Cobcast – I Love Cob!
Cobcast – I Love Cob!
I Love Cob!
The magical mixture of mud, sand and straw; formed with human hands
Toby Hemenway Slideshow
View Video » [18 MB] Toby Hemenway is the author of ‘Gaia’s Garden, A Guide to Home Scale Permaculture‘ and is currently an adjunct assistant professor at Portland State University. He offers his experience in ecological design through workshops and writing. Find out more about Toby and read his articles […]
Jul 26, 2006
Ecoroofs Slideshow
View video » Eugenie Frerichs and Mike O’Brien presented “Ecoroofs: reintegrating water in buildings” at the Natural Capital Center. This slideshow was filmed during the Natural Building Convergence in May of 2002. Movie File:
Jul 26, 2006
Elke Cole Video Slideshow
View Video » “Beautiful, affordable, environmentally responsible structures” Elke Cole is a natural building architect and teacher. She builds “homes that love you back”. Elke has worked with Cobworks, Cob Cottage Company, and Down to Earth Building Bee. She is teaching workshops this year at OUR Ecovillage in B.C. Canada. […]
Mar 5, 2006
Becky Bee Video Slideshow
Watch slideshow » Becky Bee is in the forefront of the United States cob revivial. She is a teacher, sculpture, facilitator, author, cobber and inventor. She is the author of “The Cob Builders Handbook“, one of the funnest cob instructional books. Speaking of fun books… The little book ” You […]
Nov 14, 2005