - this is must listen, mental nourishment and survival in trying times!
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Helpful discussion
Excellent and timely discussions of currsocial issues.
The Fire Still Burning
Thank you, for such a haunting, stirring, witnessed account and testimony addressing the importance and affirmation towards human life. Where can one find the recordings within this specific podcast? Code Switch is always peeling back the proverbial layers of the onion with regards to race, culture, and the moral outcry of how much more work must be done. In gratitude for the gift of this episode; thank you.
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Such a great way to learn!
This podcast discusses important topics in such a great way. They don’t claim to have to all the answers and lead the listeners to the answers.
Always Informative, Always Interesting
Amazing, quality programming form NPR. They humanize large, important topics with poignant interviews and in-depth research. Something new every week, but I’m guaranteed to learn and be interested. Love it!
Zelda Goddess
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