Dr. Caroline Leaf
How Difficult Conversations Boost Mental & Brain Health + Tips on How to Have Difficult Conversations Correctly and Effectively (with life coach Yeamah Logan)
1 hour 17 minutes Posted Jun 13, 2020 at 7:58 pm.
How Coach Yeamah went from being afraid to go out her home to living with purpose
Why we should celebrate our differences, and focus our attention on what we need to change now
Why yes, all lives do matter, and why we are focusing on the terrible treatment of the black lives and how we can make a difference
, 49:00 How the church has failed to celebrate our differences
, 15:50 Why education is the foundation of anti-racism work
Why conformity in the church is not helpful
Why denying our differences creates cognitive dissonance in the brain
How we can celebrate the beauty of difference
Why relationship and representation is important
How we are all unique representations of God’s love
Why identity is integral to mental health
How to deconstruct our toxic beliefs about ourselves
How to face and process our “triggers”
Why you should educate yourself before you have tough conversations
Why we should not try control the people we are talking to
Why we all have willfully ignorance, and why we all need to acknowledge our prejudices and do the work of educating ourselves
Why being open-minded and learning is so important for our mental and brain health
How to have difficult conversations, and how to listen and respond in love
Why it will take time and hard work to eradicate racist mentalities from our society
How to talk to your family and church about race
Our differences are divine reflections of God
Why we need to stop making the bible an idol and demonizing difference
How spirituality and sexuality are related
At our most fundamental level we are waves of love
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Show notes
Difficult & challenging conversations are one of the best ways to use our minds and brains, develop stress resilience, increase creativity and problem solving, and prevent neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimers. But they are not easy. In this episode I chat with Coach Yeamah on how to have these difficult conversations, why they are vital, and how these conversations can improve mental & physical health if done correctly.   
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