Cinephile with Adnan Virk
Cinephile with Adnan Virk
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Love the show!
Adnan, Really love the podcast. I live in Hoboken, NJ and grew up in Butler, NJ so always great to hear your local NJ shout outs. It’s great how you’re able to incorporate your deep film knowledge into straightforward reviews that regular movie lovers can relate to. Sound Of Metal is the best movie I’ve seen this year so I was happy to hear that you liked it also. Always look forward to the pod, keep it up!
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Great stuff this week! Shout out to Joe for noticing great hair. Just watched A Promising Young Women and thought Carrey Mulligan had great hair in it! Shout out to hair and make up crew for making movies look so great!
The best movie podcast out there. Adnan’s is a charming and witty host. This pod is informative, insightful, and most of all fun and entertaining.
Great pod
Hey Adnan and Joe, always loved your work. Hoping you will join the project (pod network)that Le Batard and John Skipper are doing.
Excited to see One Night in Miami and Ma Rainey’s. Thanks for the reviews. The Sam Cooke song was great intro in Ali movie. Joe said he hopes for more diversity in director category. Of the last 12 winners one has been an American born white male.
Great podcast...
... Loved you on The Dan Lebatard Show with Stugotz and ESPN and have become a huge fan of Cinephile. Both unique and very entertaining.
Informative and fun
I still enjoy College Football Final, but it’s never as good as it was with Adnan, Joey, and Danny - great chemistry. Ciniphile combines Adnan’s impressive movie knowledge with his terrific communication skills in a fun and rapid-fire style. Love Mount Rushmore segments, and Oscar reviews from the past. Interviews are great. Rags - meh. Don’t worry about the pods being too long - they fly by. The “optimal” 35 minutes is not enough.
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My Favorite Podcast
I have listen to every episode dating back to the ESPN days. Adnan does a great job of reviewing recent movies without being overly pretentious and snobby. The best part about the pod is he and Joe have so much fun along with great chemistry and it shines through. They also will go back and talk about older movies of all genres. The guests are great and continue to improve as this podcast grows in credibility. Keep up the great work and you will as have at least one loyal listener (and I’m sure many more) as this has become my favorite podcast and I look forward to it each week. 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁
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Are you crazy
You liked Wonder Woman but panned Black Panther? What’s wrong with you? Are really that down on Black themed movies?
Trying to find a home
A Podcast for People who Love the Arts
I consistently feel educated after listening to an episode of Cinephile. I’m always learning something new not to mention increasing my vocabulary thanks to the incredibly well read and well versed host Adnan Virk. I listen in sequence as it always feels like a nice fireside chat and catching up with an old brilliant friend whose film opinion is truly the only one that matters. Adnan is a gifted speaker and engages the audience with rapturous dialogue and keen wit. Adnan is quick to point out his biases and shortcomings and that helps the listener understand his vociferous passion for films, TV and books something not felt from typical art critics. Adnan’s insight creates a connection and a desire to hear what Adnan thinks about what you may be watching or enjoying not to mention also helps you reflect your own thoughts about a film. The podcast’s references to pop culture, foreign films and nostalgic films from the past demonstrates that we the audience of movie enthusiasts have a limited cinephile repertoire and substantiates Adnan as a critic who truly knows what he is talking about based on his encyclopedic knowledge of the cinema. Adnan engages the audience in a natural manner by sharing small bits of his personal life which enables the audience to become more attached to him connecting him like a close friend who you get a chance to catch up with once a week. These days it’s been enjoyable to hear an occasional laughter from his wife in the recording background during these days of Covid keeping it real how we are all working remotely and also truly reminding us how essential quality entertainment is while we hibernate. Joe is a sidekick in every sense of the word - supportive and humorous. His Puerto Rican Brooklyn insight is always welcome much like it was with Dan the prior producer and co pilot of Cinephile. One real plus about Cinephile in relation to other podcasts are the varied interviews. Adnan navigates guest interviews with minimal apprehension and asks engaging questions allowing the guest to truly open up and share their opinions and thoughts vs rambling generic responses. If you like films then cinephile is a must have in your podcast library. Adnan is literally both Siskel and Ebert and reminds me so much of what I used to enjoy when watching them review a film. Adnan is humble enough to include the reviews of other film critics which gives you a complete overall sense of whether or not a film or series is worth your valuable time. This podcast is definitely two thumbs up or in homage to Adnan’s Canadian roots - four maple leafs.
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Do yourself a favor and UNSUBSCRIBE
....and then re-subscribe, rate and review. 😄 I’ve listened to almost all the episodes dating back to ESPN days, but COVID-19 upended my weekly routines, including podcast listening. Happy to say I’m back on track. Great podcast for frank reviews on movies, miniseries and long form cable/streaming network tv shows.
My Favorite Pod
I look forward to my Wednesday bike ride simply because of a new pod from Adnan & Joe. It’s the best resource for movies I’ve missed, forgotten to watch, or even never heard about. His excitement to talk about the behind the scenes stuff as well as the actual films is something I revel in. It’s like listening to my buddies talk movies (assuming I was buddies with actual cinephiles).
A review, from Susan G. Emery
Best. Podcast. Ever. Adnan is brilliant, eloquent, funny, entertaining & on point, most of the time! And he’s hot. Now, if only he’d watch the greatest TV show ever made, Game of Thrones, dammit!
Thank you Mr. Verk for your seem less transition from sports to Cinema!!! I am about to watch season 4 of a Fargo due to your review. If I may be so bold... will you contemplate doing a different type review. Going to cut the cord and get rid of cable so I would love to get your recommendation regarding which streaming platform had the best collection of library mixed with new programming please?
Love the podcast, only one critique
I wish you got more big time celebs to interview. I remember you had deniro, billy bob thornton, Barry Jenkins etc. Working at the other place had its perks but I feel you left a good impression with all your interviewees and hopefully some would like to come back on the show!
Thoughtful, comprehensive and personal
Cinephile is a unique podcast about film that fulfills the compulsory review of a films plot line and adds insightful views that are inspired by cinematic history. The host, Adnan Virk, reflects on all aspects of the filmmaking process at a breakneck speed and will often name-check films and filmmakers of the past and their influence on contemporary cinema. Indeed, even if you don’t like the film being reviewed, the recommendations are always solid and will most likely be worth a viewing. You may not always agree with his take on a movie but it will always be thoughtful and educated criticism.
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Everyone Subscribe
One of the best movie pods around! Adan, I have to be honest I haven’t listened much since quarantine but I heard you talking to the Weekend Observations crew and Stupodity and heard the pod needed some love. I’ll be back to listen more regularly soon, I promise! EVERYONE SUBSCRIBE you won’t regret it! Adan keep up the great work!
Best entertainment podcast
Extremely entertaining show with great content. I love lists and I love the Mt Rushmore segment. I have my director Mt Rushmore as: Spielberg Zumeckis Scorsese Burton
Jason Pirolo
Very entertaining
Love Adnan’s take on films
r y a n
Loft you
Love the pod.
Intelligent Entertainment
I always feel so much smarter after listening to Adnan’s podcast because he has one of the biggest vocabularies I’ve ever encountered. While we are friends, and I promised I would find transcripts if I ever lost my hearing, his eloquence and passion behind this podcast make me laugh out loud and step back and think about specific topics. Adnan is not only one of the smartest and most entertaining people I’ve ever encountered, but truly one of the kindest. So proud to call him a friend. Keep up the good work!!!
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Sam Surf "the boxer"
Solid Film Podcast
Great analysis! Adnan’s always honest and insightful without ever coming off as pretentious or glib. And the snappy pace and production of the pod make it fun and easy to listen to. Also I appreciate the variety of topics covered - I love the new movie reviews, but there’s also movie news, interviews, “all time” rankings, looking back at old movies, etc.
The Best Film podcast
This is the best film podcast out there. Adnan has an amazing ability to pack so much knowledge into every review and every segment. Always an informative listen!
Roderick Jayne
Apple TV
Big fan of the Pod since the OG on ESPN can’t tell you how many car trips, grocery store visits and runs it’s got me through. If your still going through Apple TV do yourself a favor and skip Denfending Jacob and watch Mythic Quest it’s by far the most entertaining show on the lineup.
Fast paced movie and tv reviews
Long time listener. Adnan loves film, and his passion is infectious. He quickly breakdowns the good and bad, with a nice balance of intellect and humour. Great voice! Especially good interviewer. Would like to see his cohost add more to the mix.
Always loved the podcast since the ESPN days. Great listen when driving to work or on a long road trip. Adnan’s reviews and passion for movies are unparalleled. His reviews are concise, insightful, and straight to the point. Only criticism is that Joe agrees too much with Adnan when discussing movie lists. I Would like to see Adnan do some reviews with guests to get their take on best movies or previous award choices. Outside of that, love the show and keep up the great work.
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Fun podcast, great resource for film recommendations
Really enjoy these film and tv series reviews. Love the energy, enthusiasm and research put into each review and especially appreciate the genuine respect for filmmakers in general. Please add this great 1966 comedy to the list of Carl Reiner’s funniest works: The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming (1966 film); along with his “2000 year old man” comedy sketch with Mel Brooks.
Good podcast with interesting insights into new and old productions
Love Adnan from the GM Shuffle. He does a great job here. Happy I tuned in.
One Flaw
This is a great show for any film buff, however the one flaw is way too many spoilers during reviews. Adnan blows thru all major plot points and I quickly realized I can’t listen unless I’ve seen what he’s reviewing. He should have a secondary section with spoilers like /Filmcast.
Genuineness and Enthusiasm
Big fan of Adnan from ESPN days, energetic and positive energy is refreshing. His genuine enthusiasm for films comes out as does his positive demeanor. Great listen!
Great movie podcast
I started listening to Cinephile last year and loved it immediately. Great reviews and the Sopranos rewatch was the best. I also have enjoyed Total Recall, don’t stop doing it Adnan! I was wondering if you guys are keeping up with this huge best movie bracket that has been on Twitter. The voting is fun but it also reminds me how many movies I still need to watch. Love the show keep it up.
Great Movie Podcast
Adnan is great, and I’ve liked him since his ESPN days. His reviews are authentic, not over-the-top and he loves his work. It’s a pleasure to listen to, and recommend to any movie lover.
History Teacher!!
An Amazing Movie Podcast!
I have listened to Adnan’s movie pod since his EXPN days, and it just gets better and better. With enthusiasm and effortless ease, Adnan flies through movie and streaming TV show reviews with ease. The best reviewers are those who truly love their subject, and he does! What great fun! I think my favorite part of the show is when he reviews past Oscar winners. When I look back, I often say “Ugh, that movie or actor won the Oscar?” (Driving Miss Daisy anyone???) Adnan says that too, and tells you why, and I say “Yes!” But whether you always agree with him or not, this pod is pure pleasure!
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King Crimson 61
A ray of light when we all could use one
The Harbaugh brothers often talk of attacking each day with “an enthusiasm unknown to mankind”, I don’t know about Adnan’s days, but that’s certainly how he hosts each podcast. It’s the kind of passion that inspires one to broaden their horizons as a fan of film. Every week he and his producer, “Go Go” Joe, set the the table & serve a three-course meal of fun, entertainment & education. Always worth your time. Bonus content, my Mt. Rushmore of tear-jerkers: •Mr Keating says goodbye: ‘Dead Poets Society’ •John & Ray Kinsella “have a catch”: ‘Field of Dreams” •Goose dies: ‘Top Gun’ •Red reunites with Andy in Mexico: ‘The Shawshank Redemption’
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Thumbs High 👍🏾
discovered your podcast maybe 2 months ago and now can’t wait for new eps. As a guy who took every cinema class available in high school and college, it’s affirming to have content like yours to think about and be influenced by. Since listening I’ve seen In the heat of the night, watched NXNW and have been hooked by Succession, which as a black man I totally dismissed for reasons similar to yours until your recommendation. As the converse to Happy Gilmore, I come away from your pod feeling smarter and more informed. Keep up the good work!
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Allen the bright posey
5 maple leafs
Adnan does a very entertaining show, mixing reviews, stories, interviews and creativity, along with banter with producer Joe (get on Twitter, your fan club awaits!) I do wish the show would being back an early successful segment, 3 Words, which was great for language lovers like myself. Bonus points if you like Martin Scorsese. Good show. Enjoy it!
Liberal Hack
So boring hearing his way left leaning misguided opinions
WC Dwightstone
Four out of four maples leaves
Adnan is like a movie snob who isn’t a snob at all. His reviews are always thought out and well said. The fact that he hates Joker and Phoenix’s performance as much as I do while everyone else seems to praise both alone gets him 5 stars. He does a great job of mixing big blockbuster movies to go with lesser known indie flicks, as well as some TV talk. I would’ve never seen Jojo Rabbit or Parasite(before the hype) if it wasn’t for this podcast. I have also gone back and watched great movies of the past like Groundhog’s day and The Usual Suspects because of Adnan. Keep up the great work.
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North by Northwest
Adnan, I can’t believe this is your first time watching NxNW! I agree with your opinion that is probably Hitchcock’s most accessible film. It has something for all audiences to enjoy. It feels like it may have been one of the first true summer blockbusters, or at least helped start the trend of “big, bold, ambitious movies needing to be seen on the big screen”. 🍁🍁🍁🍁
Zach May from SC
Best movie reviews going
This podcast is worth a listen if you’re into a nuanced and rational take on cinema and even a little television. The Rhea Seehorn interview was excellent. Keep up the good work Adnan & John.
Cant recommend unconditionally
I've followed Adnan's movie podcasts since the ESPN days. Unfortunately I've lost my enthusiasm as time has gone. Adnan seems to be reading from printed reviws (including when he gives his own thoughts), and his Scorsese love is really over the top, His producer doesn't seem to have seen many of thw movies being discussed, and even mispronounces some pretty common names from the film world (Olivier, Chayefsky, etc.)
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Georgia Movie Guy
Smart and funny
Smart and funny, Cinephile provides the best insight and reviews in the movie industry while not being pompous like many others. I’ve followed Adnan since his early ESPN days and find him an easy listen with a witty sense of humor. Sam in New Jersey
Sidney Dean
Adnan the movie critic for all!
Great movie pod. thank you to you and joe for new content during this unsettling time. Love the total recall and mt. Rushmore segments. Best attribute about this movie pod is that I know adnan knows more about movies and is so well connected in the industry but he never sounds like a stereotypical movie/entertainment critic, but someone you could argue with about movies at the bar or on long road trip. Job well done boys, keep it up!
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Adnan the goat
Adnan is a rare talent. I could listen to him talk about anything. Even though I don’t always agree with his opinions, they are great to listen to regardless. Love this pod!
If you love movies subscribe to this podcast !!!!!
This podcast first came to my attention back in good old days when it’s host, Adnan Virk was an occasional substitute on ESPN’s Mike & Mike and it’s noteworthy replacement Golic & Wingo. Mr. Virk originally hails from Ontario, Canada and sat squarely in 6th place on Andrew Bucholtz’s 2015 list of the top 15 Canadians in American sports media on awful Virk shined when talking movies with the aforementioned Golic. This man knows movies! (Virk, that is, not Golic). What started as a passion and a hobby has become a tour d’ force of not only online film criticism but of all forms of American film journalism. He is fun and funny, insightful and respectful, with a knowledge of film rhetoric and film history to match both your favorite TV and Newspaper film critics of today, yesterday and days gone by. All this and yet he’s humble, approachable and all encompassing in his coverage of all things movie, tv and streaming entertainment. This reviewer has been a Cinephile subscriber for several years. I never made the time to regularly listen until recently. A five day weekend hiatus from work for a colonoscopy provided an ideal opportunity to binge and purge my favorite podcast. My 35 minute commute now affords me time to catchup an episode a day and I’m working my way backwards to the beginning. The Cinephile’s latest segment-based format includes a film review, an interview with actors and directors (including some A-listers) followed by a discussion with a fellow film critic. My favorite two segments are the new Mount Rushmore— 4 best all time of a given genre followed by “Total Recall” — second guessing the Oscars of a given year. Like any movie hero, Mr. Virk has an offbeat, lesser sidekick. The latest iteration is the enigmatic young “Joe”, evidently his sound engineer. The open, bumpers and interstitial sound is light and entertaining with a bit of (like this review) tongue-in-cheek humor (extra u’s left off because this is America). Joe is a worthy foil to the elder Virk. Phat DAP to Joe for including my old hometown celeb I Love Lucy in the Mount Rushmore of greatest all-time television comedies. His Verkitude’s picks on that list were so aligned with my own that I feared I was cast in the film “Being Adnan Virk”. Thankfully I wasn’t spat out onto Route 3 in Lodi, NJ. Like any art form beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the subjective feast of film and television, podcasts are no exception. I fear any negative review of the Cinephile podcast must’ve missed the day that objectivity and subjectivity were getting handed out. To quote Dan Lebatard “They don’t get the show”. I don’t always agree with Adnan’s reviews (particularly with his frighteningly obsessive non-sexual man love of all things Scorsese) but I am always entertained and inspired to check out something I hadn’t heard of — Like the documentary QT 8. Not only would I give Cinephile 4 Maple leaves, I give it my own seldom awarded 5 Shark Fins. If you love movies you must subscribe to this podcast. Signed, Shark Photog and thedivebum AKA Keith (Straight Outta Buffalo)
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Great little pod
Love Adnan. Long time fan from his fill in days on SVP and Russillo. The movie coverage is top line. I find myself lining up with this opinions on most movies. Also love the games they play especially Oscar total recall. Recommend for fans of Adnan and movie lovers alike.
Michael Skarn
Informative and Funny
Love the show, been listening for many years, but... Total Recall segment is a good idea that needs to be done better. Every episode contains this: Adnan: I believe De Niro/Pacino should’ve won, well, because they are my favorite! Joe (having not seen it): Oh, I couldn’t agree more! Other than that, keep up the great work!
Great Movie reviews
Adnan please slow down at least when you say the name of a movie when you are giving it a quick mention. So many times I like the description but I can’t understand what movie it is. You garble or swallow the name of the movie. Maybe say it twice.
Adnan hive stand up
Bypassed security!!!
So happy to hear Adnan back on Lebetard today. I’ve loved your podcast even since you left espn but my original appreciation for your work stemmed from your invasion of Dan and Stu’s show. Can’t wait to hear your Oscar roundup this Wednesday!!
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