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A little underwhelmed
I adore Caroline Leaf. I have done her studies, enjoyed her speak in person, and listened to countless videos. Although I can get a good bit here and there from the podcast, I miss the biblical tie ins and extensive neurological information. I understand this podcast might have a different scope, so I get what I can from it. Overall she is truly brilliant!
One of my favorite podcasts!
Since being placed an 1.5 hrs away for clinicals, I’ve enjoy listening to this podcast and learning how the brain is malleable for change (neuroplasticity!)! You first came to my radar when you hosted Jessi Jean and ever since I’ve been listening! I preordered your book and can’t wait to start the process!
A long distanced commuter
Too focused on selling and gut check on some info that is being dispensed
I listened to two episodes and found them both disappointing. She really wanted to sell an app in one and a book in the other. Her steps were vague and over simplistic. Her solution for OCD was ridiculously over simplified. I worry people will find themselves misled and struggling with deeper discouragement.
AJ Brockie
May 30th with Dr. Cloud
You two are awesome together. I don’t know how to go back and get title, episode # and year... but Dr. Leaf was a guest on my first Joyce Meyer Women’s Conference in 2010. I have a DVD series by her. Her teachings are phenomenal. Thank you and Dr. Cloud for confirming some boundaries I’ve been developing recently. Best to you, Dr. Leaf! Episode 117 w/ Dr. Cole is the best I’ve listened to: mainly because you gave him time to speak without much interruption! He’s also a bright communicator. I learned well from this episode! Episode 119: I enjoyed the healthy conversation and learned much. My niece, a college professor, agrees that you’re amazing! Overcoming addiction and how to help Nathan Padilla 12/14/20: I love what he said about filling up for 4 hours before giving out! I do the same thing! Dr. David Levy: episode 32 & 33 Helped me face the ongoing layers of forgiveness. I love his attitude too. Dr. Peter Breggin was very wonderful! Your interaction with him was also enlightening. His humility exudes from him, and I like that you said: “If you can’t afford a psychiatrist, you can afford a BOOK!!! (I’m skipping around your podcasts, while learning how to navigate through, and change my settings!) Episodes 45, 46 are life-changing. Why do we think we can’t do things? Because of laziness! I prefer to listen than read, but of course, I don’t retain as much!!! I will make an effort in my almost 68 year-old brain, to change that mindset and discipline myself to read more! Thanks for your work Dr. Caroline, though I had much difficulty understanding you and having to relisten to segments, for example you say “buld” instead of “build”(pronounced bild) so I repeat the sentence and correct things in my mathematical, perfectionistic brain! Episode 47 helped me to accept more the things I cannot change. Your guest is power-packed from head to toe with what helps humanity. Thanks for the different angles of showing how love heals; we’re wired for community; accept what is and allow The Lord to use it for his glory! I thank God for all your episodes. I went back to the beginning and am enjoying them all no matter what the focus. They’re helping me! Podcast with David Allen will be replayed for sure. He’s no-nonsense and his tips are simple and do-able. Thanks Dr. Leaf. Podcast with “Dr.” John Maxwell on 4/25/20 is the funniest and most enlightening! I’ve heard him present before, and learned a lot about failure!
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Li'l Bo Peep
Too many commercials
Could be a better podcast if there weren’t so many commercials. I stopped watching tv a decade before because of this and the amount of commercials on here remind me of that. Plus she also tries to unpack her guests like a therapist.
A bit slower
Love the show and the way you think, but please speak a bit slower. I keep rewinding to catch what I missed. Love the topics you choose to discuss.
Great content - too verbose
Loving the material but too much time spent advertising the book and repeating general ideas 5x plus.
ADHD “hoax?” 98% of cancers stem from our thoughts?
I was excited based on the episode titles to dive into this podcast and learn more about neuroscience and the way it impacts us, but only made it through 3. If only I could have told my best friend to have more positive thinking to prevent cancer and have better treatment outcomes, perhaps it wouldn’t have killed her. And I suppose my son’s adhd is a hoax, best toss his life-altering medicine down the toilet, since one of his disabilities with a label probably isn’t real. I worry about the harm this podcast may cause others who do not have better knowledge of these subjects, and are presented with her stigmatizing claims about learning disabilities and oncology.
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Very thought provoking and well researched!
I love Dr. Leaf’s work and all the guests she has brought on have been fantastic. I am always challenged every episode and excited to learn more. My only critic is the length of episodes. I often put off listening since they are so long. I know Dr. Leaf is very excited by all her guests but I think if her questions were more precise and to the point it would help. Many of her questions are long run on’s and there’s a lot of excited interrupting and back and forth I think it’s audibly a little ‘messy’ for a podcast. Overall though love the show and thankful for Dr. Leaf doing this amazing work!
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Thank you
Thank you Caroline. I absolutely love your podcasts and both you and your amazing guests have taught me so much. Love how you calmly talk about matters that can and do change our lives. Highly recommend all to take a listen.
So full of good educated holistic information
I can’t say enough good things about this podcast. The world, especially the west, needs to hear these things. This is like a goldmine of information and brings practical solutions to huge needs.
Circadian Fasting
This very informative discussion was just the sort of thing missing completely in modern medical training. I went to med school in the eighties and am a pediatrician. Nutrition was rarely ever addressed and certainly nothing on the brain/ gut connection. We could help our patients so much more with this type of information instead of stomping out fires with medicine over and over! Thank you so much.
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Great info but...
The information shared was definitely valuable, but it was frustrating that Dr. Avery kept on being interrupted , and a couple of times would not complete that that. It even seemed that sometimes he would have to talk over her interruption when he was trying to complete his thoughts.
carmen wardwell
Wonderful lady!
I love Dr. Leaf so much. Her podcasts are life changing if you really want to understand your mind, brain, and the science that goes right along with every spiritual belief I have ever had. Listen and find freedom!!!!!
Great Content, Not So Great Communication
I love the topics discussed. It’s all so enlightening and interesting. However, Dr. Leaf seems to constantly interrupt her guests and speak in extremely long, run-on sentences at super sonic speed. Then she has to remind the guest what they were saying and where they left off. It’s just a bit frustrating. But I try to endure it for the wonderful content.
Slake Button
Dr. Grundy
I’m surprised you would endorse Dr. Grundy when he has no legitimate science to back up what he sells. Your interview with him was very different from most of your interviews. I’ve never heard you so quiet. I wondered why?
Great podcast!
Her books and projects are admirable so I only expected the podcast to be the same! I learn so much from each episode and feel empowered at the end. ThNk you Dr. Caroline leaf!
Thank you, I feel good and downright hopeful!
Thank you Dr. Leaf. I’ve been going through a tough time (like most people during Covid 19). I’m a self employed real estate agent with my sister as my business partner. I’m married (my husbands employer is essential so he’s been going to work this entire time) with two children (who are attending school from home). Your Sept 23 episode spoke right to me. It’s been about a week since I’ve heard it and my relationship with my husband is already getting better. I’ve also decided to go back to working for someone, a tough decision after 3.5 years of self employment. I’ve cried so much less these last few days. I can now say I feel good and downright hopeful, some feelings I haven’t felt in way too long. Thank you for the work you do and please continue your podcast it’s changed my life and my family’s.
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Mark Groves-Please bring him back!
I just listened to your podcast with Mark Grove about Vulnerability vs over sharing and what an amazing interview that was.. Thank you for considering him to teach us about healthy relationships. He does an incredible job suggesting ways to get to know, and honor ourselves (self-awareness), to value painful breakups if in fact thought us something about us we didn’t yet know.. what an opportunity for growth and development. I hope you bring him back to talk about the feminine and masculine roles we play in society and in relationships. Look forward to this treat.
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Love this podcast
Every episode I’ve listened to resonates with me in some way.
Great variety of helpful episodes
I enjoy how Dr. Leaf finds interesting and relevant people to interview to help her listeners.
2nd attempt
I’m listening. This is the 2nd attempt to love this podcast. Dr. Leaf is super smart and I love her book Switch on your brain. I wish she would talk slower and take some breaks in between sentences. she talks way too fast and it went on and on so then it just became noise. I’m sure it’s because she is excited to share information with her audience.
Wisdom + Science
Dr Leaf is an absolute gift to this world. Her work is so insightful and I love knowing the science behind the methods, because it clearly shows how effective they are on the human body. I personally would love more podcasts on her speaking on her research, and less interviews! I think you can parse down your information into really bite sized pieced podcasts to create an even bigger following!! Thanks for all you do!!!
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from nashville
Amazing content! Dr. Leaf speaks so fast...
This is such great content, I only gave you 4 starts because I want to beg you to please don’t speak so fast. Other than that, thank you for this amazing podcast and for helping us understand ourselves better and detangle our brains!
I used to enjoy her but she’s gone off track. Getting strange.
Bren Smith 251
Best podcast for mental health
I love to listen to Dr. Leaf. So much knowledge and wisdom. Reading her book as well as these podcasts have helped me refocus my emotions as well as helping my child with his. Thank you Dr. Leaf!
ANGST is the way I’m feeling-Thank You!
Just listened to the August 19 podcast entitled “how to subscribe from toxic thinking” This is one of my favorite podcasts by Dr. Leaf. Thank you for helping to define how many of us are feeling during these challenging days and an unsettled mind. I have been struggling to get back into “flow” with my work and now I have practical tools on how to approach this and unsubscribe from my toxic thoughts. Keep up the great work and conversations, you’re helping people more than you could possibly imagine, God bless you Dr. Leaf!
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so good!!
Loved the episode with Jessi, thank you both for the evidence based information
Honesty here
I appreciate her science!
I have loved listening to Dr. Leaf for years, and still do, yet, we started bringing current events, BLM, and injustice issues into the table, I was interested in what she would speak on, and disappointed it felt very one sided. What a shame. I wish we kept politics off this. To discuss racism is more than understandable, but BLM is a cult set on causing havoc and overturning any law and order. More faith based mind/brain connection would be better. Stay away from politics.
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Pat Riotic
Changed my life
I was in a toxic relationship with an abusive narcissist for two years. I started the switch app, and thanks to the program I left my abuser on day 5. It has been 2 months now and I feel like a different person. I feel so much stronger and so much more resilient to toxic people. Dr. Caroline Leaf has changed my life. I cannot say thank you enough for the world of difference you have made in my life, there is finally happiness in my soul again🤍
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I’ve learned so much!
I am extremely grateful for this podcast, especially the one on being a Highly Sensitive person. It helped me understand myself a lot and learn to extend myself more grace. I really enjoy the content as it is very informational and is broken down in a way my brain can understand. Thank you for all of this free content that is informing us! I also love your gentle spirit. It’s very good at communicating, making sure you understand the one you are interviewing, and so kind. My only hang-up was during one podcast. Homosexuality was discussed and it sent me into a lot of confusion. I felt confused about God and his word. I was thankful for the thoughts though because I could research and solidify what I believed, but for a less mature person, it could potentially be a little more harmful. Either way, I am still extremely grateful and believe this podcast is valuable. As listeners, it’s our responsibility anyway to decide what we do with information we hear, and what we do or don’t agree on. Thank you, Dr. Leaf, for all you’ve shared!!
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Cute scarf
Thank you
I’ve been listening to your podcast for nearly a year and I just want to thank you for the impact it has made in my life. Your podcast is such a blessing to my heart and has helped me in tremendous ways. Your books are no exception, great tools to have on hand. Again, thank you very much! You are amazing! God Bless!
Good content but I cannot handle to mmmm and hmmm sounds constantly made by the host. Too weird.
Honey doodle
Dr. Leaf, a must green in your mental health diet
I found Dr. Leaf through the Holy Spirit directing me right to her book, “Switch On Your Brain”, whilst looking for help after a traumatic series of anxiety issues. Quite literally, I found her book in the Christian book section at BandN. I was skeptical at first, but was desperate for relief so I began the detox. I’m on the 2nd phase (another 21 day process), of the 21 day detox. My advice is this dear reader, Dr. Leaf is brilliant, she’s gifted, and driven to help heal others with the extraordinary twist of being a full on fire Christian. Sadly, she hooks into every freebie to offset costs which break into her podcasts which are hugely disruptive, plus the guests are often brilliant hot gusts of air. Rarely have I heard someone that is equally yoked in her viewpoint spiritually, which does have a bit of pearl and swine effect and rather off putting. Dr. Leaf, you seriously don’t need these ego booster pals to confirm what your audience knows. We come listening to you... and with that request, less of them and more Dr. Leaf, please.
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A voice given to my heart
I've always "known" Dr. Leaf's teachings to be true and accurate, I simply couldn't articulate these knowings properly. She had given me language to describe my heart for others suffering with mental illness, self-doubt, ADD and the myriad of other brain/mind issues. Thank you. Your audio books are always on replay in my car when I'm driving.
Zion Grace
I’m in Mental Health and a Christian and you are a bright light and someone I look up too! Thank you so very much!
Learning & healing.
I am educator and in public service this is a priceless resource
Very knowledgeable and helpful! Thank you :)
This has helped me so much.
I can’t even put into words how much her podcast has changed my perspective on mental health. 10/10 would recommend.
Awesome episode
This has been a very informative and eye opening, rather brain enlightenment podcast. As I listened I wondered has the church become a band-aide? Could that be a reason many people have over generalized church as a temporary fix, because they are looking for a permanent fix. Or they are not hearing what they need that addresses what they are feeling on the inside. I extremely love hearing options of what we should be saying or how we should be reacting.
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R. Ann Smith
Used to be one of my favorites, but no longer
If you’ve found this podcast through hearing Dr Leaf in a Christian setting, you may be upset by some of her non biblical viewpoints. I used to love listening, now I take it all with a grain of salt and am increasingly less likely to listen. I’m saddened by several of her guests’ viewpoints recently and by Dr Leaf’s agreement with them. I love the mind/brain work that she has done and shares, but I am now very cautious of anything she supports.
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April in Nashville
Valid and broad Information
Amazing science backed information
Thought provoking and actionable
Dr. Leaf and her guests provide such richness in new thinking and ways to take action. I leave each episode feeling empowered and equipped to transform myself!
joyful lala
Love this Podcast!
I love Dr. Caroline Leaf and this podcast! Every guest she has is so knowledgeable about their respective topics and they break down what they’re talking about so well. I always leave with new information and it has solidified my decision to study psychology!
Helpful but... one sided
I’ve appreciated Dr. Leaf’s science & related practical helps, but in the recent months, the sociological/political discussions have been thoroughly frustrating as many times she & her guests profess to have “spiritual-mindedness“ and open mindedness, however, the conversations are nearly a always one sided and tend to be quasi-Biblical at best and occasionally anti-Biblical. For instance, episode 180 is a conversation with TD Jakes, who at one point criticized white teachers for being racists, as they have a greater rate of kicking black kids out of their classes than black teachers... humm, why??? No solution. Could it be an attitude of disrespect of the black kids to their white teachers because of the negative talk in families & with friends?!? We need a different train of discourse... No more accusing people of bigotry/prejudice/racism, especially when the attitudes and intentions are completely unknown. I’m disappointed with these conversations, and would wish Dr.Leaf to get back to regular programming, as these episodes have gone far to increase anxiety & stir division.
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Misinformed and hateful
I’ve been really enjoying listening to this podcast for a few years now as I went through a huge life change. Her knowledge and wisdom has been very helpful. I was very disappointed with a recent podcast on Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Having been married to someone with this for 30 years, I’ve done years of extensive research on the subject. I was not only appalled that the speaker, who was supposedly an author and authority on the subject was so misinformed, but brought in recent politics to attack anyone who disagreed with them. When the good Dr. jumped on the bandwagon I was crushed. They called “anyone who didn’t wear a mask , a narcissist”...what?! Freedom to chose is a far cry from a personality disorder. How about anyone not wearing a mask is actually taking a personal stand for freedom. Refusing to have their rights taken without burning a police car. Let’s call it a personal protest. Are rioters and protesters “Narcissists” also?! It seems their logic is gravely one sided. They then proceeded to attack people who had a “high school education or less”, saying they were unable to make reasonable decisions, shocking. This is not only arrogant, but prejudice. You cannot claim that certain people groups should matter, but not others. Thats racism. Attacking someone’s intelligence (especially without even knowing them) is appalling, very unkind, politically driven and hateful. They went on to say that we HAVE TO all choose the same option during this insane time...Really? Isn’t his America?! And have YOU done your research?! This muzzle does NOTHING to prevent disease, it even says so right on the mask packaging itself. Not to mention extremely qualified scientists and physicians all over the world who oppose mask wearing to prevent Co-vid 19. I thought we had the right to educate ourselves and express our freedoms in this great nation?! Especially in a time when people want to say let’s “think of one another” and the “common good” it seems that common sense and actual kindness has gone out the window. And using your freedom of speech to promote YOUR agenda is the goal of this podcast. If you agree with this leftist, liberal, socialist idea of stripping away personal freedom that we’ve been privileged to enjoy for over 200 years, then you should listen. Arrogant hate speech and misinformation have no place in my world. I’m done with toxic people and twisted thinking. I’ll be moving on.
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The episode on Narcissism was perfect!
I’ve been listening to Dr. Leaf’s podcast for about 3 months now and have found it to be both informative and relatable. Dr. Leaf is such a good listener and is so knowledgeable about mental health and how it’s impacted by neuroscience.
Transformed with 1 Episode1
One late night/early morning I found myself trying to stay awake and listening to this podcast! During it I learned about the Inflamation Spectrum and have taken the quiz and read the book and cut down my inflamation in huge ways. I'm so grateful when I had some post pardum issues that I discovered Dr. Leaf, I always loved her youtube videos and her accent, but now this podcast is much better for on the go! Highly recommend it!
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Melody of the Dawn
Black female and race
This has been the best , most rewarding postcard for my mental health!!!! You are the best and I never miss an episode!!! I am so happy I found you with good educational materials. Every speaker is well informed non bias and helpful. Again thanks so much for being awesome an an asset to all lives you touch!!!!’ Thanks Dana
Dr Nettles Natural Beauty
I appreciate Dr. Leaf providing a platform for two African Americans to express their experiences with the abuse of power by police. With that said, I wish the guest she brought on could have been leaders of protests or POC who are involved in the ongoing protests. Most of the input that was provided by the guests was purely speculation of the protest. In addition, it would have been far more enriching to have a guest that did not have the opportunities that these two young men had. From what it sounds they do not share the COMMON experiences the majority of African Americans endure on a daily basis while living in poverty or less than middle class. I highly encourage Dr. Leaf to bring on a leader of BLM to better inform her audience on what the messages of the protests are and what the experience has been like for them. What this episode lacked was empathizing with the peaceful protester, rather than placing the onus on protesters of encouraging violence (violence that has also been proven to been caused by police and non-black radical groups). Overall this episode has left a sour taste in my mouth with how the subject was discussed. As a long time follower of Dr. Leaf, I was expecting a for her to provide the audience with a more realistic and openminded point of view regarding this issue. Please consider reopening this discussion to the disproportionally impacted group of African Americans. I guarantee they can provide an in-depth account of not only the BLM movement but also the stress victims of police brutality endure on a daily basis.
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