Citations Needed
Citations Needed
Nima Shirazi and Adam Johnson
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NYT Corrections
If you are looking for a reason to unsubscribe from Slate Plus, you’ll be ready to after one ep of this, a Political Gabfest that is more reporting than stenography
Bazelon bro
thank you
you guys have both been voices for me to hear in a time where i’ve become very disillusioned. particularly in the early stages of the pandemic, where the world was isolating and misinformation was all around, you guys helped me make sense of what was happening in the world. im eternally grateful for this
derek jeter-fisher-jones jr.
Simply the most informative podcast out there
It's hard to switch on NPR or TV news after listening to a few episodes from Citations Needed. Hosts Nima Shirazi and Adam Johnson dive right into complex topics with a bevy of research. They can be overtly ideological at times, but use clear evidence to support their positions. This kind of analysis is far more compelling than the typical NYT/WaPo/liberal media analysis that positions itself as outside ideology.
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An essential antidote to corporate media
Every week you learn something new! This show is often maddening, but it’s important to know how propaganda originates and how to disarm it.
The best politics podcast
That’s it.
Rebar zžž
My new favorite podcast
I’m doing research for grad school for my project on rhetoric of the pandemic worker and stumbled upon their COVID Hero Discourse episode. Anyway, I ended injecting 19 hours of this podcast directly into my brain over the past week and a half, and I gotta say that these guys are great. Excellent topics, relatable dialogue, and overall superb ethic and quality content for those interested in political and social rhetoric. If I weren’t $47,000 in student loan debt, I’d be flowing money to this podcast in a heartbeat. For now, I hope this review is worth something. 👍👍👍👍👍
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Nick From Riverside
Henry the Fouler
Absolutely amazing.
Henry the Fouler
Concise, comprehensive yet somehow entertaining review of today’s massive challenges.
Excellent Presentation
Nima and Adam speak the truth and have never sold out, something you absolutely can’t say for most
Dookie Grinch
Eye opening
These guys are incredible give it a listen
mr reb247
do uyghur/xinjiang episode
great show, need to know y’all’s insight into the divisive topic of xinjiang
The world would be a better place to live in if this was taught in public school
There are a few podcasts out there that center on exposing propaganda and the flaws in U.S. media and public education, but none of them can compete with Citations Needed. On a basic level, the audio quality is great and the hosts are awesome. You can hear the passion in them when they speak and they are able to give you the feeling that there is a light at the end of the tunnel even while presenting information that is often bleak, disheartening, infuriating, maybe even soul-crushing for some. Though the hosts are obviously politically left-leaning, I want to stress that this podcast is not confined to one section of the political spectrum. There have been times where after listening to this podcast I start to wonder if the Democrats really are every bit as bad as the Republicans because there is sooooo much criticism ofthe Democrats (establishment dems mostly). I think there are enough episodes that focus on the media specifically (rather than what politicians are doing and saying) that a right-leaning audience could absolutely find some value here. I have shared episodes of CN with some of the most intense Trump loyalists that I know, not to convince them to switch sides or change their beliefs, but so they can be further educated on things they already believe or suspect, like how the FBI or CIA orchestrates fake terrorist actions just so they can “intervene”, “stop the attack”, “foil the plot”, or whatever and present themselves as heroes and the defenders of our national security on the “news”, which often times acts as supporting evidence for why the government needs to approve some legislation to further erode individual’s rights and privacy. Overall, I recommend this podcast to literally every single person I know who either likes podcasts or pays attention to politics. Though this isn’t a podcast about politics per-say, it is a podcast about the media, the political implications of the facts uncovered by Adam and Neema (sorry if I spelled that wrong!) are so so relevant and serious that anyone who is looking for a political podcast needs to listen to Citations Needed. If I was a public school teacher, I would be the laziest teacher ever because I would just make my class listen to an episode of this podcast every day. Citations Needed team — thank you for everything you do, thank you for being voices of truth and clarity in these dark, chaotic times where truth is so hard to find.
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This podcast has taught me more than college.
the best ( and a request?)
as a disillusioned journalist who’s constantly seeing all the active language and critique in my writing edited out right before press time, I appreciate you guys showing so eloquently and skillfully how media failures affect lives in the real world. at some point if you could go off about the coverage of school reopening? really twisted foolish takes are the norm on this issue. vox headline today “Kids and Covid: Schools can reopen safely now.” NBC “Teachers give thumbs up to reopening roadmap” meanwhile teachers unions in real life are threatening strikes (and getting accused of hating their students for) insisting its gonna be deadly to open now. is it just me or do a bunch of people secretly hate their offspring? or did i miss something
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Maybe the best podcast
Send this to your parents to help deprogramming them from our awful media propaganda. Nima and Adam do incredible work.
The go-to
I haven’t recommend anything as much as I recommend Citations Needed Podcast to people
Wonderful reporting
Just listened to the newest episode It’s like you read my screechy, frustrated tweets and supplied me with receipts.
Informative and entertaining
I don’t think Adam should have stolen that podium though. Not cool.
Oats ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Excellent Reporting
Listening to this show is like putting on the They Live glasses and watching the news. (that’s good)
Favorite Pod
Cannot overstate how high quality every aspect of this podcast is. From guests, reading recommendations, topics, editing, and so much more. Highly recommend and support them on Patreon!
grizzly zoo
Phenomenal Critique
This podcast is easily my favorite! It’s ruined all other podcasts for me because it’s so well produced. Nima and Adam are honest, funny, and informative, and even if you aren’t left leaning this podcast has really good criticisms of rhetorical trends in media. Lots of “fun” episodes, heavy hitting takes on what’s being left out of mainstream political discourse, and a supportive community behind them too. Hats off to the CN team!
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Nimblebit Fan
My favorite podcast. Thank you for being a voice of reason and providing critical analysis of today’s media landscape.
Emma Stillwater
Great show, informative and covers unique topics
I learn something new each episode. This show makes me think more deeply about how our world works and how to view things more truthfully
Can convert radlibs
This podcast has the ability to push people left.
Eric wherehim
Hillbilly Elegy was by JD Vance not Charles Murray
It’s annoying when academic podcasts get overly political to the point of being wrong. Didn’t even bother the fact check the title of an episode. The movie wasn’t blaming “white trash” for their own misfortune. This podcast didn’t even watch!
really impressive
This podcast is one of the few things that ground me amidst modern media. More media criticism!
Amazing show
Just stupendous work- hats off to everyone involved
Nobody has influenced my thinking more
Been listening for a few years and finally got to writing a review. Love y’all
Incredibly satisfying
But please consider including citations in the notes! Sometimes I don’t want to scrub through a podcast to find sources to read myself.
David Duh
Brilliant research and analysis that will make you question everything
One of my favorite podcasts of all time. Nima and Adam are brilliant, hilarious, and will make you question everything you think you know about a topic. The episode on country music will blow your mind.
A Must Listen
If you listen to podcasts about current politics, this must be added to your feed.
Great pod
Best media critique I have ever heard
Amazing, Critical Analysis
These guys know what they’re doing. They are quick witted and incredibly insightful. However, I wish they would link to the old newspaper articles they reference throughout the show ( like the John Brown New York Times article, for example) in the show notes because they are hard to find on your own. Anyways, this is a fantastic show.
Insightful media criticism
What’s not to like? They unpack everything!
Fantastic, well researched and produced
Taking a real, evidence-based look at how the media and elite opinion is influencing policy and propagandising for the capitalist status-quo.
Dandy Guy, In Space
The media critics we’ve needed for a long time
The media critics we’ve needed for a long time in this country.
Non-corporate sponsored, critical thinking promoting
I’m addicted to this podcast. And tbh, it kind of ruined all other political, socio-economic analytical podcasts for me: it’s been hard to find another podcast that goes in depth about the issues I care about from a critical perspective that is still easy to digest like Citations Needed. I like that Nima and Adam are even-tempered - they’re analytical without being sensational, but still never boring. This is something sorely needed in our media landscape. I also like that they aren’t pretentiously contemptuous of others (unlike some other “leftist” podcast hosts who’ve been intolerable to listen to). Thanks guys.
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Finally real leftist podcast from youngsters
I love this so so much. Learn so so so much from listening to this.
Top Notch
If our mainstream media and education system was up to this standard we actually be able to have a democracy. Thank you!!!
Quality Podcast
Can’t find better media analysis out there. Never afraid to make a point and always back it up.
The best podcast I know!
CN is absolutely phenomenal, Nima and Adam have great knowledge and put important issues in context that makes it understandable for non-leftists, always using multiple sources and inviting interesting guests.
Absolutely Worth Your Time
The quality of this podcast is mind blowing. Well researched, easy to understand and covering important topics that I haven’t heard anyone else touch on. Great for exposing left ideologies to people who aren’t interested in politics. If anyone asks me for a podcast recommendation, this is the FIRST one I mention every time.
Best podcast
every single episode of this podcast is worth listening to all the way back to ep 1
Cite This
Top notch. Covers media discourse with the tenacity and clarity so much lacking elsewhere. Worth every minute of your attention.
Compelling stuff
Nima and Adam churn out episodes on stuff you've known in the back of your head is correct, but never had the language to articulate it.
Incredibly Relevant
This podcast is always incredibly well researched and sourced, and its coverage of current events through the lens of the media is incredibly useful for understanding the present.
Panda Destruction
It’s great.
Giving Adam the validation he so desperately needs, telling him (and you, the reader of this review) that this is one of my favorite podcasts.
The D-Man.
one of the best
There is many great left podcasts out there, but if you’re looking for the show that most poignantly explains the material reality of 21st century US empire, this is it. Very entertaining as well as informative, I learn a ton every time I listen.
Jay the Pain Away
*Creed voice* With Eyes Wide Open!
Every episode opens my eyes to all the BS peddled by corporate media. Really a must listen for anyone concerned with justice and material improvements in people’s lives. Definitely helped radicalize me further towards the left 👍
really educational
I suggest this podcast to every person I meet.
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