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Love this podcast!
Oh! I just heard you are leaving Shereen MARISOL! The best for you! You will be an awesome teacher with your personal experiences and background. As another listener expressed, I was under the impression you were in your twenties. So keep that youthful flame going. Gene, I hope you get another cohost soon. Because I LOVE your podcast!! The best for you 2!
Thank you and Good Luck, Shereen Marisol!
Guess the world has finally figured out how special you are. Sad to see you leave the show, but glad to hear you’re coming back to the Yay to share your wisdom and inspire the next generation of credible and responsible journalists. Thank you most of all for helping POC’s build community, validate our experiences and find empowerment.✊🏽
Public HS Counselor
Oh Shereen!
I will miss you so much, and your easy synergy with Gene. It won’t be the same without you. What a fantastic and informative podcast you two do. I loved hearing your story of youthful passion and inspiration. And was surprised that you weren’t still b your 20s or early 30s! You’re super at what you do. Keep enlightening ! From Roni in San Diego. Peace!
Thea's sister Roni
I always enjoy Code Switch book episodes and the conversation with Ashley C. Ford about her memoir was exceptional (i paused it after a few minutes to get the book and read it). Ford is brilliant, beautiful, and inspirational and Gene spoke with compassion and empathy. Thank you both.
The way they reported on Majdi Wadi and the Holy Land situation was disgusting.
Powerful and great podcast
This is an amazing podcast, and I have learned so much from it. Keep going and being great!
This is an awesome podcast
Insightful, thought provoking, challenging! Sometimes uncomfortable making it all the more helpful.
Cameron's Sister
Racism has never been lower
There’s a reason people flee Africa to come to this country in record numbers. They seem to be unaware of how racist it is here given how well they do in their new home. However, for White progressives that listen to this nonsense my advice is to keep listening! There is always more work that needs to be done!
I’m a long-time listener. This podcast isn’t for you if you aren’t open minded. You will probably hear things you disagree with or injustices that make you angry. The reality is we live in a racist society and this podcast aims to educate about race. It does that in spades. I am white and live in a state lacking in diversity. This podcast is well worth adding to your rotation. It might make you see things differently.
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Reesie, the Archivist
I usually love this podcast, but now there’s a paywall
I used to love this podcast, but they just released an episode that’s behind a paywall. I understand public radio needs funding, but this is a horrible way to do it.
Great, Fearless, Thoughtful Podcast
Man. Where to begin. First of all, these two have amazing voices. I just love listening to these two hosts as a pure auditory experience. Then, the range of topics they cover on race and it’s interconnection to every day life on both the macro and micro scale is incredible. I love tuning in each week to see what topic they’re covering next. This show is interesting, sometimes heartwarming, sometimes maddening, and always honest. Add Code Switch to your library and give it a listen to, you won’t be disappointed.
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Go to spot for deep learning
I dont always agree with opinions, but I respect the breadth and depth these folks go to on topics that are not mainstream. I always learn something new and have shared more of these pods then any other.
For Sophisticated Listeners
Such a great podcast about the subtleties and non-subtleties of race in America and the need to stop brushing these issues under the rug. This should be required listening for anyone who truly wants to educate themselves about the very real and persistent issues this country still has with race. It’s heartening to know these types of nuanced, sophisticated conversations exist.
Excellent & Nuanced
Code Switch is one of my top five podcasts. The recent episode examining the complexity of Latinx identity at the intersection of race displays why this podcast is so important to our national dialogue about race and American identity. The hosts always dig deep and demonstrate care, courage and humor in confronting hard questions about race in America. Moreover, they examine issues related to race from multiple POC and geographic perspectives; they never rely on reductive black/white binary narratives. As a Latina, I soooo appreciate being seen and learning about diverse Latinx experiences AND the experiences of Indigenous, Black, Asian, and multiracial folks in the U.S. and PR. This podcast is a great resource for educators.
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BX Educator
Divisive and delusional
I’ve been listening for almost a year because I really wanted to like it. As a Mexican-American woman, I keep finding this perpetuating division and downright derision and hatred towards others based on “color.” Perpetual victimhood is not my cup of tea. Political bias is blatant.
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The Marias & Latinidad
Loved the conversation with Maria Garcia and Maria Hinajosa! Major take away, the range or level of privileges each person of color has greatly depends on the intersection of color, gender, education, citizenship, etc. It’s all very complicated. Thank you for presenting such a sophisticated, nuanced, and thoughtful exchange between two interesting media personalities.
The real meaning of BLM. Garbage race baters.
Greg Potter
Racism and xenophobia in the name of progress!
Terrible show that denigrates immigrants in the name of racial progress. I’m astounded that people would take this nonsense seriously when they blatantly attack other cultures for not completely assimilating with the intellectually bankrupt elements of generation Z.
Gross. Just gross.
I wanted to like this podcast, gave the hosts SO many chances. But this is just the most biased, narrow-minded, racist garbage I've ever heard. I don't like to throw around the word "WOKE" as a pejorative, but this podcast deserves it. Black people insisting that everything around them is racist. Hey, if you believe that the answer to everything is "racism"... then maybe you're the racist.
Skeptical Lib
Un-holy land
Their un-holy land episode unfairly targeted a Palestinian immigrant. They left out huge context such as, he had done nothing wrong. He did not send out the bad social media posts. They offered no defense of why an entirely family and business (working class people!) should be destroyed by privileged college education keyboard warriors. This podcast claims to be a voice for those who are oppressed… it is a lie. If they apologized, please point me to that episode. Otherwise, I won’t be turning another one on.
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hopelessly biased
wonderful for CRT riddled, Woke leftists to nod in their echo chambers. shameful as any form of legitimate journalism.
Going after the Arab baker for his daughter’s posts was TOO FAR
Is something mentally held back with these hosts? We don’t cancel an immigrant’s entire livelihood for shtposts from a 15-yo. The hosts should declare any and all mental diagnoses they’ve received for the listener’s sake.
Pete Trg
Thoughtful and multifaceted analyses of various aspects of race
This is a fantastic and critically needed podcast that examines complicated concepts and historical and current events related to race. Masterfully produced with thoroughly researched, relevant topics. Love it.
Thank you!
Hi I am 13 and have been listen for 2 years! Please keep up the amazing and amending work. Addressing race and all of our problems is such a wonderful thing to here on a constant bases! -T
betta love🐠🦋💦
I love this podcast
I binge-listened to Code Switch from the beginning over 9-10 months. Learning so much, just in awe of all the things I didn’t know I didn’t know. The team is great, awesome voices to listen to, both physical and metaphorical.
Expansion team
It is impossible not to learn something every episode and while doing so make great use of your skills at empathy. Gratitude and appreciation. On Tulsa (and so many other facts un-taught by our ‘education’ system) — I suppose it makes me feel slightly less embarrassed as a middle aged white man that these painful illuminations where obscured from plenty of non-‘white’ folks too. Dang. Still, I much appreciate yet another unique perspective on this story. I hope the local Tulsan residents were listening and that it creates positive dialogue there. Someone needs to give that original resident a parade of her own, and a fat kiss!
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The Sum of our Parts
This is a good podcast with good, relevant topics and offers good reader how. I have been listening to most of the sessions. I like the reporting and banter between Sheridan and Gene. However, would like to request that Gene try to speak a bit more slowly and clearly enunciate his words. He is usually quite good but every once a while he tends to speak very fast slipping words. Shereen is always excellent and very professional. Thanks
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Great podcast for current events and history
I love this podcast and have learned a lot and sought more knowledge because of it.
the kid mero episode
A great episode – fyi: I am a very Caucasian appearing Latino in New Mexico – and I’ve been mistaken for Jewish, Italian any number of types - agree that trying to come up with discrete guidelines is a lost cause since the historical experience of Spanish-speaking is so incredibly varied -de toda forma por favor ustedes dos sigan andando con la plática 👍🏻🌈🌺
rico d Nuevo México
Thank you
As a middle age, middle class white woman in Idaho- I appreciate this podcast so much! Thank you for the opportunity to learn about things I’ll never experience or understand first hand.
Update screwup
With the latest iOS update, 14.4.1, I am unable to see the latest episodes. The last one available is from 04-22-21. Today is 05-03-21.
Tio Joey
Code Switch is an amazing podcast. Would definitely recommend.
arm 09
I am beyond grateful for this podcast and the information it provides parallel to my (un)learning.
Amazing Podcast!!
Code Switch is such an amazing podcast. I love how they break down and contextualize history in a way that helps me better understand the present. I’ve learned how to see patterns within American history more readily and it has got me thinking even more deeply about race than before. As an south Asian American woman it has shown me the similarities among other minority groups as well as the ways in which I have privilege. I especially enjoyed a recent episode about the Hawaiian language and resonated with it as a bilingual speaker. Thank you so much for telling these amazing stories :).
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I love Code Switch and always learn so much. Thanks for all of the insight, thoughtful conversation, and discussion of vital—but under-discussed—topics.
The Zoop
This one is worth the time to rate
I have many podcasts that I follow and loved many, but this is the first time I feel the need to rate a podcast because of how much it fills a void. Also I love the chemistry flow between the 2 hosts, their preparation, and the different perspectives they bring. I don’t always agree with what the experts say, but it doesn’t matter. The topics fill me like gonzo finding his brethren. I’m mixed-race, and multi-cultural. Thank you NPR for supporting this podcast!!!! Love you more now.
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Love the poetry episode
Such a great episode and podcast overall!
Thank you. It is sad to me we have such variation in knowledge of racism. I am 65 and live in Ca. My kids are mixed and the violence worries me. It seems to me the violence is increasing and bolder. We are split as a country. We must start to demand correct honest history be taught. If not In schools than in home or to our kids friends. We who know have a responsibility to keep truth alive. Thank you for continuing to brings racism and it’s history to the forefront
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Thank you
Thank you for your willingness to educate white people, like myself, about how we can do better to dismantle white supremacy AND for sharing many history lessons I never learned in school. I learn so much with each episode and I will continue listening as long as you continue recording.
Sure, let us pretend that most of the attacks on Asians lately haven’t been done by blacks. Sorry, but my eyes don’t lie, seeing elderly Asians being beaten by black people.
fantastic, profound
I learn so much in every episode
What got me into podcasts
At the moment, I’m sitting by a river alone and this is what’s playing in my headphones. This is one of the only podcasts I listen to as I don’t find them very entertaining, however, I love this podcast.
Intellectually dishonest
I wanted to like this episode and I am always looking for new podcasts. I wasn’t aware of the rise in Asian hate crimes, which is appalling. I was disappointed though, because the hosts completely disregarded the topics of prostitution, the sex trade and sex addiction, & pornography in our society and how detrimental these things can be for women and girls of all races, and which may have been factors in the horrible shooting. No one ever wants to address those things, it seems like.
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Now adopting the Fox News model
Selective story telling, fact omission and data manipulation to push a predetermined narrative. Started a promising conversation podcast, which I’ve shared with many friends, now devolving to propaganda.
Thoughtful and engaging
This podcast has had such an strong impact on my life, especially as it concerns understanding how race works in America :)
Lola Luffnaigle
Saving a Language You’re Learning
This episode really hit home and moved me to tears. My parents were immigrants to the US from India and didn’t emphasize me learning their native language. Now as a mom I struggle to pass it down to my kids. After this past year with white supremacy on the rise, I know no matter how American I sound, I will never be accepted as fully American. So I started to teach my kids and now have developed learning aids to help other parents who struggle to immerse their kids. @BhashaKids is going to teach that next generation.
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America’s debt to African Americans.
Reparation is a debt owed descendants of slaves by America. No doubt about that.
Black people are THE most racist people I have ever seen or heard.
Reparation is a B
Makes me smarter.
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